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Why Choose a Dodecanese Flotilla ?

Level 2-3, Stronger Breezes And More Open Water
Rich In History & Culture
Beautiful Area With Varied Ports
Great Sail & Stay Options
Good Sailing Winds Almost Guaranteed

We have long been fans of this beautiful and historic area which has until now been the preserve of savvy bareboat clients, who have already discovered the tremendous amount the area has to offer. The combination of some of the better known and more cosmopolitan Greek Islands such Kos, with its noted ancient sites and great beaches, as well as some of the smaller and lesser known gems of the Dodecanese such as Nysiros, Halki or Symi, make this an irresistible proposition for more experienced sailors.

You can be virtually assured of some fresh winds, so you will be doing plenty of sailing, with more than enough to keep you occupied ashore in between. Join in Kos and choose from our north itinerary featuring Kalymnos and Patmos or alternatively for our southern route, visiting Symi, Tilos and Nysiros before returning to Kos.

The Symi Route

The Kalymnos Route

TWO WEEK FLOTILLA – Combine the Symi route with the Kalymnos route for a two week flotilla holiday.

Departure Dates

Saturday Departures from Kos May to October

The Weather

This area is blessed with warm sunshine over 300 days a year. Temperatures from early May range from the low to mid 20s in early and late season, up to the high 30s between June and September. Sailing conditions are variable ranging from moderate to fresh force 3 – 6+, the latter being especially during the Meltmi season from late July through to late August, so we generally recommend this area for more experienced sailors.

The Dodecanese is a more challenging sailing area and as such the route is weather dependant. During the summer Meltemi season (normally July and August) a revised itinerary will operate, taking into account the prevailing wind patterns.

Sail & Stay - Kefalos Beach Club

Enjoy amazing winds and great equipment in our Kefalos Beach CLub on the island of Kos

The Yachts

Special Offers

november, 2020

2021 dates at 2020 Prices!

Sun Odyssey 349 - 3 Cabins 1 Sh/wc (2019)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2021 dates at 2020 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySymi Route£1,919£4,055
22-MayKalymnos Route£2,392£4,528
29-MaySymi Route£2,392£4,528
5-JunKalymnos Route£2,392£4,528
12-JunSymi Route£2,392£4,885
19-JunKalymnos Route£2,768£5,261
26-JunSymi Route£2,768£5,300
3-JulKalymnos Route£2,809£5,340
10-JulSymi Route£2,809£5,340
17-JulKalymnos Route£2,809£5,603
24-JulSymi Route£3,085£5,879
31-JulKalymnos Route£3,085£5,879
7-AugSymi Route£3,085£5,879
14-AugKalymnos Route£3,085£5,879
21-AugSymi Route£3,085£5,469
28-AugKalymnos Route£2,653£5,036
4-SepSymi Route£2,653£4,937
11-SepKalymnos Route£2,548£4,832
18-SepSymi Route£2,548£4,235
25-SepKalymnos Route£1,919£3,606
2-OctSymi Route£1,919£3,606
9-OctKalymnos Route£1,919£3,606
16-OctSymi Route£1,919

Bavaria 37 - 3 Cabins 1 Sh/wc (2017)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2021 dates at 2020 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySymi Route£2,069£4,389
22-MayKalymnos Route£2,585£4,905
29-MaySymi Route£2,585£4,905
5-JunKalymnos Route£2,585£4,905
12-JunSymi Route£2,585£5,294
19-JunKalymnos Route£2,995£5,704
26-JunSymi Route£2,995£5,746
3-JulKalymnos Route£3,040£5,791
10-JulSymi Route£3,040£5,791
17-JulKalymnos Route£3,040£6,077
24-JulSymi Route£3,341£6,379
31-JulKalymnos Route£3,341£6,379
7-AugSymi Route£3,341£6,379
14-AugKalymnos Route£3,341£6,379
21-AugSymi Route£3,341£5,931
28-AugKalymnos Route£2,869£5,459
4-SepSymi Route£2,869£5,350
11-SepKalymnos Route£2,755£5,236
18-SepSymi Route£2,755£4,584
25-SepKalymnos Route£2,069£3,898
2-OctSymi Route£2,069£3,898
9-OctKalymnos Route£2,069£3,898
16-OctSymi Route£2,069

Dufour 382 - 3 cabins / 2 sh/wc (2015)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2021 dates at 2020 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySymi Route£2,113£4,485
22-MayKalymnos Route£2,641£5,014
29-MaySymi Route£2,641£5,014
5-JunKalymnos Route£2,641£5,014
12-JunSymi Route£2,641£5,413
19-JunKalymnos Route£3,061£5,833
26-JunSymi Route£3,061£5,876
3-JulKalymnos Route£3,107£5,922
10-JulSymi Route£3,107£5,922
17-JulKalymnos Route£3,107£6,215
24-JulSymi Route£3,415£6,524
31-JulKalymnos Route£3,415£6,524
7-AugSymi Route£3,415£6,524
14-AugKalymnos Route£3,415£6,524
21-AugSymi Route£3,415£6,065
28-AugKalymnos Route£2,932£5,582
4-SepSymi Route£2,932£5,470
11-SepKalymnos Route£2,815£5,353
18-SepSymi Route£2,815£4,686
25-SepKalymnos Route£2,113£3,983
2-OctSymi Route£2,113£3,983
9-OctKalymnos Route£2,113£3,983
16-OctSymi Route£2,113

Sun Odyssey 389 - 3 cabins / 1 sh/wc (2019)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2021 dates at 2020 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySymi Route£2,335£4,980
22-MayKalymnos Route£2,928£5,572
29-MaySymi Route£2,928£5,572
5-JunKalymnos Route£2,928£5,572
12-JunSymi Route£2,928£6,020
19-JunKalymnos Route£3,398£6,490
26-JunSymi Route£3,398£6,539
3-JulKalymnos Route£3,449£6,590
10-JulSymi Route£3,449£6,590
17-JulKalymnos Route£3,449£6,919
24-JulSymi Route£3,796£7,265
31-JulKalymnos Route£3,796£7,265
7-AugSymi Route£3,796£7,265
14-AugKalymnos Route£3,796£7,265
21-AugSymi Route£3,796£6,751
28-AugKalymnos Route£3,254£6,209
4-SepSymi Route£3,254£6,084
11-SepKalymnos Route£3,123£5,953
18-SepSymi Route£3,123£5,205
25-SepKalymnos Route£2,335£4,417
2-OctSymi Route£2,335£4,417
9-OctKalymnos Route£2,335£4,417
16-OctSymi Route£2,335

Bavaria 41 - 3 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2015)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2021 dates at 2020 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySymi Route£2,346£4,944
22-MayKalymnos Route£2,928£5,525
29-MaySymi Route£2,928£5,525
5-JunKalymnos Route£2,928£5,525
12-JunSymi Route£2,928£5,964
19-JunKalymnos Route£3,390£6,426
26-JunSymi Route£3,390£6,474
3-JulKalymnos Route£3,440£6,524
10-JulSymi Route£3,440£6,524
17-JulKalymnos Route£3,440£6,847
24-JulSymi Route£3,780£7,186
31-JulKalymnos Route£3,780£7,186
7-AugSymi Route£3,780£7,186
14-AugKalymnos Route£3,780£7,186
21-AugSymi Route£3,780£6,681
28-AugKalymnos Route£3,248£6,150
4-SepSymi Route£3,248£6,027
11-SepKalymnos Route£3,119£5,899
18-SepSymi Route£3,119£5,164
25-SepKalymnos Route£2,346£4,391
2-OctSymi Route£2,346£4,391
9-OctKalymnos Route£2,346£4,391
16-OctSymi Route£2,346

Oceanis 41 - 3 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2019)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2021 dates at 2020 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySymi Route£2,549£5,395
22-MayKalymnos Route£3,189£6,035
29-MaySymi Route£3,189£6,035
5-JunKalymnos Route£3,189£6,035
12-JunSymi Route£3,189£6,518
19-JunKalymnos Route£3,697£7,026
26-JunSymi Route£3,697£7,079
3-JulKalymnos Route£3,753£7,134
10-JulSymi Route£3,753£7,134
17-JulKalymnos Route£3,753£7,489
24-JulSymi Route£4,127£7,863
31-JulKalymnos Route£4,127£7,863
7-AugSymi Route£4,127£7,863
14-AugKalymnos Route£4,127£7,863
21-AugSymi Route£4,127£7,308
28-AugKalymnos Route£3,542£6,723
4-SepSymi Route£3,542£6,588
11-SepKalymnos Route£3,400£6,446
18-SepSymi Route£3,400£5,638
25-SepKalymnos Route£2,549£4,788
2-OctSymi Route£2,549£4,788
9-OctKalymnos Route£2,549£4,788
16-OctSymi Route£2,549

Sun Odyssey 449 - 4 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2018)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2021 dates at 2020 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySymi Route£3,621£6,927
22-MayKalymnos Route£3,621£7,277
29-MaySymi Route£3,989£7,644
5-JunKalymnos Route£3,989£7,644
12-JunSymi Route£3,989£8,266
19-JunKalymnos Route£4,643£8,920
26-JunSymi Route£4,643£8,920
3-JulKalymnos Route£4,643£8,920
10-JulSymi Route£4,643£8,920
17-JulKalymnos Route£4,643£9,292
24-JulSymi Route£5,034£9,683
31-JulKalymnos Route£5,034£9,683
7-AugSymi Route£5,034£9,683
14-AugKalymnos Route£5,034£8,819
21-AugSymi Route£4,125£7,910
28-AugKalymnos Route£4,125£7,910
4-SepSymi Route£4,125£7,910
11-SepKalymnos Route£4,125£7,910
18-SepSymi Route£4,125£7,254
25-SepKalymnos Route£3,434£6,563
2-OctSymi Route£3,434£5,915
9-OctKalymnos Route£2,752£5,233
16-OctSymi Route£2,752

Oceanis 51 - 5 Cabins 3 Sh/wc (2019)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2021 dates at 2020 prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
15-MaySymi Route£5,061£10,237
22-MayKalymnos Route£5,589£10,764
29-MaySymi Route£5,589£10,764
5-JunKalymnos Route£5,589£10,764
12-JunSymi Route£5,589£11,659
19-JunKalymnos Route£6,530£12,600
26-JunSymi Route£6,530£12,600
3-JulKalymnos Route£6,530£12,600
10-JulSymi Route£6,530£12,600
17-JulKalymnos Route£6,530£13,139
24-JulSymi Route£7,098£13,707
31-JulKalymnos Route£7,098£13,707
7-AugSymi Route£7,098£13,707
14-AugKalymnos Route£7,098£13,707
21-AugSymi Route£7,098£12,554
28-AugKalymnos Route£5,885£11,341
4-SepSymi Route£5,885£11,341
11-SepKalymnos Route£5,885£11,341
18-SepSymi Route£5,885£10,305
25-SepKalymnos Route£4,794£8,290
2-OctSymi Route£3,821£7,317
9-OctKalymnos Route£3,821£7,317
16-OctSymi Route£3,821

The Seafarer Price Guarantee

We Will Not Be Beaten On Price !

The Seafarer Price Guarantee

As an independent company, we are able to keep our prices highly competitive – if you see a like for like product featured elsewhere cheaper, let us know and we will beat it!
This guarantee applies to yacht and accommodation rates on our Beach Club, Flotilla, Learn to Sail and & Cabin Charter programmes operated by Seafarer and is subject to availability at the time of booking.

For those booking before 31st May,  we will not impose any surcharges and we guarantee to honour the price confirmed to you at the time of booking.

Flight including baggage prices per person

2019 DatesFlights including luggage from
7th April - 24th May
25th May - 31st May£495
1st June - 14th June£339
15th June - 28th June£349
29th June - 19th July£395
20th July - 6th September£458
7th September - 27th September£429
28th September - 25th October£379

Book your flights with us to ensure full financial protection for your holiday.

All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme Your holiday with us is financially secure as we are ATOL licensed and your holiday is ATOL protected. We are also members of ABTA giving additional protection. We have been trading since 1995 so with over 25 years under our belts, you can book with total confidence.

Yacht Security Deposit

Returnable Deposit Payable Locally:

  • Yachts under 42ft – From €2000
  • Yachts 42-47 ft – From €2500
  • Yachts 48 ft and over From €3000

Non Returnable – Deposit Reduction Premium:

  • Yachts under 36 ft – £126 per yacht per week
  • Yachts 37-49 ft – £189 per yacht per week
  • Yachts 50 ft and over – £252 per yacht per week
  • Plus reduced returnable deposit payable locally – from €500


  • Inflatable SUP(stand up paddle board) £90 per week
  • Child safety netting -from £200 per charter
  • Skipper – from £150 per day
  • Hostess £125 per day
  • Wi-Fi  (2GB) £45
  • Seafarer Beach Towel £15 (yours to keep)

Saturday daytime flights from Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester to Kos or Rhodes with evening return. Flight time 3 hours 40 minutes.

Approximately 30 minute road transfer in Kos, between the airport and town marina. Available from £40 per person return

Meet the Team

Vicci Wilson

Vicci Wilson


Karl Fisher

Karl Fisher

1st Mate / Engineer

Vicci & Karl are looking forward to welcoming you to your Dodecanese flotilla holiday and hope to make your cruise an unforgettable experience.