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Yacht in stunning bay with feefo logo

Seafarer receives Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award 2024


For consistently delivering a world-class customer experience

12 February 2024, Seafarer Cruising & Sailing Holidays has won the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award, an independent seal of excellence, which recognises businesses that consistently deliver a world-class customer experience.

Feefo established the Trusted Service Awards in 2014 to recognise brands that use the platform to collect verified reviews and receive exceptional feedback from their customers. The awards are unique because they truly reflect a business’s dedication to providing outstanding customer service by analysing feedback from real customers.

Working with over 6,500 brands, Feefo is the world’s largest provider of verified reviews, helping brands understand customers by analysing verified reviews and providing insight into trends, needs and habits.

Consumer confidence is now at its highest level since 2021 as living standard show signs of improvement, but consumers remain cautious with their spending. The businesses that stand out will be those who put excellence in their service and weave in a customer advocacy strategy. This award celebrates brands that are delivering standards that go above and beyond.  

Feefo has presented Platinum Trusted Service Awards to businesses that have achieved Gold standard for three consecutive years. To receive a Gold Trusted Service Award, businesses must have collected at least 50 reviews with a Feefo service rating of between 4.5 and 4.9 between 1st January 2023 and 31st December 2023.

Staff Talking to Guests on a yacht

Chris Lorenzo, Seafarer MD commented: “ We are delighted to receive a Platinum Trusted Service Award from Feefo. I know that our entire team are thrilled and see this as recognition of their dedication and commitment to providing a top class service to our loyal guests. The fact that this award is based on feedback from real customers is in itself a a major incentive for us and we in turn thank out guests for their recognition and their vote of confidence in Seafarer.

Congratulating Seafarer on winning this year’s award, Tony Wheble, CEO at Feefo, said: “With customers continuing to build resilience in a time of economic uncertainty, we’re delighted to showcase thousands of our clients who are continuing to go above and beyond for each and every customer.

“The Trusted Service Awards have always been about recognising companies that go way beyond the norm in customer service and in turn receive great feedback from delighted customers.

“A particular congratulations to Seafarer Cruising & Sailing for winning a Platinum Trusted Service Award by providing great customer service consistently over a number of years. I look forward to seeing them continue to achieve next year and beyond.”

Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award

Come and see us at the RYA Dinghy Show


Meet us at Stand M34

24th/25th Feb, Farnborough International

Last year’s experience at Farnborough was fantastic, and it was truly delightful to reconnect with many familiar faces at our stand. This year, we’re thrilled to return with a team of recognizable individuals manning the stand, exciting competitions to participate in, and enticing show offers that will have you setting sail this summer. As the day winds down, don’t forget to join us for complimentary drinks at the stand, providing the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into discussions about our exceptional sailing holidays and courses.

Beyond our booth, the Farnborough show promises a plethora of activities including dinghy sailing, windsurfing, foiling, and paddleboarding. With an abundance of boats and equipment to explore, along with live demonstrations and insightful talks from industry luminaries, there’s something for everyone. For further information, visit the RYA Dinghy Show website.

Families RYA Dinghy Show
Staff at Dinghy Show
Lots of Boats at RYA Dinghy Show
Flags a dinghy show

You can find Seafarer at Stand M34, where you’ll encounter plenty of familiar faces ready to engage in discussions about all aspects of sailing and windsurfing.

If you’re interested in snagging a 10% discount on show tickets, simply click here and use the code RYAEX24134.

Show Timetable

Pre Show

12th February – Show Competition Opens

Saturday 24th February

10.00 – Show Opens

16.00 – Free Greek Drinks on the Stand

18.00 – Show Closes

Sunday 25th February

10.00 – Show Opens

15.30 – Free Greek Drinks on the Stand

17.00 – Show Closes

Bavaria 41 from above

Top Tips for Family Sailing


Our MD, Chris Lorenzo talks through some of the aspects to making an amazing family sailing holiday

If you are already a family of sailors you will already know how sailing brings you together, as a fun, active, often exciting sport or hobby, with a cross-generational appeal. As a family holiday, it is also arguably one of the very best ways of discovering and exploring new destinations as well as enjoying things like swimming and snorkeling, paddle boarding to say nothing about sightseeing and exploring ashore. This is of course all additional to simply experiencing the joy of sailing on a well-appointed and equipped yacht in the most idyllic of locations.

It’s no accident that sailing trips are often promoted as the ideal team-building exercise by businesses and also sports teams of all kinds.  However sailing as a family can have its pitfalls, so here are some tips from us to help you avoid them.

Involve the Whole Crew in the Booking

The classic example is where one parent is a keen sailor, but the rest of the family are reluctant partners, ‘press-ganged’ into doing something they are unsure about. The first tip is to try to get them on side from the planning stage. Get them involved in the process of deciding where and when to go, and on what type of yacht.

If some members of the family are complete beginners, this choice needs particular care, a challenging destination that will scare them is likely to put them off sailing forever, so somewhere with moderate conditions like the Ionian in Greece could be the ideal choice. In contrast, if members of the family sail regularly in the UK, perhaps racing at your local club, then somewhere with some wind like the Dodecanese is probably your ideal choice to keep them interested.

Safety Considerations

Safety is always important when sailing a yacht, especially while sailing with children, and with the right outlook this can be achieved very easily. Proper briefings are always important before any new manoeuver and making time for this advance will make anything safer and easier. Lifejackets are another consideration, one that is up to the skipper but with children onboard many parents insist on wearing these a lot more often. For younger children safety netting is very key, and all bases can add this, along with setting simple rules like staying in the cockpit unless supervised. Finally having a second crew member onboard briefed and comfortable with the yacht’s safety systems, often the second parent or an older child is desirable, and this person having a RYA Competent Crew can also be useful.

Preparing for Sea

It is good practice to do a crew briefing before setting off, so they not only know what’s happening and what to expect, but are also given a role, whether this is being in charge of the main or jib sheets during tacks and gybes, perhaps doing a stint at the helm, plus a multitude of other tasks like handling the electric windlass, the dinghy and outboard,  mooring lines and fenders and so on. Asking for volunteers for specific tasks is arguably the best approach here.

Put Away phones & Tablets

We all know how games and social media have become an obsession with youngsters (and a few grown ups…) and if one is going to spend their holiday glued to their screens, it sort of defeats the object. Reaching an understanding with everyone on board that all phones and tablets go into a dry bag or plastic box for the duration of each day’s sailing can completely transform the experience. Suddenly, they become aware and involved. Whether it is getting an extra knot of speed through tweaking the sails, being on dolphin/turtle watch, identifying points of interest ashore with binoculars, swinging around on a halyard in the bosun’s chair, or simply using their imagination in games and play can be transformational.

Patience is a Virtue

Most parents have probably been guilty of losing patience with their children, but at sea on holiday is the last place you should do so. If you had sent your child on a sailing course, and subsequently discovered that the instructor had been shouting at them when they made a mistake or misunderstood an instruction, you would no doubt be very unhappy about that. The only time you can justify shouting is in an emergency where you need their immediate attention for their safety, or where the wind is so loud that they could not otherwise hear you..

Shouting due to impatience or anger is a surefire way of alienating a crew member and losing their cooperation. Explain what you want them to do, make sure they have understood and get them to practice what you have shown them, whether this is how to throw a mooring line, tie on a fender or safely use a sheet winch.

Fair Distribuition

It’s important to include everyone on board, but also to distribute tasks and responsibilities fairly. For example giving everyone a go on the helm as well as doing the dishes. If on the other had a crew member really doesn’t want to do something, it is probably best to just accept that and let them be. After all, the holiday is as important to them as it is to you and not everyone is a future Ben Ainsley or Dame Ellen McArthur.

Feed Childrens Imagination

A big part of the wonder of sailing to children is how it feeds the imagination. Pirates discovering a hidden cove or swimming with mermaids are just two examples of memories that children will have long after their sailing holiday. To aid this bring along a few bits of fancy dress, perfect to get everyone in the mood for adventures.

Don't Sail too much each day

While its of course possible to sail a huge distance each day, this isn’t necessarily the best idea for families who are new to sailing. Long distances without a stop can lose the excitement for children and can instead lead to boredom. There is no set length but a short sail followed by a lunch/swim stop then more sailing is a great way to enjoy the day, if you are on flotilla the lead crew will be able to show you the best places. All our flotillas have an average distance per day which indicates how far you need to travel each day although your free to take a longer route and explore as much as you want.

Get out early and enjoy the day

It can be tempting to relax in a harbour in the morning and not head out until lunchtime but those who make the most of their sailing holidays tend to get out a little earlier. Aiming to cast off by 10am is a great way to make the most of the day, explore the best coves, snorkel with the best fish and have had a great sail while not having to rush to get to the next harbour.

What is a good age for Children to start sailing

Determining the appropriate age for children to embark on a sailing holiday is a decision left to the discretion of parents. In my case, I introduced my son to the delights of yachting when he was just 9 months old! For toddlers and infants, it’s advisable to secure child safety netting, readily accessible at all bases, to prevent them from maneuvering through gaps in the railings and it is recommended they are continuously supervised. Buoyancy aids and foam life jackets are widely favored for ensuring the safety of younger children while sailing. As kids reach approximately 7 years of age, they can actively participate in the sailing process, making the entire experience well within their reach.

Flotilla for sailing in Company

A flotilla holiday can be the perfect choice for families. Apart from the comfort of having the great local knowledge and support of the lead crew, which can eliminate some of the stresses and uncertainties from the trip, During school holidays, you can be sure that there will be other families on the flotilla, whilst the lead crew will organise some activities specifically for children. Often enduring new friendships can be made, and there is generally a friendly and fun vibe to the flotilla.

Skippered Charters & Yacht Training

Another alternative to consider for beginners or the less experienced is a skippered charter, where we can provide an experienced English speaking skipper or even a training week with a qualified RYA instructor on board running a sailing course exclusively for your party. It is notable here that an instructor can handle mixed ability groups for example a Start Yachting or Competent Crew course combined with a Day Skipper course. This can also be combined with a flotilla to add the social dimension to the holiday.

Book Early & Save

January and February are key booking months for the school holiday period, so if a family sailing trip floats your boat this summer, the recommendation is to get in early so that you can secure your first choice of destination and yacht. Another important tip is that booking as early as possible ensures you secure cheaper flights, since as we have all learned the hard way, as you get closer to the departure dates flight prices will only go up! We also have great value special offers such as a Free SUP for early bookers.

So there you have it, and if you need more advice on the most suitable destination or what yacht type to choose, feel free to call and speak to one of our team. They are all experienced so you can be sure of sound advice. In the meantime here as some links to help you check out what’s on offer.

Empty place to sail

Where to go for your perfect family flotilla holiday?


We answer questions on some of the areas that make a great trip

Choosing the right location for your family flotilla holiday is important and each of Seafarer’s nine summer flotilla bases offers something slightly different. In this blog we are going to answer some theoretical questions about different parts of the flotilla experience to give you a greater understanding of where you would like to explore. If you want any more information on what we have talked about in this blog head to the individual flotilla pages (links in text) or get in touch with our experienced team, contact details at the bottom.

To give you an overview of where we sail in the Mediterranean here are the maps of our sailing areas, click to zoom in.

Map of flotillas in greece including the island areas
Seafarer Flotillas in Croatia
Map of flotillas in Turkey

I've just started sailing, where is a good place to build my confidence?

Taking the first plunge into skippering your own yacht is a big step but the support and information provided will make it a lot easier. That said some flotillas offer easier conditions than others and shorter distances between stops, perfect for you and your family to improve their technique. The place we often recommend is Lefkas in the Ionian Islands which generally has light winds, especially in the morning along with islands that are close together. Other great options include its Ionian neighbour, Kefalonia with similar conditions, the Saronic Gulf which offers a quieter sailing area, and our Split flotilla which gives you the classic Croatian flotilla experience.

Bay in the Ionian Islands

Vathi, Capital of Ithaca in the Ionian Islands

I'm looking to sail as much as possible?

We can never tell exactly how much wind there will be each day and when it will kick in but certain areas are known for their windier sailing conditions. The classic is the Dodecanese Flotilla which takes full advantage of the Meltemi winds which blow down from Bulgaria in the summer and generally have fresh winds all day from June to September. The Sporades Islands and the Orhaniye area also benefit from this wind and thus are also known as one of our windier sailing destinations, especially during the summer months. Further east our Dubrovnik Flotilla benefits from the Maestral winds which give you a chance to get the sails up for some classic island-to-island passages.

Aerial view of the beautiful greek island of Symi (Simi) with colourful houses and small boats. Greece, Symi island, view of the town of Symi (near Rhodes), Dodecanese.

Symi, Dodecanese

I want to sail into some truly classic destinations, wheres best for this?

The eastern Mediterranean boasts some truly spectacular places and our flotillas visit quite a few of them. In the Ionian, our Kefalonia Flotilla visits the famous Shipwreck cove on Zakynthos, often seen in advertising as the face of Greece. Further east the Corinth Flotilla visits the wonderful town of Galaxidi on its western route and majestic Poros while sailing to the east. The Dodecanese flotilla pulls into Symi on its southern route, the town where classical and colourful houses seem to rise out of the sea. Dubrovnik, home of its own flotilla has fame that doesn’t need introduction while the flotilla also sails into the mesmerising Bay of Kotor,  with emerald waters embraced by majestic mountains.

Where can I experience the wonders of the Anchient world?

The amazing cultural and archeological heritage of ancient Greek civilisation is present on many of our flotillas in Greece and Turkey and it is an amazing part of sailing in these waters. In terms of the famous classic sites, our Saronic Gulf & Corinth Canal Flotilla stands above the rest with the base itself, Corinth boasting an impressive history with both the ancient city and the breathtaking Acrocorinth fortress perched on a 550m mountain nearby. On the western route the flotilla visits Delphi, nestled on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, is an ancient Greek sanctuary renowned for its mystical aura, revered Oracle of Apollo, and breathtaking landscape. To the east is Epidaurus, with its remarkably preserved theater of exquisite acoustics, a testament to Greek architectural brilliance and a hub of healing in antiquity.

The small ampitheartre in Epidavros

The small amphitheatre in Epidauros, Saronic Gulf

This flotilla is not the only one to experience classical antiquity, the Dodecanese Flotilla’s home port of Kos was the birthplace of Hippocrates, often referred to as the “Father of Medicine,” and has many impressive ruins. Nearby the Datca peninsula, the major stop on our Orhaniye Flotilla is adorned with classical ruins including those of Knidos, unveils an ancient tapestry of temples, theaters, and settlements. Finally, you can’t forget Split, home of our flotilla of the same name where the core of the city is set inside the remains of a huge palace built by the Roman Emporer Diocletian.

Which flotillas can be combined with a stay on shore?

All our flotillas can be combined with a stay on shore, whether that be at a relaxed beach resort, a city break or something a bit more active. We have full information on this on the respective flotilla pages but it is worth mentioning the Corinth Flotilla links well with a trip to see classical Athens, the Split & Dubrovnik Flotillas fit well with exploring the cities they are based in and those on the Lefkas Flotilla can combine with a week at Nikiana Beach Club, a great place for dinghy sailing and windsurfing.

Yacht approachng castle walls

Korcula, Dalmatian Islands

Where are the best castles?

We are proud to say that our flotillas visit some truly spectacular castles of all shapes and sizes. Starting in the Adriatic the islands our two Croatian flotillas visit are packed full of stunning specimens, including one in Korcula where you can have cocktails in a medieval tower while you watch the sunset. Further south in Montenegro the Bay of Kotor has some breathtaking ruins that blend harmoniously with the true majesty of this place.

In Greece the crown must go to the Dodecanese where the bastions of Knights of St John stand as majestic sentinels, preserving the medieval legacy and architectural grandeur of the Order across islands, showcasing a blend of military might and cultural heritage.

I've sailed a lot in the Ionian, where is a good next step?

A lot of people start sailing in the Ionian islands, especially around Lefkas and it can be hard to know where to go next. As the Ionian is known for lighter winds and the islands are close together a similar option is the Saronic Gulf which combines these characteristics while being a quieter sailing area. Another option is the Dalmatian islands, sailing south from Split which visits such highlights as Hvar, Brace, and Vis. Finally, the Gulf of Fethiye on Turkey’s turquoise coast makes a good next step for those who want shorter distances and lighter winds.

Restaurant Quay in Dalaman Turkey

A restaurant quay near Dalaman, Turkey

Stunning bay in the Ionian

Kastos, Ionian

I've got young children, where can I go that won't be too much for them?

It takes a bit of time for little pirates to get their sea legs so we would suggest a flotilla with shorter distances and generally lighter wind for young children. The Ionian flotillas in Lefkas and Kefalonia are perfect for this and offer a great mix of sailing and relaxing. Other good options include the Saronic Gulf, Split, and Fethiye which all offer good conditions and will be packed with fellow pirates during holidays.

Wheres best if I want a bit more luxury in each of the harbours we visit?

While all flotillas will stop at harbours with luxuries such as shore power, water, and showers you will find that Croatia, despite being more expensive, has better facilities.

star raft in beautiful bay

Kyla Panagia, Sporades

Where can I go if I want to disappear from Civilisation?

Flotilla sailing is the perfect way to escape the trials of modern life, but some areas are better for this than others. Top of the list has to be the Sporades islands, tucked away from bustling tourist paths, inviting travelers to embrace a tranquil haven of unspoiled nature and secluded coves. The islands’ understated charm and relaxed ambiance create an off-the-beaten-track experience, perfect for those seeking quietude and a deeper connection with the untouched beauty of the Aegean.

In the Adriatic the Kornati National Park, on the western route of our Split flotilla, is a mesmerising archipelago mosaic of barren yet captivating islands, that lures adventurers with its raw, unadulterated natural beauty.

I want to spend a decent part of each day relaxing in bays?

All our flotillas have a charming mix of bays to visit and dive into perfect azure waters, your lead crew will give you information on this at the morning briefing.

Ionian Islands Yachts

Assos, Kefalonia

More Information

For more information on each of the flotillas mentioned in this blog click the link below or get in touch with our experienced consultants using the links below.

Kefalonia Flotilla in Assos

Choosing a Yacht for your family flotilla holiday


How to find the perfect boat

Choosing which yacht to charter for your family flotilla or bareboat holiday can be tricky, especially if you are new to sailing. In this guide, we aim to uncover the general characteristics of each size of yacht, what to expect from the interior spaces, and the features that might be important for your family. Price is of course important, especially during the summer holidays so we’ve included a flotilla lead price for each size of yacht during July and August 2024. As this is flotilla, all lead prices include fuel, end cleaning, linen, welcome pack, and the assistance of the lead crew.

This is the first of our series of guides that should help you pick the ideal summer holiday, keep an eye out for more.


Cabin = Bedroom

Heads = Bathroom/Toilet

Saloon = Living Room

Galley = Kitchen

Sailing in the Ionian
Interior of a charter yacht


For smaller families and those on a budget, a two-cabin yacht can be a very affordable option. The photos, floorplan and video show a Sun Odyssey 33i, a popular yacht for us on the Kefalonia and Sporades flotillas. This yacht features a large stern cabin with a wrap-around bed, a compact saloon and a galley with a heads, and a smaller bow cabin. Other configurations are available such as a Bavaria 33 which has two more equal cabins. Being small these yachts are easy to handle, especially for two adults with a younger mate or two, making them easy to moor up at the end of the day.

Summer holiday flotilla yacht prices from £2,318

Click the floorplan to zoom or click play on the video to view

Floorplan of a flotilla charter yacht
Sailing in the Saronic Gulf
Interior of a charter yacht


The next size-up sacrifices a little saloon and storage space in exchange for a third cabin for slightly larger families and those who want a little more privacy. The yacht pictured here, an Elan 344 has space for 6 sailors, is available on our Saronic Gulf & Corinth Canal Flotilla, and offers great value. Yachts of this type will generally feature a compact saloon and heads with three cabins, two slightly larger ones at the stern and a smaller one in the bow. Like the two cabin yachts, these will be very easy to handle.

Summer holiday flotilla yacht prices from £2,318

Click the floorplan to zoom

Floorplan of a flotilla charter yacht
Charter yacht in a stunning bay on Ithaka
Interior of a charter yacht


The classic three-cabin yacht around 37ft is known as a great allrounder with well-sized interior spaces, and a nice exterior while still maintaining the easy handling characteristics of the smaller yachts. The Bavaria 37 pictured here is a common yacht on our flotillas and offers three spacious cabins (two in the stern and one in the bow) along with a good-sized heads and large saloon/galley. Other options might include a Sun Odyssey 36i or a Dufour 360 and all of these make a great yacht for any family who wants a good mix of value, space, and decent handling.

Summer holiday flotilla yacht prices from £2,868

Click the floorplan to zoom or click play on the video to view

Floorplan of a flotilla charter yacht
Charter Yacht sailing to Poros
Interior of a charter yacht


For a little more luxury, a few more feet of length means you have a larger front cabin with an ensuite that is normally taken by the parents. The saloon is also slightly bigger and there will be two good-sized cabins in the stern. The Bavaria C42 is a new addition to our fleet and will feature in Corinth, Lefkas & Kefalonia in 2024.  Like other yachts of this type, the C42 has a very modern interior with plenty of space in allareas. Being slightly bigger will make handling slightly trickier so having a couple of handy mates along with the skipper will make handling a boat like this a breeze.

Summer Holiday C42s from £4,380, cheaper yachts of this type from £3,168

Click the floorplan to zoom or click play on the video to view

Plan of a charter of yacht
Charter yacht sailing in the Saronic
Interior of a charter yacht


Two families booking together or a three-generation trip may prefer something a bit larger with 4 or 5 cabins. These yachts will be slightly harder to handle but having more adults will share the load. Yachts of this size will have a range of different layouts and will sometimes feature twin bunk cabins which can work well for some groups. The yacht featured is a Bavaria 46 as seen on our Kefalonia, Lefkas and Dodecanese flotillas which makes a great option for groups of 6 to 8 sailors with two larger ensuite cabins and two smaller bow cabins that feature a separated heads.

For larger groups catamarans can also be an option and we can offer these on certain flotillas, get in touch with our team for more details.

Summer holiday flotilla yacht prices from £4,686

Click the floorplan to zoom or click play on the video to view

Plan of a charter of yacht
Sun Odyssey 36i
Bavaria C42

Mainsail Type

You may see that yachts come with two different types of mainsail systems, both of which work well on the yachts they are on and offer certain advantages and disadvantages to sailors of different levels.

The standard system pulls the sail out of a permanent sail bag or ‘lazy bag’ to the top of the mast using a halyard while have two or three reefing lines to reduce the sail by a certain amount in the event of strong winds. This system gives a good sail shape with full of partial battens holding the leach of the sail while only needing one line to pull the sail up. When dropping the sail it is guided into the bag by ropes called lazy jacks but it may need a little help into the bag at times. Reefing can be a little trickier and if unsure its worth running through this while moored to make sure you understand the drill. In the event you need to lose the mainsail completely, you only need to release a single line.

An in-mast furling mainsail furls on a drum inside the mast which makes a very neat solution but doesn’t allow the sail to have battens and thus the sail doesn’t form as efficient an aerofoil. Getting out the mainsail includes pulling the outhaul while balancing the inhaul to maintain control while putting it away is done in the opposite way. Reefing is easy and can be done from the cockpit. Being a more complicated system, the sails need to be used in the correct way to avoid jams in the mast and if there are any problems are a lot harder to fix than with a standard mainsail. Again if you are unsure its worth practicing using the sails in the harbour (if conditions allow) as used correctly in mast furling is a neat and hassle-free way of using the sails.

All our flotillas feature yachts of a range of sizes with both types of mainsails.

Pigs on the beach in Atokos

Yacht Equipment

Unlike some other flotilla companies, all Seafarer yachts feature all you need for an amazing flotilla holiday including:

  • Dinghy with outboard (often electric on larger yachts)
  • Full electronic instrumentation
  • Autopilot
  • Shore power
  • Cabin Fans

More Information & Booking

For more information on any yacht we have mentioned or to book your perfect family flotilla holiday call our experienced consultants on 0208 324 3118 or click on the links below.

Price Guarentee

As an independent company, we are able to keep our prices highly competitive – if you see a like for like product featured elsewhere cheaper, let us know and we will beat it!

As an independent company, we are able to keep our prices highly competitive – if you see a like for like product featured elsewhere cheaper, let us know and we will beat it! This guarantee applies to yacht and accommodation rates on our Beach Club, Flotilla, Learn to Sail and & Cabin Charter programmes operated by Seafarer and is subject to availability at the time of booking.

How to take the train to our Corinth Base


Cheap, Fast & Comfortable

The town of Corinth is located in the North East Peloponese, 70km to the west of Athens, and is the home of our Corinth & Saronic Gulf Flotilla. We are moving back to this base in 2024 its a great place to start a sailing adventure in the Saronic Gulf or the Gulf of Corinth. The nearest airport is Athens with regular flights to numerous destinations and is around 1 hour 10 minutes by road from the base.

For those hoping to save money, use a more sustainable method of transport or enjoy a more adventurous journey there is a lovely way to take the regular train from Athens Airport to Corinth (with one change). Door-to-door time is around 1 hour 30 minutes.

We’ve put together a video of the trip below and read on for more details of how to transfer by train to Corinth. Read on for details.

Travel Directions

At the Airport

When your plane arrives at Athens Airport go through the arrivals section and follow signs to the Metro/Train station. This is about 100m from the main arrivals hall and has travelators running to the ticket hall, then escalators and lifts running down to the platform. In the ticket hall, you get a ticket to Corinth (Korinthos) and take the train heading to Pireaus which run every hour. From here the journey takes 33 minutes to Kato Acharnai, where you make the change.

Kato Acharnai to Corinth

At Kato Acharnai you get off the train and simply go to the other side of the platform (for a train heading the opposite direction) and get the train heading to Kiato which should leave a couple of minutes after the other train arrives. The total transfer distance is 10m. From here the journey to Corinth (Korinthos) takes 55 minutes along the coast with marvelous sea views. You will cross the Corinth Canal and then get off at Corinth Station.

Corinth to Korfos

When you arrive at Corinth station simply walk outside and there will be a line of burgundy taxis. Take one of these to Corinth Marina which should take about 5 minutes and cost around €4, the base is in Corinth Marina.

Athens to Cornith by train

What times do the trains run

Trains to Athens and Pireaus from the airport run every hour minutes from 5.52 to 22.50 and takes just over 30 minutes to the changover point to Kato Acharnai. At this station you go to the other side of the station and take a train to Kiato (Corinth is on the way) which runs every hour and takes about 50 minutes. Full timetables are below but note that the last train to leave Athens airport with a link to Corinth is the 22.09.

Airport to Athens & Pireaus

Pireaus & Athens to Airport

Athens to Corinth & back

Hellenic Train Athens Suburban Network

Where do you get a ticket

Tickets can be purchased online but it’s normally far easier to buy them at any station. The current price is €11 each way per person and you can use cash or card. At Athens airport station use the middle ticket booth with signs saying suburban railway.

The Roman Agora ,Athens.Greece
Parthenon and Herodium construction in Acropolis Hill in Athens, Greece shot in blue hour with moon in the sky
Street in Anafiotika, Plaka district, Athens, Greece. Plaka is famous tourist attraction of Athens. Cozy alley, vintage houses at Acropolis slope in old Athens town. Theme of places, travel in Athens
Government buildings and the square in the Greek town on the island of Syros

Stopping in Athens

If your looking to spend some time in Athens at either end of your stay the easiest way is to continue on the train from either the airport or Corinth to Athens Larissa station where you can link to the cities subway system. From here you can visit any part of the city easily. A full metro map is available here.

2024 Preview Brochure

2024 Preview Brochure


Exciting Sailing Holidays in 2024 and beyond

It might be a bit earlier than we normally publish our brochure, but our new digital brochure allows us to have a lot more flexibility. We’ve decided to bring out a 2024 preview brochure in time for the Southampton Boat Show, while not necessarily finalized, will give you a great idea of what’s going on Seafarer wise in 2024.

Below, you can view or download our 2024 brochure on your device of choice and start planning a wonderful holiday or course for 2024. Due to being digital, you can also click on various links in the brochure to get more information, enjoy!

The Seafarer Price Guarantee

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The Seafarer Price Guarantee

As an independent company, we are able to keep our prices highly competitive – if you see a like for like product featured elsewhere cheaper, let us know and we will beat it!
This guarantee applies to yacht and accommodation rates on our Beach Club, Flotilla, Learn to Sail & Cabin Charter programmes operated by Seafarer and is subject to availability at the time of booking.

Book your flights with us to ensure full financial protection for your holiday.

All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme Your flight inclusive holiday with us (should you choose this option) is financially secure as we are ATOL licensed, making the entire package ATOL protected.  We have been trading since 1995 so, with over 25 years under our belts, you can book with total confidence.
Boat show, sup

Southampton Boat Show 2023



Seafarer is excited to announce its presence at the upcoming Southampton Boat Show, taking place from September 15th to 24th. You can find us at stand J128 in the Ocean Hall, where you’ll be greeted by our friendly team of familiar faces. The event promises enjoyment for all age groups, offering a plethora of activities both on and off the water. From thrilling watersports to showcasing new gear and the latest boats of various sizes and types, the show has something for everyone. The exhibits and activities are thoughtfully arranged indoors and outdoors, ensuring suitability for any weather condition. Moreover, numerous on-water exhibits provide a truly immersive experience. Join us for an unforgettable nautical adventure!

Naturally, the standout attraction is the warm and welcoming Seafarer stand. Aside from connecting with our team and catching up, you can explore our latest offerings and seize fantastic late-season deals. As the day winds down, visitors can even indulge in a refreshing Mythos beer or a glass of wine, accompanied by delightful Greek nibbles, setting the perfect holiday mood right at our stand.


A few days before the show we’ll announce a selection of amazing offers for the remainder of the 2023 season including some great deals for October half-term in Greece. Keep an eye out here for more details.

2024 @ 2023 Prices

We also currently have most 2024 sailing holidays and courses available at 2023 prices until the end of the show. Head to individual pages on our site for more details.

Visiting the Show

You can buy tickets for the Southampton Boat Show with a discount using the link below and the code BESTOFT.


Opening times are as follows:

10.00 AM – 6:00 PM Friday 15 September

10.00 AM – 6:00 PM Saturday 16 September

10.00 AM – 6:00 PM Sunday 17 September

10.00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday 18 September

10.00 AM – 6:00 PM Tuesday 19 September

10.00 AM – 6:00 PM Wednesday 20 September

10.00 AM – 6:00 PM Thursday 21 September

10.00 AM – 6:00 PM Friday 22 September

10.00 AM – 6:00 PM Saturday 23 September

10.00 AM – 5:00 PM Sunday 24 September

If you can’t come to the boat show in person you can still enter the competition below and/or book an appointment with one of our consultants here.

New Equipment at Nikiana Beach Club


Dinghies, Catamarans, SUPs and Windsurf Gear

Giles and the beach club team have been hard at work preparing for the new season and we thought it was the right time to reveal what they have been up to. The news is very exciting with a whole host of new boats, windsurf equipment, and SUPs on their way to the club over the next two months, all ready to head out onto the crystal clear waters of Nikiana bay. Carry on reading for more details of what you could be sailing this season.

Nikiana Beach Club will be opening on the 29th of April this year with weekly prices from £495pp including flights, transfers, and use of equipment. Click here for more details on the club.

Nikiana Beach Club, Sailing

4 Brand New Lasers

We’ve been watching the feedback coming in through Feefo last season and we have been feeling its about time to seriously upgrade the laser fleet. We have four brand new ice blue lasers on their way to Greece from Laser Performance that can be fitted with full, radial and 4.7 rigs, making them suitable for all sizes of sailors. These four will join four more boats already at the club for some fantastic laser sailing.

RS Fevas Joining the fleet

One boat that’s been on our list for a few years now is the RS Feva, a smaller dinghy that some see as a successor to the super versatile Mirror. In classic form, the Feva has a main, jib, and asymmetric spinnaker and is best suited to two children who want to sail together and enjoy all the toys and excitement you can get from a larger craft.  It’s also great for a parent and child sailing together or you can take away the jib to make a surprisingly fun adult single-hander. At least one Feva will be joining the Nikiana Beach Club fleet this season.

Nikiana Beach Club, Sailing

3rd 2000

We know how popular the intermediate doublehanded dinghies are at the beach club so we’ve decided to add another 2000 to the fleet for the 2023 season. These two or three person boats have a manageable sail plan of main, jib and a small spinnaker to make them great for Level 2 & 3 courses along with those wanting to improve their sailing. This will bring the 2000 fleet to three for the 2023 season.

Nikiana Beach Club, Sailing

Another Hobie 15

With one Dart 16 sadly ending its sailing career last season we’ve upgraded it to a Hobie 15 for 2023. These catamarans are not only fast but also really easy to sail, even for those with very little sailing experience. Look out for weekly cat clinics in our two Hobie 15s and Dart 16.

Windsurf Equipment

During the 2022 season we started upgrading our windsurf equipment with new beginner boards and new training sails. Over the winter we’ve added a variety of new rigs and other equipment to this to give us a very comprehensive setup for all levels.

New JP SUP Boards

The mirror glass water we get first thing in the morning at Nikiana is perfect for stand-up paddleboarding and this year will see 4 new boards by JP Australia. These all round boards have a fast, smooth feel and are perfect for those wanting a fast and nimble paddle.

Fleet overhauls and new gear

For the rest of the fleet at Nikiana Beach Club, we have been working all winter to refit boats and get everything ready for the new season. Quite a lot of new fittings are being added to the fleet including new masts, foils, and loads of new sails. We’re not going to list them all here but you can be assured that our large and varied fleet will be ready for the beginning of the season.

Over the next month, we will be filming a short video to showcase exactly how these overhauls will work and the processes we will be going through to prepare the equipment for the coming season. Watch this space for more details.

Check out Nikiana Beach Club

For more information on Nikiana Beach Club, including what boats and windsurf gear are available, head to our website at the link below.

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Winners of the 2022 Photo Competition


And the winner is...

It was a great photo competition in 2022 and we would like to thank everyone who entered and showed off some amazing creativity. In this blog, we thought we would highlight both those that were featured in our 2023 online brochure and are highly commended but didn’t quite fit in the brochure. We still have our social media competition running on Facebook & Instagram with more details at the bottom of this page.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the £300 voucher for the brochure front cover is Ric who gave us this lovely shot of Okuklje on the Isle of Mljet, Croatia. Ric wasn’t the only winner though with over £2000 of holiday vouchers given out, see these photos below.

2023 Brochure Front Cover

Full Page Use in the brochure

£100 holiday voucher

Views from a ruins window in the Dodecanese by David

Sunset in Kefalonia by Kate

A tiny anchorage in the Croatian islands by Nick

A shameless website promotion on the Kefalonia Flotilla by Simon

The Lefkas explorer flotilla anchored in Port Leone, Kalamos by Pete

The village of Vathi on Methana in the Saronic Gulf by Deborah

A seaside church on the Saronic Island of Hydra by Ellie

Moni island near Perdika (Aegina) in the Saronic Gulf by Ian

The best type of sunset in the Saronic Gulf by Julie

The Saronic Gulf flotilla goes to sleep under a purple sky by Richard

A calm anchorage in the Sporades by Clive

Other uses in the 2023 Seafarer Brochure

£50 holiday voucher

Highly Commended

Seafarer T-Shirt

Social Media Competitions

£100 Holiday Voucher

We still haven’t quite finished the competition yet though and there are still prizes to be won. We will be continuing our Facebook and Instragam competition until the beginning of the season so keep an eye out on the links below.