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Shared Greek Island Yacht Holidays

When it comes to Greek island-hopping the only way to travel is by yacht. But what if you haven’t sailed a yacht before? Or never sailed at all for that matter? Too many people never discover the pleasure of Greek island cruising because they feel they simply don’t know the ropes – first learning point, ropes on a yacht are called ‘sheets’ (yes, we know it’s weird!).

Girl helming sailing yacht in Greek Islands
3 peple swimming off back of yacht

AHOY – Apprentice Hands-On Yachting

The word AHOY is the most common salutation from one sailor or one yacht to the next. But we’ve decided to give it another meaning – Apprentice Hands-On Yachting. And our AHOY Adventures are specially designed for ‘newbies’ to island-hopping yachting, who want to get hands-on under the watchful eye of a professional skipper.

Beautiful Bar Cyclades
Yacht crew eating Cyclades

With AHOY Adventures you're part of the crew

AHOY Adventures take place on a four-cabin yacht – as you can book by the cabin you can come by yourself, as a couple or with friends.  Naturally the skipper is in control of the day-to-day sailing, navigating and mooring, but we invite our guests to be part of the crew. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn in a week mucking-in with everything from hoisting and lowering the sails to taking a spell at the helm and taking turns in the galley preparing lunch and breakfast. It’s all part of your ‘apprenticeship’. 

Dinner AHOY!

We sail every day from island to island, normally mooring-up mid-to late afternoon after a swim-stop en route in a secluded bay. After stowing things away we go ashore and have plenty of time at leisure to explore the local town and pick a waterfront taverna for drinks and dinner. Towards the end of the week the crew get the option of choosing to spend a night at anchor in a stunning bay where we prepare dinner on board and eat on deck under the stars.

How does an AHOY Adventure Shape Up

Island to Island Graphic

Sail to a new island everyday

Steering a yacht

With an experienced skipper to look after you

Two pirates graphic

Meet other likeminded people

Sailing Boat Graphic

Become part of the crew

Greek church graphic

Enjoy the culture & beauty of Greece

Shared sailing adventure map

Our Greek Island Sailing Itineraries

AHOY Adventures operate in two areas:

Sailing yacht Cyclades

The Cyclades

Starting from the famous island of Mykonos we head out into the stunning Cyclades islands, home of blue & white villages, spectacular bays and great sailing winds. Highlights of the Cyclades include sunsets in Santorini, winding markets in Naxos, harbourside drinks in Paros, mountaintop churches in Ios and getting away from it all in the Small Cyclades.

Yacht in Azure water ithaka

The Ionian

Sailing from the island of Lefkas we explore the green and lush Ionian islands. Dive into turquoise bays, stroll through Venetian towns, experience stunning sunsets and enjoy a relaxed pace of life. Highlights include Lefkas, Kefalonia, Zante, Ithaka and hidden gems.

2 people with masks swimming

AHOY Sailors! Who enjoys this taste of adventure?

We’d like to say up front that AHOY Adventures are not ‘booze’ or party cruises – although we do enjoy a drink or two at the end of the day when safely in port. Essentially an AHOY Adventure is for people who have always liked the idea of letting the wind take you to new adventures every day, whether or not you have sailed before.

We attract a complete mix of ages, sometimes 8 friends come as a group and fill the yachts, other times it might be couples, solo travellers, or friends who will be firm shipmates by the time they handle the lines and moor-up for the farewell dinner.

You don't need experience - Just Enthusiasm

If an AHOY Adventure sounds like an island hopping sailing trip for you click on the links below for the yachts, prices and other options in the Greek islands.

Sunset in Cyclades islands 2 people

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