Seafarer’s Island-Hopping Sailing Adventures with the Budget Savvy Travelers


Island-Hopping Vlogs!

Our friends, The Budget Savvy Travelers, have been recording their journey on our Cyclades Cabin Charter. We’re a couple of videos in and there’s more to come as they show you the joys of exploring the Cyclades with Seafarer.

We’ve enjoyed watching and we think you will too! Hopefully this whets your appetite and will have you calling to book your own sailing adventure. Scroll down for the first video and a link to learn more about our Cabin Charter.

Thanks to @TheBSTravelers for the footage, here’s their channel, we recommend watching the whole series!

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Cabin Charter - Corinth Canal

A tick off the Bucket list – The Corinth Canal


This week we are looking forward to our cabin charter sailing on the 25th June aboard our yacht “Malama” – Sailing from Athens to Kefalonia via the legendary Corinth Canal. The idea for the canal stretches as far back as the 7th century BC, although the modern canal was only completed as recently as 1893, but since then has been one of the iconic passages for Mediterranean sailors, saving the time and expense of the 400 plus mile journey around the Peloponnese peninsula.

Join our Sun Odyssey 52.2 “Malama” for a fantastic journey, with an itinerary that features:

Sunday 25th June – Lavrion (Athens) – Our journey begins on the eastern side of the Attica peninsula, approximately 1 hour from the centre of Athens – arrive a day or two early if you can, Athens is a fascinating city that deserves time to explore.Cabin Charter - Cape Sounion

Mon 26th June – Aegina Town, Aegina – We head to the capital of the island of Aegina, famed for its pistachios. For fish lovers, seek out the fantastic little tavernas behind the fish market. Our journey takes us past the temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.

Tue 27th June – Korinthos – Todays sail takes us through the Corinth Canal, probably the most recognised passage in the Mediterranean. A perfect photo opportunity and the chance to see what many only ever see from above.

Wed 28th June – Galaxidhi – Situated on the northern side of the Gulf of Corinth, this small town is charming, retaining signs of its former wealth as a prosperous shipping port in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Thu 29th June – Nafpaktos  – Today we head for Nafpaktos, a medieval harbour positioned below the Venetian castle. It is well worth a walk up to the castle, enjoying the view of the medieval harbour, one of the best examples in the Mediterranean.

Fri 30th June – Mesolongi – A canal leads between the salt marshes to the village of Mesolongi, centred around the yacht basin at the end.

Sat 1st July – Agia Eufimia, Kefalonia – Arrive in Kefalonia – our home port for our Kefalonia flotilla. Enjoy the beach, great tavernas and bars, or an excursion to the local blue water caves.

Sun 2nd July – Agia Eufimia, Kefalonia – Disembark “Malama” in the morning for your return flight, or for those with enough time, a land stay on the beautiful island of Kefalonia.

Your Yacht – “Malama” – Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.2

Your home for the week is our yacht Malama, a spacious and comfortable yacht, and a perfect vessel from which to experience this fantastic voyage. She has a 5 cabin layout, with 4 en-suite cabins for guests, and a separate cabin in the bow for our experienced crew. Each cabin features a large double bed, with cabin fans to keep you cool in the evening.

The spacious cockpit is large enough to comfortably seat all the guests on board, and is the focal point of the yacht. A large bimini suntop provides protection from the sun, but for those looking to deepen their tan, the fore deck has ample space to lie back and relax. Our crew are responsible for your well-being, and as well as the safety aspects, will also be on hand to provide you with a continental breakfast each morning, as well as a light lunch daily. We don’t cater in the evenings, as we are in a new and exciting port each day, with tavernas and bars ready to be discovered.

Cabins are limited on this voyage, so please give us a call to avoid disappointment, on 0208 324 3118. If you would like more information on the yacht and our cabin charter program, you can find information here on our website. If you do miss out on this trip, don’t panic, we will be returning through the canal to Athens on the 27th August!

Discover Dalmatia

Sailing the Dalmatian Coast


Many of our regular clients have already discovered our great sailing area between Split and the Kornati National Park, but for those who have yet to Sail in Croatia, we have brought together a few of the highlights of this stunning location, which offers culture, history and natural beauty in equal measures.

Our exclusive base in Zaton, near Sibenik

Firstly it is well worth mentioning our base – normally you would finds yourself wandering around a large, busy marina on your first and last days, and
sometimes this can be a somewhat unwelcome end to a fantastic holiday, particularly if you have experienced some of the quieter, off the beaten track
locations that we pride ourselves in finding on our flotillas. Not so in Zaton – our base is exclusive to our flotilla and bareboat charters in the area, meaning its a peaceful location, with a stunning location which book-ends your holiday perfectly. Zaton is situated upstream from Sibenik on the Krka river, perfectly protected from all prevailing weather patterns. Form the marina, the small village is approximately 10 minutes stroll along the bank of the river, and offers all the facilities one could want – bars, restaurants, supermarket, fresh market and an excellent bakery, as well as as ATM and post office.

South from Zaton – the highlights

If you are travelling for one week, and looking for some cultural and historical elements to your holiday, then our Hvar route is perfect. On our published route we stop in Split itself, the highlight of which is certainly the old town, focused on the Diocletian palace. Its still very much a “living” city, and a walk through the narrow cobbled streets reveals trendy bars, cool cafes, restaurants and washing lines in equal measure! If you’re there in the high season, orators still perform in the same square as did the Romans centuries before them. After hugging the coast, we head out to Hvar, and the beautiful village of Starigrad, nestled at the end of a long bay on the north side of the island. Artisan workshops and rustic Konobas wait to be discovered in the back streets. A days free sailing offers many choices – Viz, for those looking to make the most of the winds and sail, Trogir, included inCroatia Trogir the UNESCO list of world heritage sites, Maslinica on the island of Solta with its boutique high class marina along with many other destinations, which our knowledgeable crew will be more than happy to recommend, depending upon your wishes. The flotilla regroups again in Primosten, a truly
stunning picture postcard walled town that sits just off the coast, connected by a causeway. If you are there at the right time, the main square hosts theatrical events, perfect after a stroll to the church at the top of the town for a breathtaking view of the sunset.


The Kornati Route – unspoilt charm to the North

If you have already explored the more well-trodden and polished parts of the Dalmatian coast, then its time to see a different side to this stunning area. Our base in Zaton is ideally situated for us
to head north, exploring the close to 150 islands that make up this archipelago. On our way north we stop in Murter, on a private pontoon owned by one of favourite restaurants in the area, renowed for its exceptional local cuisine. From there we usually head to Sali, in the heart of the Kornati island chain on the largest of the islands, Dugi Otok. This harbour offers beautifully protected mooring and is a great place to stock up before a night on anchor or mooring buoy in the national park itself. You are spoilt for choice, but we love Telascica bay, which cuts almost 5 miles north into Dugi Otok – mooring buoys, anchorages and small jetties and quays can be found dotted around the bay, which is a park in its own right. We also particularly like Croatia Krka Fallsthe ACI marina Kornati, although part of the large marina chain, this one has a stunning location and your mooring fee includes entrance to the national park, so well worth a visit. Free sailing from here gives a choice of towns and villages – again, our crew can listen to your desires and make some suggestions – nightlife? solitude? gourmet restaurant? all possible within a few hours sailing. It’s also worth mentioning a particular favourite of mine – a trip up the river Krka to Skradin, and the spectacular Krka national park and falls. For those accustomed to coastal and island sailing, this really is an opportunity to explore inland, heading beyond Zaton to the marina in Skradin. The setting is idyllic, the town is lovely and the excusrsion to the waterfalls is breath-taking – particularly if you choose to swim under the falls themselves!

Of course if you haven’t been to this part of the Adriatic before, two week flotilla holidays are perfect, giving a chance to really explore the area, with extended free sailing in the middle of your holiday to go further afield or to hole up in a preferred spot and relax. Sailing distances are moderate, winds are fresh and the local wines need sampling, along with the excellent local cuisine, which, with its Italian and Balkan influences fusing harmoniously, offer the perfect end to a perfect days sailing.

Remember though, Croatia is increasingly popular, and availability is limited for 2017, so our advice is to give us a call without delay to ensure we can help to give you your perfect sailing holiday. For more information on the area and the routes, please click here, or alternatively, call us on 0208 324 3118 to check availability and book.

Greece vs Croatia

Destinations – Greece versus Croatia


Choosing The Right Flotilla Destination  – Rustic Greece Vs Trendy Croatia

Greece and Croatia have long been favourite choices for Mediterranean sailors whether on a flotilla or bareboat holiday. They both boast great weather, fantastic and varied sailing, wonderfulSplit marina scenery and a wealth of history and culture. But if you have not been before, which one would be the right choice for you?

This is not a straightforward choice because each country offers a Variety of cruising areas each with their own appeal. I have often heard it said that Greece is for beginners but not for serious sailors as there is no wind. This may be the experience of those who have visited the Ionian and in particular the area immediately south of Lefkas, but the reality is that Greece offers some of the most challenging sailing in the Mediterranean, especially in areas like the Cyclades islands of the central Aegean. Indeed even in the Ionian the sailing is much more lively on our Kefalonia flotilla which explores much further south.

Croatia too offers a variety of conditions and it is fair to say that the Dubrovnik flotilla exploring southern Dalmatia and Montenegro offers more moderate conditions than that further north in central Dalmatia where conditions are more variable and wind patterns generally stronger.

If distances and wind strength will ultimately influence your choice, the small chart below offers guidelines on each area.

wind table

A more marked difference between Greece and Croatia is in the sailing infrastructure.  Croatia has seen heavy investment in marinas over recent years to the extent that  there is comprehensive coverage almost across the entire country and you can expect to be in a well equipped marina  4 or more  nights out of 7.  The advantage is that it is much easier to find mooring space and it tends to make things easier as the laid moorings (or lazy lines as they are sometimes called) mean you don’t use your anchor very much. Facilities such as modern showers and shore power are an added bonus. The downside is the additional cost which at between 1.50-2 euros a foot per night, needs to be factored in to the cost of your holiday.  Town quays are cheaper at roughly half that price, though shore power and laid moorings are still likely in most places.

Bay in GreeceIn Greece, the picture is rather different and environmentalists have proved more vociferous  in blocking some planned marina developments, whilst it is true to say that the country has pursued a policy of trying to maintain the traditional character of many of the islands and village communities.   Consequently, in most of the smaller islands and villages, mooring space can be limited and you are less likely to find lazy lines or shore power, though enterprising taverna owners often have showers available for visiting yacht crews.  The disadvantage is that you will need to use your anchor on most days for ‘stern- to’ Mediterranean style mooring.  This does worry some skippers who are not used to this style of mooring, but your flotilla lead crew is there to assist and they will  ensure  that there is a space waiting for you at the destination of the day. The big advantage is the cost and it is true to say that with the much lower and often zero mooring charges, sailing in Greece does work out cheaper, even though the cost of living, eating out and so on is probably around the same.

We love both countries and  each destination has its distinctive character and charm, so our recommendation is that you should ultimately explore  them all, preferably with Seafarer and given that we have one of the highest repeat booking ratios in the industry, many of our clients are doing exactly that!


Easter Sailing in Greece

Easter Sailing in Greece


Apart from being probably the most important Christian festival of the year, Easter can also mark the beginning of the summer sailing season in the Med. If you are considering early season sailing in the Greek Islands, what makes this Easter rather special, is that Easter for both the Eastern and the Western Christian churches coincides. This only happens once every four years and it is especially notable because the Easter festivities of the Greek Orthodox church are probably the most colourful and interesting you will find anywhere.

That’s why we have decided to operate an Easter flotilla in the Ionian this year starting in Corfu, an island especially noted for its colourful celebrations. We start on Good Friday, which is a holiday for many, with a flight to Corfu and the check in formalities on your yacht.

Easter in CorfuThat evening proceedings begin with the Epitaph, a solemn but colourful occasion, with a procession  attended by absolutely everyone, lead by the flower adorned Epitaph accompanied by local dignitaries, a military guard of honour, brass bands and the entire population all holding candles. Saturday morning sees a rather bizarre ritual in the narrow streets of the old town of Corfu, where large ceramic jugs of water are flung from the balconies, shattering all over the narrow streets. It really is ‘smashing fun’ and  It’s not as dangerous as it sounds as the appropriate sections are cordoned off so that spectators are safe.

The Corfiots love there brass bands and they come out in force in their smart colourful uniforms on any excuse, with Easter being especially important on their calendar  and very accomplished they are too !.

In the run-up to  midnight, literally  everybody takes to the streets again as midnight is the symbolic marking of the resurrection of Christ and on the stroke of the hour it is completeCorfu Castle pandemonium with fireworks and hugs and kisses all round  Take your candle or lantern, as everyone takes the holy light home (which is brought all the way from Jerusalem)   Since many have been fasting over lent, the locals then  go and eat a traditional Easter soup, before retiring for the night to be ready for Easter Day.

The only way to describe Easter Sunday in Greece is as an all day party of eating, drinking, singing and dancing. It’s a time for families and friends to come together, eat drink and be merry (and I mean really merry !). We shall do a
little sailing for the day before our Easter party that evening, which will, among other things feature traditional red painted eggs as well as spit roasted lamb and all sorts of other local delicacies.

Sailing in the Ionian is always wonderful, but if you are free this Easter, we could not think of a better way to mark the start of the summer sailing season

For more details of our 9 night Easter flotilla in the Ionian click here 

Kefalonia flotilla

Discover our Kefalonia flotilla


For many of us, our first experience of flotilla sailing was in the beautiful protected waters of the Ionian, on the western coast of Greece. At Seafarer we have been offering our ever popular flotilla from Lefkas since the summer of

2008, and it has gone from strength to strength. In 2016 we responded to feedback from clients who love the area, but were looking to explore some new harbours and anchorages, whilst still being able to visit the places they have grown to love – and the Seafarer Kefalonia flotilla was born.

2017 sees our flotilla returning to Kefalonia after a fantastic first season, and we will continue to try to offer an alternative to the standard programs on offer from Lefkas. We begin and end our flotilla from the harbour of Aghia Eufimia, which is situated on the sheltered east of the island. The town quay is perfect for our base – water and shore power are available, as are some fantastic restaurants including our favourite, To Perasma, which serves all your favourites, including Kefalonia specialities such as meat pie and Kleftiko. Once we get under way, our routes offer some great stops:

Lixouri Route

Fiskardho is our first port of call, a beautiful, cosmopolitan resort which boasts a lively waterfront, home to some of the chicest restaurants in the Ionian, as well as some great value traditional tavernas in the squares behind the front. After a great stop, the route (weather permitting) explores the western side of Kefalonia, passing Assos, famous for the ruins of a 16th century Venetian castle, which presides over this small charming village. On the south side of Kefalonia is a huge bay, with the towns of Lixouri and Argostoli (the capital) located on either sheltered bank.

Zante Route

The flotilla heads south from Aghia Eufimia, along the coast to the popular resort of Poros – great restuarants on the beach, and some natural diving boards high above the clear blueKefalonia flotilla - Zante waters for the more adventurous! Then its across to the Peloponnese coast if weather permits, for an optional excursion to ancient Olympia. Back across the Ionian sea leads to the capital of Zante (Zakynthos) and then north to the harbour of Aghios Nikolaos, and the optional trip to shipwreck bay, one of the most iconic and most photographed beaches in Greece.

We have a great range of yachts available on the Kefalonia flotilla, from 2 cabin yachts for couples through to large 5 cabin versions for large families or groups of friends. Primarily Bavarias, we have a wide range of models, including twin helm Bavaria 372 and the newst model 41, equipped with 2 heads. You can find out our full range on the Kefalonia flotilla page of our website

Seafarer Kefalonia flotillaIf you are travelling from the UK, there is a wide choice of flights into Kefalonia, from the major UK airports, as well as some regional flights and low cost carriers making the journey easy. We can arrange your flights and transfers for you, or you can choose to seek these out for yourself, its up to you.

All in all, Kefalonia offers a new perspective on the Ionian, with longer sailing distances and more open water sailing if you choose, with some great new destinations and slightly less congested harbours and bays. One thing is for sure, you can always rely on the warm reception from the wonderfully friendly locals, who go out of their way to make your stay a special one. If you would like more information, you can always give us a call – many of our sales consultants know the area very well indeed.

sail in mallorca

Mallorca sailing – Palma is Perfect!


Building on the success in 2016, Seafarer is delighted to be able to continue to offer a fantastic flotilla and bareboat yacht charter from our base in Calanova, minutes from the fascinating town of Palma in Mallorca. There are many reasons why your next holiday should be in Mallorca sailing, and we have highlighted some of those reasons to tempt you.

Great choice of yachts

We have a fantastic range of yachts to choose from, to suit all party sizes – from the stylish Dufour 350 (2 or 3 cabin versions available) to the spacious 5 cabin Bavaria 56 or Dufour 512, you are spoilt for choice. If you prefer a catamaran, then we have a great selection, from the 4 cabin /2 head Lagoon 380 up to the 4 cabin / 4 head Bali 4.5 flybridge – a real “apartment on the sea”. All our yachts are meticulously maintained, with the vast majority just 1 or 2 years old, and all benefiting from comprehensive specifications.

Great sailing conditions

Once the summer starts, the Balearic islands enjoy a largely thermal wind pattern, with an on-shore breeze building during the morning and peaking mid afternoon, when the land is at its warmest. The process then reverses latesailing in mallorca afternoon, creating a gentle off-shore breeze as the land cools and the sun sets. This is largely independent of the area’s general weather conditions and means that the consistent winds are perfect for your sailing holiday. It is rare for prevailing conditions to be stronger than the thermal winds, and this tends to happen largely before May or after September, during seasonal changes.

Beautiful destinations

Whether you choose to join our flotilla or venture off on your own, you won’t be disappointed with the destinations – beautiful coves, elegent marinas, national parks and nature reserves are all within sailing distance from Palma. We particularly like Porto Cristo – the marina is situated in a natural creek, very well protected and perfectly situated to explore the town, which has grown around the natural harbour. Another highlight of our flotilla is a trip out to the Cabrera islands national park, arguable the best conserved sea beds in Spanish waters. Our flotilla crew try to organise the park permits in advance, so you can be assured of a mooring buoy after a great day’s sailing. Let’s also not forget Palma itself – if you haven’t explored the beautiful old town, with the cathedral as its focus, then it must be on your to do list – wander the cobbled streets, emerging into beautiful hidden squares filled with sympathetically restored buildings and leafy little parks.

Superb cuisine

Tapas seems to have appeared on every British high street over the last few years, but nothing compares to the original. Wandering the backstreets of Palma reveals tapas bars tucked away in quiet corners – enjoy a cold beer and a plate, before moving on to the next! Once out of Palma, the sea exerts its influence over the cuisine – superb fresh fish and seafood, as well as traditional Mallorquin specialities – El Frito (pork or lamb, prepared with potatoes, garlic, red peppers and seasonal vegetables), Arros Brut (a type of local rice dish, with plenty of stock, meat and vegetables) or the sweet Ensaimada Mallorquin are all worth seeking out.

Wide choice of flight routes

Another great advantage is the ease of access – there are regional flights from almost every UK airport, saving you time (most airlines run multiple flights to Mallorca every day) and money on expensive parking and pre-flight transport in the UK. We can organise your flights for you, and don’t forget, we are Atol protected, so you can book with confidence. Flying beach in mallorcato Mallorca is also great value, with so many carriers offering flights, the prices can be a fraction of other more traditional sailing destinations

Add the warm waters, friendly locals, beautiful weather and you can be assured of a fantastic holiday. If all of that isn’t enough to tempt you, we also have some fantastic offers on selected yachts at the moment – you can see these on our special offers page

Seafarer Training RYA courses

Important changes to RYA practical courses


For those who are thinking of taking one of the RYA practical courses, 2017 has seen a major change to the RYA Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper syllabi, with the removal of the non-tidal endorsement from the certificates. This means that both the Day skipper and Coastal skipper practical syllabi will include the concepts of boat handling, navigating and pilotage in areas with streams, currents and significant tidal range. The RYA have been looking into this change for several years, and
has consulted both training centres and customers alike. With around 600 schools, only a very small minority have expressed concern over the changes, whilst the feedback from customers has indicated that the introduction of a single Practical courses - Chartscheme will avoid confusion and ensure that more successful RYA students than ever will possess basic tidal knowledge.

At Seafarer Training, both in Greece and in Croatia, our instructors will also seek to demonstrate these principals in practice, seeking out areas that are subject to some current, in order to give students an idea of the effect of current, particularly with respect to close-quarters yacht handling. As Richard Falk, the RYA’s director of training and qualifications said ‘The key message is that nothing is being removed from any syllabus. In fact, we are requiring schools in non – tidal regions to now begin to teach the theory of tides. I cannot for the life of me understand how this can be a bad thing.’

As well as tides, it is also important to remember that a tidal based course in the Solent does not easily give you practical training on one of the most important skillsPractical Courses - Stern-to mooring for blue water, and particularly Mediterranean, cruising; namely stern-to mooring. All practical courses with Seafarer Training will include this essential skill, which will of course be taught in conjunction with the full RYA syllubi.

All this means that your practical sailing course in Greece or Croatia with Seafarer Training now has even more relevance, ensuring that you are better prepared to skipper your own yacht, whether on flotilla or on bareboat, in both tidal or non-tidal waters.

For more information on our RYA Training Centre in Greece, please click here – Seafarer Training in the Ionian

If you would prefer to learn in the beautiful waters of the Adriatic, please find more information on our Training Centre in Croatia – Seafarer Training in Dalmatia

We look forward to welcoming you on board,

John Connolly
Chief Instructor – Seafarer Training Lefkas

Dubrovnik Flotilla Holiday

Seafarer’s 6 Nations of Sailing


With the Six Nations well underway and England just getting over the line for their second win, we thought it was time to highlight the Seafarer Flotilla Six Nations. With a mixture of new routes and old favourites, we think there’s something in this lineup for everyone. Book early to avoid the scrum for late availability in the summer.

Get ahead of the pack and book one of our Special Offers in Lefkas and Mallorca.

Representing Spain: The Mallorca Flotilla

After a successful first year, Seafarer is continuing its Balearic Adventure on one of the world’s most beautiful islands.

Seafarer HQ is full of former Mallorca residents and Spanish Speakers, so we are the people to arrange your package and post-sailing stays.

Representing Greece: Five Flotillas

  • Lefkas Flotilla
  • Kefalonia Flotilla
  • Sporades Flotilla
  • Dodecanese Flotilla
  • Saronic Flotilla

We’ve been sailing in Greece for a long time now and we’re not slowing down. We introduced a second Ionian flotilla in Kefalonia and since you all loved it, we kept it going.

Representing France: The French Riviera Flotilla *New for 2017*

We are very excited to be the only Flotilla Operator in the South of France. Sailing into St Tropez as well as many other beautiful stops, we hope you will be as excited as we are.

Representing Montenegro: The Montenegro Route *New for 2017*

As part of our Dubrovnik & Montenegro Flotilla, we’ll be dipping our toes in Montenegrin waters and stopping by the walled city of Kotoe

Representing Croatia: 2 Flotillas

We have our ever-popular flotilla in the Dalmatian Islands and after a wonderful debut year, we are continuing with our Dubrovnik Flotilla, which will now do a route via Montenegro.

Representing Turkey: Lycian Coast Flotilla

For years now, Turkey has been a popular destination for sailing, with scenic coastline and beautiful waters. This year, on selected dates we will sail further south East on a two week ‘Seven Capes’ itinerary to Kas and Kalkan, exploring arguably the most scenic stretch of coastline in Southern Turkey.

Call 0208 324 3118 or visit our flotilla holiday page to book or find out more!

Your holiday with us is financially secure as we are ATOL licensed and your holiday is ATOL protected. We have been trading since 1995 so 2017 will be out 22nd year, so you can book with total confidence.

Kick start your sailing season at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show


See us at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace London on 4-5 March 2017

stand number G24

Dinghy Show

Date Doors open Event start time Event finish time
4th March 2017 09.30 10:00 18:00
5th March 2017 09.30 10:00 17:00


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