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Why Choose a Kefalonia Flotilla ?

Moderate Sailing – Level 1 +
Ideal For Families
Club And Flotilla Option
Combine Flotilla With RYA Tuition

Building on the success in previous seasons, our Kefalonia flotilla starts from the harbour of Aghia Eufimia, an ideal spot from which to explore the southern of the Ionian islands including Zakynthos and Ithaca.
Starting further south means we are ahead of other flotillas, permitting a more adventurous route and exploring destinations not found on other flotilla itineraries.

The Zante route heads south, to Zakynthos town and Aghios Nikolaos. The Kefalonia route takes us on a trip to the north and the west side of the island , exploring Vathi on Ithaca, Fiskardho, Assos to the west before our beach party in a beautiful bay.

With longer sailing distances, this route offers those clients who are loyal to the Ionian with another challenge whilst still be able to enjoy this beautiful area that we love and know so well.

New For 2022! Summer Holiday Kids Club

Starting this summer, our Kefalonia flotilla will feature a kids club running from the 10th of July to the 4th of September. This will be free for all those joining these flotillas and will feature afternoon & evening activities for children & big kids alike. Please see our Sailing for Families page for more information.

The Assos Route

The Zante Route

TWO WEEK FLOTILLA – Combine the Assos route with the Zante route for a two week flotilla holiday

The Weather

The Ionian islands enjoy a wonderful climate, and you can be virtually assured of great weather and warm temperatures during the flotilla season. Winds on the Kefalonia flotilla are moderate, with strengths of force 2-4, occasionally a little more in open water. For those accustomed to the calm waters to the east of Lefkas and Kefalonia, the open waters can often have more of a swell, particularly further south.

Kefalonia flotilla holiday routes may vary during the season according to weather and operating conditions. Our flotilla crew will keep you fully briefed each day.

Special Offers

may, 2022

2022 - Yachts & Prices

Sun Odyssey 33

Sun Odyssey 33i - 2 Cabins 1 Sh/Wc (2014)

Kefalonia Flotilla
2022 prices (per yacht)
Yacht Details
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MayAssos Route£1,250£1,000£2,554£2,043
22-MayZante Route£1,462£1,170£2,986£2,389
29-MayAssos Route£1,694£1,355£3,218£2,574
5-JunZante Route£1,694£3,577
12-JunAssos Route£2,072£3,955
19-JunZante Route£2,072£3,955
26-JunAssos Route£2,072£3,984
3-JulZante Route£2,103£4,015
10-JulAssos Route£2,103£4,015
17-JulZante Route£2,103£4,289
24-JulAssos Route£2,391£4,577
31-JulZante Route£2,391£4,577
7-AugAssos Route£2,391£4,577
14-AugZante Route£2,391£4,577
21-AugAssos Route£2,391£4,274
28-AugZante Route£2,072£3,955
4-SepAssos Route£2,072£3,800
11-SepZante Route£1,908£3,636
18-SepAssos Route£1,908£3,212
25-SepZante Route£1,462£2,765
2-OctAssos Route£1,462£2,765
9-OctZante Route£1,462
Bavaria 37

Bavaria 37 - 3 Cabins 1 Sh/Wc - 2014

Kefalonia Flotilla
2022 prices (per yacht)
Yacht Details
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MayAssos Route£1,622£1,298£3,358£2,686
22-MayZante Route£1,916£1,533£3,959£3,167
29-MayAssos Route£2,239£1,791£4,282£3,426
5-JunZante Route£2,239£4,781
12-JunAssos Route£2,765£5,307
19-JunZante Route£2,765£5,307
26-JunAssos Route£2,765£5,339
3-JulZante Route£2,799£5,373
10-JulAssos Route£2,799£5,373
17-JulZante Route£2,799£5,749
24-JulAssos Route£3,195£6,145
31-JulZante Route£3,195£6,145
7-AugAssos Route£3,195£6,145
14-AugZante Route£3,195£6,145
21-AugAssos Route£3,195£5,737
28-AugZante Route£2,765£5,307
4-SepAssos Route£2,765£5,091
11-SepZante Route£2,538£4,864
18-SepAssos Route£2,538£4,257
25-SepZante Route£1,899£3,618
2-OctAssos Route£1,899£3,618
9-OctZante Route£1,899
Bavaria 37

Bavaria 37 - 3 Cabins 1 Sh/Wc (2017)

Kefalonia Flotilla
2022 prices (per yacht)
Yacht Details
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MayAssos Route£1,705£1,364£3,536£2,829
22-MayZante Route£2,017£1,614£4,175£3,340
29-MayAssos Route£2,361£1,889£4,518£3,614
5-JunZante Route£2,361£5,030
12-JunAssos Route£2,899£5,569
19-JunZante Route£2,899£5,569
26-JunAssos Route£2,899£5,631
3-JulZante Route£2,965£5,696
10-JulAssos Route£2,965£5,696
17-JulZante Route£2,965£6,010
24-JulAssos Route£3,295£6,340
31-JulZante Route£3,295£6,340
7-AugAssos Route£3,295£6,340
14-AugZante Route£3,295£6,340
21-AugAssos Route£3,295£5,964
28-AugZante Route£2,899£5,569
4-SepAssos Route£2,899£5,358
11-SepZante Route£2,678£5,136
18-SepAssos Route£2,678£4,488
25-SepZante Route£1,995£3,806
2-OctAssos Route£1,995£3,806
9-OctZante Route£1,995
Oceanis 40

Oceanis 40 - 3 Cabins 2 Sh/Wc (2007)

Kefalonia Flotilla
2022 prices (per yacht)
Yacht Details
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
10-JulAssos Route£3,121£6,002
17-JulZante Route£3,121£6,430
24-JulAssos Route£3,573£6,882
31-JulZante Route£3,573£6,882
7-AugAssos Route£3,573£6,882
14-AugZante Route£3,573£6,882
21-AugAssos Route£3,573£6,408
28-AugZante Route£3,073£5,908
4-SepAssos Route£3,073£5,665
11-SepZante Route£2,817£5,409
18-SepAssos Route£2,817£4,745
25-SepZante Route£2,118£4,045
2-OctAssos Route£2,118£4,045
9-OctZante Route£2,118
Bavaria 41

Bavaria 41 - 3 Cabins 2 Sh/Wc (2015)

Kefalonia Flotilla
2022 prices (per yacht)
Yacht Details
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MayAssos Route£2,014£1,611£4,147£3,318
22-MayZante Route£2,384£1,907£4,903£3,922
29-MayAssos Route£2,791£2,233£5,310£4,248
5-JunZante Route£2,791£5,939
12-JunAssos Route£3,453£6,601
19-JunZante Route£3,453£6,601
26-JunAssos Route£3,453£6,736
3-JulZante Route£3,595£6,877
10-JulAssos Route£3,595£6,877
17-JulZante Route£3,595£7,352
24-JulAssos Route£4,095£7,852
31-JulZante Route£4,095£7,852
7-AugAssos Route£4,095£7,852
14-AugZante Route£4,095£7,852
21-AugAssos Route£4,095£7,243
28-AugZante Route£3,453£6,601
4-SepAssos Route£3,453£6,329
11-SepZante Route£3,167£6,043
18-SepAssos Route£3,167£5,299
25-SepZante Route£2,384£4,517
2-OctAssos Route£2,384£4,517
9-OctZante Route£2,384
Bavaria 46

Bavaria 46 - 4 Cabins 3 Sh/Wc (2018)

Kefalonia Flotilla
2022 prices (per yacht)
Yacht Details
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MayAssos Route£2,416£1,933£5,015£4,012
22-MayZante Route£2,875£2,300£5,954£4,763
29-MayAssos Route£3,380£2,704£6,459£5,167
5-JunZante Route£3,380£7,240
12-JunAssos Route£4,202£8,062
19-JunZante Route£4,202£8,062
26-JunAssos Route£4,202£8,125
3-JulZante Route£4,268£8,191
10-JulAssos Route£4,268£8,191
17-JulZante Route£4,268£8,787
24-JulAssos Route£4,895£9,414
31-JulZante Route£4,895£9,414
7-AugAssos Route£4,895£9,414
14-AugZante Route£4,895£9,414
21-AugAssos Route£4,895£8,755
28-AugZante Route£4,202£8,062
4-SepAssos Route£4,202£7,724
11-SepZante Route£3,847£7,368
18-SepAssos Route£3,847£6,445
25-SepZante Route£2,875£5,474
2-OctAssos Route£2,875£5,474
9-OctZante Route£2,875

Yacht Security Deposit

Returnable Deposit:

  • Yachts 35 ft or under – £1000
  • Yachts 36 ft to 39 ft – £1500
  • Yachts 40 ft to 45 ft – £2000
  • Yachts 46 ft and over – £2500

Non-Returnable Yacht Damage Waiver:

  • Yachts 35 ft or under – 1 week £120 2 weeks £180
  • Yachts 36 ft to 39 ft – 1 week £180 2 weeks £270
  • Yachts 40 ft to 45 ft – 1 week £250 2 weeks £375
  • Yachts 46 ft and over – 1 week £300 2 weeks £450


  • Inflatable SUP (stand up paddleboard) £100 per week
  • Child safety netting £100 per charter
  • Skipper £175 per day
  • Hostess £135 per day

Sunday morning flights from Gatwick or Stansted to Kefalonia with afternoon return. Flight Time 3 hrs.
Regional flights from Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle available on request. Return flights from only £100 per person.

Direct road transfer to Aghia Eufimia in approximately 60 minutes to arrive for embarkation on our Kefalonia flotilla.

Sail & Stay Holidays

Extend your holiday with a week onshore before or after your flotilla

There is no doubt the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin raised awareness of just how beautiful Kefalonia really is, dramatic mountain scenery combined with idyllic bays, pretty villages and some wonderful beaches, all washed by crystal clear waters. It’s the ideal place to explore by road in a hire car or just relax in a beachside hotel or tranquil villa with pool and views you will never tire of. We guarantee you will be back for more

Panas Hotel – rooms from £60 per night B & B

A great find, this excellent family run hotel set in lush gardens next to a fantastic beach has it all, fantastic location, friendly staff and great value too. Located at Spartia, just 50meters  from Klimatsia beach on the south coast in a tranquil spot with a good restaurant on-site, and with several others within walking distance. The property and village are located just 12 Klm from Argostoli.

Emelisse Resort – Double room from £150 per night

This is recognised as one of the most stylish boutique hotels on the island and consistently scores very highly in reviews. Large enough to offer a full range of facilities such as pool, spa, restaurant, bar, cafe and pool yet small enough to offer personal service. The range of accommodation even includes villas with private pools. The cosmopolitan village of Fiscardo is close by.
There are countless other options available on the island, from budget choices to high end luxury resorts – our sales consultants will be happy to help you find the perfect accompaniment to your flotilla holiday.

The Seafarer Price Guarantee

We Will Not Be Beaten On Price !

The Seafarer Price Guarantee

As an independent company, we are able to keep our prices highly competitive – if you see a like for like product featured elsewhere cheaper, let us know and we will beat it!
This guarantee applies to yacht and accommodation rates on our Beach Club, Flotilla, Learn to Sail and & Cabin Charter programmes operated by Seafarer and is subject to availability at the time of booking.

For those booking before 31st May,  we will not impose any surcharges and we guarantee to honour the price confirmed to you at the time of booking.

Book your flights with us to ensure full financial protection for your holiday.

All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme Your flight inclusive holiday with us (should you choose this option) is financially secure as we are ATOL licensed, making the entire package ATOL protected.  We have been trading since 1995 so, with over 25 years under our belts, you can book with total confidence.

Meet the Team

Briseis Preston

Briseis Preston

Flotilla 1st Mate

Briseis loves any time spent on the water, whether that be sailing or windsurfing.

Sam Howell

Sam Howell

Flotilla Skipper

Sam has been a keen sailor for 7 years, starting off as a very