Corsica is widely referred to as ‘Île de beauté and it is not difficult to see why. This stunning French island is a short 12km from Italy’s Sardinia, resulting in a magnificent blend of Italian and French culture. The island offers 1200km of stunning coastline to explore, in addition to being within proximity to the infamous Magdalena Archipelago. Start your Corsica yacht charter from our base in Ajaccio.

Corsica yacht charter

Corsica’s name is derived, most probably, from the ancient Greek names for the island, the original one probably meaning “of the sirens”. It is the 4th largest island in the Mediterranean, and the culture history and food of the island have many influences, dominated of course by the proximity of Tuscany to the east and the south of France to the north. Clearly this blend inspires fantastic cuisine and tasting local delicacies is an essential part of a charter in this area.

As a Mediterranean destination, tides are of course not an issue, although during the later part of the summer months, the winds can be challenging.

Experience Level 2-3

In the Summer months, there are periods of strong westerly Mistral winds. These are particularly strong past the north cape of Corsica, where winds funnel between the islands of Sardinia and Corsica in the Bonifacio Strait. They are known to reach up to Force 7 – 9. Otherwise, brisk north westerly breezes are common on the west coast, making anticlockwise circuits of the island easier. It is therefore recommended that less experienced crews sail in the southeastern area as the sailing conditions are more demanding on the west coast and in the Strait of Bonifacio. You will find more protected harbours and and bays on the Eastern coast. Tides have a small range of 10 to 30 cm but these can be affected dramatically by the winds.

Seafarer in Corsica

Sail & Stay

There are plentiful options for extending your stay, either before or after you travel, and Ajaccio, the capital, provides a wide range of options, from reasonable bed and breakfast accommodation to some very sophisticated boutique hotels.


The birthplace of Napoleon, the town is a fusion of old and new, with a waterfront lined with palm trees and some airy squares fusing the old town with the new. Hotel Dolce Vita has some fantastic views across the water to the Iles Sanguinaires, a group of jagged islands off the coast. Wander the old quarter for some excellent fish and seafood restaurants.

Les Calanches

Spectacular coastal scenery is common in Corsica, but this area probably beats them all, with Les Roches Rouges and the Hotel Capo Rosso both offering astonishing views from their terraces.


Situated in the north, this up-market resort appeals to all, with all the main attractions within walking distance. Accommodation of all classes can be found here – the competitively priced Hôtel St Erasme is just 5 minutes from the citadel or for some 4 star elegance overlooking Calvi bay, we recommend Hôtel La Villa.

Yacht Charter Ajaccio

1 Week Route

Day 1

Ajaccio – The island’s charming capital is nestled on the west coast. Explore the town by foot or hire bikes and hit the rural cycling tracks so you can take in the views of the rich, emerald countryside.

Day 2

Sagone or Cargèse – Visit Sagone, a small but lively fishing village with a stunning white sand beach. The area is popular for horseback riding tours. Or, opt for Cargèse, a harbour town founded by Greek refugees in the 17th century who were fleeing Turkish rule. It is known for its Latin church and Greek church which face opposite each other. The town also offers a sandy beach with some excellent snorkelling spots and jet-skiing for the thrill-seekers.  

Day 3

Golfe de Porto / Girolata – A classified World Heritage site by UNESCO due to its breathtaking natural beauty. An array of coral and fish can be found in the area, making it a perfect snorkelling stop.

Day 4

Calvi – The birthplace of Christopher Colombus. Sunseekers will want to spend every moment on Calvi’s long, sandy beach but don’t leave without wondering through the cobbled streets shopping for local delicacies while you make your way up to the medieval citadel which towers majestically over the town.

Day 5

Golfe de La Revallata / Girolata – Enjoy some swimming or kayaking in the Gulf of La Revellata before heading to Girolata where the landscapes become rugged and steep exposing the bright red granite beneath.

Day 6

Capo Rosso – Hiking is the best way to take in the beauty of this ‘red cape’ and capture the best photos. Aim for the Genoese tower of Turghiu – the highest point of Capo Rosso.

Day 7

Bay of Sagone – A perfect diving site for divers of all levels. Explore the underwater Canadair plane wreck or pay a visit to Pinna Nobilis – the sizeable Mother of Pearl!

Day 8

Ajaccio – Back to Ajaccio for disembarkation.

How to get there

Fly direct from London Stansted to Ajaccio Airport AJA on Saturdays. The yacht base is a mere 15 minute taxi journey from the airport.


Port Tino Rossi

Quai de la Citadelle



GPS position: 41°55,21’N – 08°44,57’E



The depth of the port basin is between 4 and 12 metres and offers:

  • Visitor’s Pontoon
  • 4 Floating Pontoons (A, B, C, D) with mooring on finger pontoons and pick-up lines
  • Quai des Pêcheurs and Quai de la Sculiscella with mooring on pick-up lines
  • Main Quay with anchored mooring
  • Electricity: 220V from 16A to 63A on the Floating Pontoons (A, B, C, D), Visitor’s Pontoon, Quai des Pêcheurs et le Quai de la Sculiscella. 380V from 32A to 250A at Quai Brancaleoni (Main Quay)
  • Free WI-FI access for boaters on the Floating Pontoons and Quays
  • 2 new sanitary facilities with 24/7 PRM access  
  • Port under CCTV
  • Parking
  • Mini-recycling centre with recovery of oils, used filters, batteries, and waste sorting (glass, paper, plastic)
  • Wastewater recovery: free service
  • Bilge water recovery