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Why Choose a Sporades Flotilla ?

Challenging Flotilla Sailing – Level 3
Ideal For Explorers, Off The Beaten Track
Unspoilt Destinations
Fresh Breezes And Open Waters

If you have already experienced the delights of sailing in the Ionian and the Saronic Gulf, why not try one of our more challenging sailing areas, the Northern Sporades?

With fresh breezes, which strengthen in the summer Meltemi winds, the open waters of the Sporades offer excellent sailing. The end of each day on the water rewards you with a wonderful mix of cosmopolitan towns on our island route, such as Skiathos and Skopelos as well as sleepy little hamlets like Steni Vala and deserted island bays such as Kyra Panagia.

for culture vultures you can visit some of the locations for the hit movie “Mamma Mia” or anchor up and relax on one of the stunning sandy beaches.

The contrasting Pelion route explores the Gulf of Volos and its islands as well as the northern part of Evvia island. Paleo Trikeri and “Donkey” island are must see destinations as you explore the crystal clear waters on your Sporades flotilla holiday.

The Sporades Route

The Pelion Route

TWO WEEK FLOTILLA – Combine the Sporades route with the Pelion route for a two week flotilla holiday

The Weather

Reliable sunshine and good sailing winds with flat seas along the southern side of the Islands. The temperature ranges from the low 20’s at the beginning and end of season to the high 30s in August. Moderate to fresh winds force 3-6, the upper range being during the late July and August Meltemi season. Great for experienced sailors.

Note: Sporades flotilla routes may vary during the season according to weather and operating conditions. Our flotilla crew will keep you fully briefed each day.

Sail & Stay - Adrina Beach Hotel

Why not add 3 days or a week to the beginning or end of your flotilla holiday in Adrina Beach Resort on the Island of Skopolos

The Yachts

Special Offers

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Sun Odyssey 33i - 2 Cabins 1 Sh/wc (2014)

Sporades Flotilla
2020 at 2019 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySporades Route£1,697£2,998
22-MayPelion Route£1,940£3,446
29-MaySporades Route£1,940£3,446
5-JunePelion Route£1,940£3,446
12-JuneSporades Route£2,121£3,767
19-JunePelion Route£2,121£3,767
26-JuneSporades Route£2,291£4,090
3-JulyPelion Route£2,291£4,090
10-JulySporades Route£2,322£4,145
17-JulyPelion Route£2,322£4,145
24-JulySporades Route£2,697£4,793
31-JulyPelion Route£2,697£4,793
7-AugustSporades Route£2,697£4,793
14-AugustPelion Route£2,697£4,793
21-AugustSporades Route£2,697£4,793
28-AugustPelion Route£2,149£3,826
4-SeptemberSporades Route£2,149£3,826
11-SeptemberPelion Route£2,149£3,826
18-SeptemberSporades Route£1,996£3,610
25-SeptemberPelion Route£1,996

Sun Odyssey 349 - 3 Cabins 1 Sh/wc (2015)

Sporades Flotilla
2020 at 2019 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySporades Route£1,996£3,386
22-MayPelion Route£2,315£3,984
29-MaySporades Route£2,315£3,984
5-JunePelion Route£2,315£3,984
12-JuneSporades Route£2,531£4,356
19-JunePelion Route£2,531£4,356
26-JuneSporades Route£2,759£4,813
3-JulyPelion Route£2,759£4,813
10-JulySporades Route£2,796£4,878
17-JulyPelion Route£2,796£4,878
24-JulySporades Route£3,183£5,532
31-JulyPelion Route£3,183£5,532
7-AugustSporades Route£3,183£5,532
14-AugustPelion Route£3,183£5,532
21-AugustSporades Route£3,183£5,532
28-AugustPelion Route£2,535£4,387
4-SeptemberSporades Route£2,535£4,387
11-SeptemberPelion Route£2,535£4,387
18-SeptemberSporades Route£2,440£4,223
25-SeptemberPelion Route£2,440

Bavaria 36 - 3 Cabins 1 Sh/wc (2012 - 2013)

Sporades Flotilla
2020 at 2019 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySporades Route£2,054£3,472
22-MayPelion Route£2,365£4,062
29-MaySporades Route£2,365£4,062
5-JunePelion Route£2,365£4,062
12-JuneSporades Route£2,585£4,441
19-JunePelion Route£2,585£4,441
26-JuneSporades Route£3,120£5,195
3-JulyPelion Route£3,120£5,195
10-JulySporades Route£3,162£5,275
17-JulyPelion Route£3,162£5,275
24-JulySporades Route£3,198£5,577
31-JulyPelion Route£3,198£5,577
7-AugustSporades Route£3,198£5,577
14-AugustPelion Route£3,198£5,577
21-AugustSporades Route£3,198£5,577
28-AugustPelion Route£2,588£4,470
4-SeptemberSporades Route£2,588£4,470
11-SeptemberPelion Route£2,588£4,470
18-SeptemberSporades Route£2,491£4,298
25-SeptemberPelion Route£2,491

Oceanis 37 - 3 Cabins 1 Sh/wc (2013)

Sporades Flotilla
2020 at 2019 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySporades Route£2,042£3,460
22-MayPelion Route£2,430£4,197
29-MaySporades Route£2,394£4,161
5-JunePelion Route£2,394£4,161
12-JuneSporades Route£2,617£4,549
19-JunePelion Route£2,617£4,549
26-JuneSporades Route£3,138£5,299
3-JulyPelion Route£3,138£5,299
10-JulySporades Route£3,179£5,370
17-JulyPelion Route£3,179£5,370
24-JulySporades Route£3,189£5,646
31-JulyPelion Route£3,189£5,646
7-AugustSporades Route£3,189£5,646
14-AugustPelion Route£3,189£5,646
21-AugustSporades Route£3,189£5,646
28-AugustPelion Route£2,598£4,480
4-SeptemberSporades Route£2,598£4,480
11-SeptemberPelion Route£2,598£4,480
18-SeptemberSporades Route£2,496£4,298
25-SeptemberPelion Route£2,496

Oceanis 40 - 3 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2011)

Sporades Flotilla
2020 at 2019 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySporades Route£2,186£3,744
22-MayPelion Route£2,582£4,489
29-MaySporades Route£2,668£4,575
5-JunePelion Route£2,668£4,575
12-JuneSporades Route£2,920£5,005
19-JunePelion Route£2,920£5,005
26-JuneSporades Route£3,268£5,582
3-JulyPelion Route£3,268£5,582
10-JulySporades Route£3,312£5,657
17-JulyPelion Route£3,312£5,657
24-JulySporades Route£3,542£6,149
31-JulyPelion Route£3,542£6,149
7-AugustSporades Route£3,542£6,149
14-AugustPelion Route£3,542£6,149
21-AugustSporades Route£3,542£6,149
28-AugustPelion Route£2,998£5,103
4-SeptemberSporades Route£2,998£5,103
11-SeptemberPelion Route£2,998£5,103
18-SeptemberSporades Route£2,886£4,912
25-SeptemberPelion Route£2,886

Bavaria 40 - 3 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2013)

Sporades Flotilla
2020 at 2019 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySporades Route£2,127£3,545
22-MayPelion Route£2,773£4,749
29-MaySporades Route£2,773£4,749
5-JunePelion Route£2,773£4,749
12-JuneSporades Route£3,032£5,193
19-JunePelion Route£3,032£5,193
26-JuneSporades Route£3,424£5,891
3-JulyPelion Route£3,424£5,891
10-JulySporades Route£3,471£5,971
17-JulyPelion Route£3,471£5,971
24-JulySporades Route£3,730£6,489
31-JulyPelion Route£3,730£6,489
7-AugustSporades Route£3,730£6,489
14-AugustPelion Route£3,730£6,489
21-AugustSporades Route£3,730£6,489
28-AugustPelion Route£3,175£5,498
4-SeptemberSporades Route£3,175£5,498
11-SeptemberPelion Route£3,175£5,498
18-SeptemberSporades Route£3,056£5,297
25-SeptemberPelion Route£3,056

Sun Odyssey 419 - 3 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2016)

Sporades Flotilla
2020 at 2019 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySporades Route£2,498£4,475
22-MayPelion Route£2,970£5,366
29-MaySporades Route£2,970£5,366
5-JunePelion Route£2,970£5,366
12-JuneSporades Route£3,247£5,867
19-JunePelion Route£3,247£5,867
26-JuneSporades Route£3,587£6,498
3-JulyPelion Route£3,587£6,498
10-JulySporades Route£3,635£6,598
17-JulyPelion Route£3,635£6,598
24-JulySporades Route£4,198£7,570
31-JulyPelion Route£4,198£7,570
7-AugustSporades Route£4,198£7,570
14-AugustPelion Route£4,198£7,570
21-AugustSporades Route£4,198£7,570
28-AugustPelion Route£3,398£6,172
4-SeptemberSporades Route£3,398£6,172
11-SeptemberPelion Route£3,398£6,172
18-SeptemberSporades Route£3,283£5,953
25-SeptemberPelion Route£3,283

Sun Odyssey 439 - 4 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2015)

Sporades Flotilla
2020 at 2019 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySporades Route£3,064£5,498
22-MayPelion Route£3,530£6,387
29-MaySporades Route£3,530£6,387
5-JunePelion Route£3,530£6,387
12-JuneSporades Route£3,859£6,983
19-JunePelion Route£3,859£6,983
26-JuneSporades Route£4,199£7,628
3-JulyPelion Route£4,199£7,628
10-JulySporades Route£4,256£7,731
17-JulyPelion Route£4,256£7,731
24-JulySporades Route£4,750£8,548
31-JulyPelion Route£4,750£8,548
7-AugustSporades Route£4,750£8,548
14-AugustPelion Route£4,750£8,548
21-AugustSporades Route£4,750£8,548
28-AugustPelion Route£3,924£7,116
4-SeptemberSporades Route£3,924£7,116
11-SeptemberPelion Route£3,924£7,116
18-SeptemberSporades Route£3,777£6,849
25-SeptemberPelion Route£3,777

Book your flights with us to ensure full ATOL protection for your holiday.

All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL schemeYour holiday with us is financially secure as we are ATOL licensed and your holiday is ATOL protected. We have been trading since 1995 so with over 20 years under our belts, you can book with total confidence.

Flight including luggage - prices per person

2019 DatesFlights including luggage from
 Special Offer
7th April - 24th May
25th May - 31st May£495
1st June - 14th June£339
15th June - 28th June£349
29th June - 19th July£395
20th July - 6th September£458
7th September - 27th September£429
28th September - 25th October£379

Yacht Security Deposit

Returnable Deposit:

Returnable Yacht Security Deposit: €2000 ( €2500 for 4-5 cabin yachts and catamarans)

Non-Returnable Yacht Damage Waiver:

  • Yachts 35 ft or under – 1 week £120 2 weeks £180
  • Yachts 36 ft to 40ft – 1 week £180 2 weeks £270
  • Yachts 41 ft to 45ft – 1 week £250 2 weeks £375
  • Yachts 46ft and over – 1 week £300 2 weeks £450


  • Inflatable Sea kayak £60 per week
  • Inflatable SUP (stand up paddle board) £120 per week
  • Skipper £135 per day
  • Hostess £100 per day
  • Child safety netting (per Charter, up to 40ft) £140
  • Child safety netting (per Charter, 41 to 50ft) £180
  • Wi-Fi – £28 (3GB), £45 (6GB)
  • Food shopping service (provisioning) – €20 service charge (payable locally)
  • Seafarer Beach Towel £15 (yours to keep)

Friday morning charter flights from Gatwick and Manchester to Skiathos with afternoon return to reach this Greek flotilla. Flight Time 3 hrs 15 mins. Regional charter flights are available on request. Flights are also available to Volos on Wednesdays and Saturdays, if you are thinking of extending your stay in the Sporades before or after your charter.

Direct road transfer to Skiathos town quay in approximately 10 – 15 minutes, 30 minute boat transfer to Loutraki, Skopelos. Fast catamaran ferry service is available from Volos, taking approximately 2 hours.

Meet the Team

Calum Tkaczyk

Calum Tkaczyk

Flotilla Skipper

Jodie Kyte

Jodie Kyte

Flotilla 1st Mate

Calum and Jodie are waiting for you in the Sporades! They will be responsible for your safety and enjoyment throughout your sailing holiday.

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