Manolis Mavrantonakis

Systems architect

Manolis is originally from the island of Crete and describes himself as a Blogger Podcaster, Project Strategist and Systems Architect. He has long experience in designing and maintaining complex corporate information management systems. He has always specialised in the hospitality sector, managing online booking systems, advising on web presence, optimizing back-office processes and much more.

As you would expect, he has a major role behind the scenes here at Seafarer with all of this, with his latest project being the development of our on line booking engine which we will be launching very soon. His favourite destination (apart from Crete obviously) is..... London ! Manolis says ' I am delighted to be here as I just love the art, rich culture and diversity of this wonderful city, becuase in the words of one famous Samuel Jonhson. "when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life "