Dodecanese Flotilla

Sailing Adventures in an Area full of history and culture

For those looking for more sailing and open waters, the Dodecanese island group is a fantastic destination. The combination of some of the better known and more cosmopolitan Greek Islands such Kos, with its noted ancient sites and great beaches, as well as some of the smaller and lesser known gems of the Dodecanese such as Nysiros, Halki or Tilos, make this an irresistible proposition for more experienced sailors.

You can be virtually assured of some fresh winds, so you will be doing plenty of sailing, with more than enough to keep you occupied ashore in between. Join in Kos and choose from our north itinerary featuring Kalymnos and Patmos or alternatively for our southern route, visiting Symi, Tilos and Nysiros before returning to Kos.

Key Features

  • Average daily distance 19nm
  • Yacht prices from £1,386
  • Great sailing with stronger breezes
  • May to October
  • Yachts from 34 to 51ft

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Symi, Dodecanese Islands Greece

Area Information

Nestled in the southeastern Aegean Sea, adjacent to the southwestern coast of Turkey, the Dodecanese Islands boast a rich tapestry of history and culture. Their strategic location has shaped a captivating past and present, dotted with myriad intriguing and picturesque locales waiting to be explored. Kos, the starting point for our flotilla is an island rich in history with amazing beach and cosmopolitan towns, layered with history. As we travel north each island has its own distinct identity with Kalymnos being famous for its sponge diving, Lipsi for its raw natural beauty, Patmos for its important links to early Christian history and Leros for its castles and Byzantine architecture.

To the south Nysiros is unique with its active volcano and stunning blue and white capital, Tilos for its natural beauty and dedication to sustainability and Symi for its gorgeous Italian architecture. Travellers to the Dodecanese will fall in love with the epic vistas, wonderful seafood and beautiful villages of these islands, distinct from other parts of Greece yet unmistakingly Greek.

Dodecanese Flotilla Map

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Weather & Sailing Conditions

This area is blessed with warm sunshine over 300 days a year. Temperatures from early May range from the low to mid 20s in early and late season, up to the high 30s between June and September. Sailing conditions are variable ranging from moderate to fresh force 3 – 6+, the latter being especially during the Meltemi season from late July through to late August, so we generally recommend this area for more experienced sailors.

Dodecanese flotilla holiday routes may vary during the season according to weather and operating conditions. Our flotilla crew will keep you fully briefed each day.


The Dodecanese Flotilla runs two separate routes with odd weeks sailing the Symi Route and even weeks sailing the Kalymnos Route. Full details of these two routes are below, please note you can combine the two into an epic two week holiday.

The Symi Flotilla Route

The Kalymnos Flotilla Route

Dodecanese yachts in Leros


Our fleet in Kos ranges from 34 to 51ft with yachts by Dufour, Jeaneau, Beneteau, Bavaria & Lagoon. You can find the full details of each yacht on the slider below including mainsail type, cabin layout, and interior photos. All yachts are equipped as standard with the following:

  • Dinghy with outboard
  • Full electronic instrumentation
  • Autopilot
  • Shore power
  • Cabin Fans

Dates, Prices & Special Offers

Click the yacht for full price information and dates

Dufour 34 - 2 Cabins 1 Sh/wc (2004)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2024 Prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
11-MaySymi Route£1,394£2,710
18-MayKalymnos Route£1,650£2,954
25-MaySymi Route£1,965£3,517
1-JunKalymnos Route£1,965£3,517
8-JunSymi Route£1,965£3,671
15-JunKalymnos Route£2,127£3,826
22-JunSymi Route£2,127£3,826
29-JunKalymnos Route£2,127£3,826
6-JulSymi Route£2,127£3,826
13-JulKalymnos Route£2,127£3,826
20-JulSymi Route£2,127£4,017
27-JulKalymnos Route£2,329£1,979£4,208£3,577
3-AugSymi Route£2,329£4,208
10-AugKalymnos Route£2,329£4,017
17-AugSymi Route£2,127£3,826
24-AugKalymnos Route£2,127£3,826
31-AugSymi Route£2,127£3,826
7-SepKalymnos Route£2,127£3,671
14-SepSymi Route£1,965£3,517
21-SepKalymnos Route£1,965£3,227
28-SepSymi Route£1,659£2,936
5-OctKalymnos Route£1,593£2,622
12-OctSymi Route£1,386£2,426
19-OctKalymnos Route£1,386

Dufour 382 - 3 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2015)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2024 Prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
11-MaySymi Route£1,942£3,928
18-MayKalymnos Route£2,383£4,347
25-MaySymi Route£2,837£5,175
1-JunKalymnos Route£2,837£5,175
8-JunSymi Route£2,837£5,413
15-JunKalymnos Route£3,088£5,651
22-JunSymi Route£3,088£5,651
29-JunKalymnos Route£3,088£5,651
6-JulSymi Route£3,088£5,651
13-JulKalymnos Route£3,088£5,651
20-JulSymi Route£3,088£5,957
27-JulKalymnos Route£3,410£2,899£6,263£5,324
3-AugSymi Route£3,410£6,263
10-AugKalymnos Route£3,410£5,957
17-AugSymi Route£3,088£5,651
24-AugKalymnos Route£3,088£5,651
31-AugSymi Route£3,088£5,651
7-SepKalymnos Route£3,088£5,413
14-SepSymi Route£2,837£5,175
21-SepKalymnos Route£2,837£4,676
28-SepSymi Route£2,312£4,177
5-OctKalymnos Route£2,220£4,010
12-OctSymi Route£2,220£3,575
19-OctKalymnos Route£1,762

Bavaria 41 - 3 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2014)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2024 Prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
11-MaySymi Route£2,575£5,202
18-MayKalymnos Route£3,096£5,698
25-MaySymi Route£3,096£5,698
1-JunKalymnos Route£3,096£5,698
8-JunSymi Route£3,096£5,962
15-JunKalymnos Route£3,374£6,227
22-JunSymi Route£3,374£6,227
29-JunKalymnos Route£3,374£6,227
6-JulSymi Route£3,374£6,227
13-JulKalymnos Route£3,374£6,227
20-JulSymi Route£3,374£6,540
27-JulKalymnos Route£3,705£3,149£6,854£5,826
3-AugSymi Route£3,705£6,854
10-AugKalymnos Route£3,705£6,540
17-AugSymi Route£3,374£6,227
24-AugKalymnos Route£3,374£6,227
31-AugSymi Route£3,374£6,227
7-SepKalymnos Route£3,374£5,962
14-SepSymi Route£3,096£5,698
21-SepKalymnos Route£3,096£5,202
28-SepSymi Route£2,575£4,707
5-OctKalymnos Route£2,575£4,361
12-OctSymi Route£2,210£4,014
19-OctKalymnos Route£2,210

Oceanis 41.1 - 3 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2017)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2024 Prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
11-MaySymi Route£2,627£5,351
18-MayKalymnos Route£3,200£5,895
25-MaySymi Route£3,200£5,895
1-JunKalymnos Route£3,200£5,895
8-JunSymi Route£3,200£6,156
15-JunKalymnos Route£3,475£6,417
22-JunSymi Route£3,475£6,417
29-JunKalymnos Route£3,475£6,417
6-JulSymi Route£3,475£6,417
13-JulKalymnos Route£3,475£6,417
20-JulSymi Route£3,475£6,769
27-JulKalymnos Route£3,845£3,268£7,121£6,052
3-AugSymi Route£3,845£7,121
10-AugKalymnos Route£3,845£6,770
17-AugSymi Route£3,476£6,419
24-AugKalymnos Route£3,476£6,419
31-AugSymi Route£3,476£6,419
7-SepKalymnos Route£3,476£6,157
14-SepSymi Route£3,200£5,895
21-SepKalymnos Route£3,200£5,351
28-SepSymi Route£2,627£4,806
5-OctKalymnos Route£2,627£4,427
12-OctSymi Route£2,228£4,048
19-OctKalymnos Route£2,228

Oceanis 41.1 - 3 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2020)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2024 Prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
11-MaySymi Route£2,882£5,789
18-MayKalymnos Route£3,407£6,288
25-MaySymi Route£3,407£6,288
1-JunKalymnos Route£3,407£6,288
8-JunSymi Route£3,407£6,644
15-JunKalymnos Route£3,782£7,000
22-JunSymi Route£3,782£7,000
29-JunKalymnos Route£3,782£7,000
6-JulSymi Route£3,782£7,000
13-JulKalymnos Route£3,782£7,000
20-JulSymi Route£3,782£7,641
27-JulKalymnos Route£4,456£3,788£8,282£7,040
3-AugSymi Route£4,456£8,282
10-AugKalymnos Route£4,456£7,641
17-AugSymi Route£3,782£7,000
24-AugKalymnos Route£3,782£7,000
31-AugSymi Route£3,782£7,000
7-SepKalymnos Route£3,782£6,644
14-SepSymi Route£3,407£6,288
21-SepKalymnos Route£3,407£5,789
28-SepSymi Route£2,882£5,291
5-OctKalymnos Route£2,882£4,721
12-OctSymi Route£2,282£4,151
19-OctKalymnos Route£2,282

Oceanis 40.1 - 4 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2023)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2024 Prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
11-MaySymi Route£3,120£6,424
18-MayKalymnos Route£3,837£7,105
25-MaySymi Route£3,837£7,105
1-JunKalymnos Route£3,837£7,105
8-JunSymi Route£3,837£7,432
15-JunKalymnos Route£4,181£7,759
22-JunSymi Route£4,181£7,759
29-JunKalymnos Route£4,181£7,759
6-JulSymi Route£4,181£7,759
13-JulKalymnos Route£4,181£7,759
20-JulSymi Route£4,181£8,198
27-JulKalymnos Route£4,643£3,947£8,637£7,342
3-AugSymi Route£4,643£8,637
10-AugKalymnos Route£4,643£8,198
17-AugSymi Route£4,181£7,759
24-AugKalymnos Route£4,181£7,759
31-AugSymi Route£4,181£7,759
7-SepKalymnos Route£4,181£7,432
14-SepSymi Route£3,837£7,105
21-SepKalymnos Route£3,837£6,425
28-SepSymi Route£3,121£5,745
5-OctKalymnos Route£3,121£5,272
12-OctSymi Route£2,623£4,799
19-OctKalymnos Route£2,623

Oceanis 45 - 4 Cabins 2 Sh/wc (2015)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2024 Prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
11-MaySymi Route£3,847£8,450
18-MayKalymnos Route£4,733£9,336
25-MaySymi Route£4,733£9,336
1-JunKalymnos Route£4,733£9,336
8-JunSymi Route£4,733£9,765
15-JunKalymnos Route£5,163£10,194
22-JunSymi Route£5,163£10,194
29-JunKalymnos Route£5,163£10,194
6-JulSymi Route£5,369£10,602
13-JulKalymnos Route£5,369£10,602
20-JulSymi Route£5,369£11,193
27-JulKalymnos Route£5,960£5,066£11,784£10,017
3-AugSymi Route£5,960£11,784
10-AugKalymnos Route£5,960£11,193
17-AugSymi Route£5,369£10,602
24-AugKalymnos Route£5,369£10,602
31-AugSymi Route£5,369£10,602
7-SepKalymnos Route£5,369£10,156
14-SepSymi Route£4,923£9,709
21-SepKalymnos Route£4,733£8,450
28-SepSymi Route£3,847£7,564
5-OctKalymnos Route£3,847£6,952
12-OctSymi Route£3,236£6,340
19-OctKalymnos Route£3,236

Bavaria 46 - 4 Cabins 3 Sh/wc (2015)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2024 Prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
11-MaySymi Route£3,806£8,371
18-MayKalymnos Route£4,696£9,261
25-MaySymi Route£4,696£9,261
1-JunKalymnos Route£4,696£9,261
8-JunSymi Route£4,696£9,682
15-JunKalymnos Route£5,117£10,102
22-JunSymi Route£5,117£10,102
29-JunKalymnos Route£5,117£10,102
6-JulSymi Route£5,321£10,506
13-JulKalymnos Route£5,321£10,506
20-JulSymi Route£5,321£11,091
27-JulKalymnos Route£5,906£5,020£11,676£9,925
3-AugSymi Route£5,906£11,676
10-AugKalymnos Route£5,906£11,091
17-AugSymi Route£5,321£10,506
24-AugKalymnos Route£5,321£10,506
31-AugSymi Route£5,321£10,506
7-SepKalymnos Route£5,321£10,069
14-SepSymi Route£4,884£9,632
21-SepKalymnos Route£4,696£8,371
28-SepSymi Route£3,806£7,481
5-OctKalymnos Route£3,806£6,878
12-OctSymi Route£3,203£6,274
19-OctKalymnos Route£3,203

Sun Odyssey 509 - 5 Cabins 3 Sh/wc (2012)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2024 Prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
11-MaySymi Route£5,060£11,178
18-MayKalymnos Route£6,248£12,366
25-MaySymi Route£6,248£12,366
1-JunKalymnos Route£6,248£12,366
8-JunSymi Route£6,248£12,973
15-JunKalymnos Route£6,856£13,581
22-JunSymi Route£6,856£13,581
29-JunKalymnos Route£6,856£13,581
6-JulSymi Route£7,130£14,124
13-JulKalymnos Route£7,130£14,124
20-JulSymi Route£7,130£14,938
27-JulKalymnos Route£7,944£6,752£15,751£13,388
3-AugSymi Route£7,944£15,751
10-AugKalymnos Route£7,944£14,938
17-AugSymi Route£7,130£14,124
24-AugKalymnos Route£7,130£14,124
31-AugSymi Route£7,130£14,124
7-SepKalymnos Route£7,130£13,492
14-SepSymi Route£6,498£12,860
21-SepKalymnos Route£6,248£11,178
28-SepSymi Route£5,060£9,990
5-OctKalymnos Route£5,060£9,145
12-OctSymi Route£4,216£8,300
19-OctKalymnos Route£4,216

Lagoon 42 - 4 Cabins 4 Sh/wc (2020)

Dodecanese Flotilla
2024 Prices (per yacht)
Departure DateRouteOne WeekSpecial OfferTwo WeeksSpecial Offer
11-MaySymi Route£5,974£13,114
18-MayKalymnos Route£7,271£14,411
25-MaySymi Route£7,271£14,411
1-JunKalymnos Route£7,271£14,411
8-JunSymi Route£7,271£15,851
15-JunKalymnos Route£8,712£17,292
22-JunSymi Route£8,712£17,292
29-JunKalymnos Route£8,712£17,292
6-JulSymi Route£9,060£17,984
13-JulKalymnos Route£9,060£17,984
20-JulSymi Route£9,060£19,783
27-JulKalymnos Route£10,859£9,230£21,582£18,345
3-AugSymi Route£10,859£21,582
10-AugKalymnos Route£10,859£19,783
17-AugSymi Route£9,060£17,984
24-AugKalymnos Route£9,060£17,984
31-AugSymi Route£9,060£17,984
7-SepKalymnos Route£9,060£16,485
14-SepSymi Route£7,562£14,987
21-SepKalymnos Route£7,271£13,114
28-SepSymi Route£5,974£11,817
5-OctKalymnos Route£5,974£10,779
12-OctSymi Route£4,936£9,741
19-OctKalymnos Route£4,936

Yacht Security Deposit - Dodecanese Flotilla

Yacht Security Deposits & Deposit Reduction Premium (DRP)
Security DepositRefundable Deposit (payable locally)From €1500
Non-refundable Deposit Reduction Premium+ Refundable Deposit (payable locally) from €500From £280 per week

Seafarer Price Guarentee Icon

The Seafarer Price Guarantee – We will not be beaten on price!

As an independent company, we are able to keep our prices highly competitive – if you see a like for like product featured elsewhere cheaper, let us know and we will beat it! This guarantee applies to yacht and accommodation rates on our Beach Club, Flotilla, Learn to Sail and & Cabin Charter programmes operated by Seafarer and is subject to availability at the time of booking.

Whats Included

Small Yacht IconFully Equipped Charter Yacht

Lead crew in pirate costume iconAssistance of the lead crew

Diesel Fuel IconOne full tank of fuel

Dinghy with Outboard IconDinghy & Outboard

Linen and Towels IconBed Linen & Towels

Spray Cleaning Bottle IconEnd Cleaning

Notebook Icon for cruising notesArea Cruising Notes

Coffee and Water cups iconWelcome Pack

Bowl of Punch IconPunch Party (weekly)

Salad and Kebabs icon for beach partyBeach Party (for two-week guests)

Optional Extras

Stand Up Paddleboard IconStand Up Paddleboard – £150 per week

Child Safety Netting- From £200 per charter

Skipper/Captain holding yacht wheel iconSkipper – £1,330 per week

Yacht Host IconHost – £1,190 per week

Wifi IconWIFI (2GB) – £70

Spinnaker IconAsymmetric Spinnaker – £175 per week (plus additional €600 deposit)

Note: Mooring charges (except at flotilla base), extra fuel or water; food, drink’s and items of a personal nature such as laundry are not included. For sail & stay, transfer costs from yacht base to your accommodation are usually excluded and payable locally unless you are booking a flight-inclusive package.

Skippered Flotilla Sailing

While these yachts are generally skippered by guests themselves who hold the correct qualifications we can also provide a skipper for those with no prior sailing experience. This will still have all the benefits of sailing as part of a flotilla, meeting others in the evenings or during the day, organised activities for the kids as well as all the usual benefits of yachting, like exploring, swimming in secluded bays during the day, and the simple joy of travelling under sail. Click here for more details.

Booking a Flotilla Holiday

To book or check availability get in touch with our experienced team on one of the links below.

Getting there and away

There are a multitude of ways to travel to our base in Kos Town, whether you are joining us for the week or combining it with a larger trip. We are located in Kos Marina, in the east of the town, which is easily reachable by both public and private transport. Seafarer flotillas in the Dodecanese run from Saturday to Saturday with yachts being available to embark from around 16.00 onwards on the first day and disembarking around 9.00 at the end of the flotilla.

Atol Logo blue Icon

ATOL protection

Your flight inclusive holiday with us (should you choose this option) is financially secure as we are ATOL licensed, making the entire package ATOL protected. We have been trading since 1995 so you can book with total confidence.

plane icon for flights and transfers


Direct Sunday flights to Kos International Airport from London (Heathrow, Gatwick & Stansted), Glasgow, Nottingham, Birmingham and Manchester. Flights from the UK and other European destinations through the week.

Bus and taxi icon

Bus & Taxi

Direct Seafarer transfers from Kos airport to the marina that takes roughly 30 minutes. There is a city bus within Kos town which stops at the marina along with other important sites. Regular island buses run from the bus station at the centre of Kos town, 20 minutes walk from the marina.

Catamaran ferry icon


Regular ferries run from Kos Port (20 minute walk from marina) to Rhodes, Bodrum (Turkey), Samos and many of the smaller islands nearby. Overnight ferries run to Athens which stop at various islands in the Cyclades.

Kefalos Beach Club Sail and Stay Windsurf

Sail & Stay Holidays

Introducing Kefalos Beach Club

Situated on Kefalos Bay in the Southwest of Kos, Kefalos Beach Club offers world class windsurfing plus dinghy sailing, kayaking and SUPing. The watersports are run by the excellent team at Kefalos Windsurfing while there is a choice of accommodation from basic studio apartments right on the beach to more a number of more luxurious options. Prices start at £435pp for a week which includes accommodation and full use of the amazing selection of equipment. For more information on the club click the link below.

Other Options

On Kos and the islands nearby, travelers have a plethora of accommodation options ranging from luxurious hotels to cozy villas. For those seeking the comfort of a hotel, prices typically start at around £50 per night for a standard room in a decent hotel. Alternatively, for a more secluded and personalised stay, villas can be rented starting from approximately £80 per night, offering guests a home-away-from-home experience amidst the island’s beauty.

Meet The team


Flotilla Skipper


1st Mate