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Coronavirus Update


We are providing regular updates on this page for those of you concerned about the Coronavirus situation and the possible impact on your holiday.

Last update September  10th 2020

We re-started operations in all our main destinations in the Mediterranean from early July and always aim to ensure that our operations are in line with UK Government advice as well as that of the authorities in our host countries. Since re-opening there have been several updates and changes with countries and specific destinations either falling within or outside the restrictions and advice at various times. From the 1st July Greece re-opened its borders and tourist establishments, with direct flights from Europe to several regional Greek airports, direct flights from the UK having resumed from July 15th. The majority of our destinations in Greece have no restrictions or quarantine requirements for Travellers from England Wales and Northern Ireland, with the exception of Mykonos and Santorini for which a 2 week quarantine is now required on return. Scotland has imposed this requirement on all Greek destinations, regardless of the fact that the rate of new cases remains comparatively low in Greece. Italy and Turkey are also open to visitors with no restrictions, Croatia and France, whilst still open, now have a quarantine requirement on return to the UK.

14 day quarantine requirementson return to the UK  are not required for most of Greece, plus all of Italy and Turkey, whilst the Foreign Office Travel advice is standard for these destinations. The status quo for Croatia changed on August 20th and even though we had been operating normally in Croatia since early July, a two-week quarantine is now required on return to the UK. In line with this, Foreign Office advice has also been changed advising to avoid all but essential travel to Croatia, with same applying to France since August 13th and for the Greek islands of Mykonos, Santorini and Zakynthos since September 8th. It is notable that the spike in infections in Croatia that lead to the decision to impose quarantine on return is concentrated in major population centres and well away from our cruising areas, which remain virtually virus-free the same applies to our main Greek sailing areas in the Ionian, Sporades, Dodecanese and Saronic Gulf. The Foreign Office advice is of course not compulsory, leaving it to the individual to decide what is or isn’t essential travel. For these reasons and with flights still running, we have decided to continue our operation in Croatia aimed at those travelling from other countries, or UK originating guests who have no issue complying with the two- week quarantine requirement on their return to the UK. For those wishing to travel who are concerned about the validity of their travel insurance, we can advise on a policy that will cover travel to Croatia, France or other destinations with essential travel only  CFO travel advice.
More info on this link:

On the above basis, we are operating skippered and bareboat charters in these countries as well as tuition and cabin charter, and flotillas in Greece and Croatia, with our Beach Clubs in Greece operating as normal since early July. We are contacting all those guests booked to travel to Croatia or Mykonos individually to discuss the various alternatives on offer. These include travelling as normal if guest circumstances permit, switching to another destination without restrictions in Greece, or encouraging our guests to defer their holiday to a later date including 2021, all with no cancellation penalties or change fees.

You should have already been contacted if you were affected by the above, but If you wish to discuss your arrangements, please contact us and we will happy to advise on the current situation and what we can do to help.

The Seafarer office is open as usual, though with some of our staff working from home and still able to answer calls thanks to our IT and telephone system set up.

We will update this page as more information becomes available.


Holidays Booked In Summer 2020

Whilst holidays are already operating in Greece, Turkey, Italy and Croatia and our other Mediterranean destinations, We are monitoring the situation closely through all available channels and will continue to inform our guests as soon as possible if there are any changes in our host countries, changes to flight arrangments or to UK FCO advice and quarantine requirements. If there is a major change we will inform those guests who were scheduled to travel earlier first and we are being as flexible as possible on booking changes according to your circumstances.

What If My Holiday Is Affected?

Our commitment to a personal service doesn’t end with your booking – we will do our best to offer you the maximum flexibility possible – this will vary from booking to booking, and our team will work to offer you the best option for your holiday and circumstances, whether this be travelling as originally planned, changing to a different destination, deferring your holiday to a different date and so on.

Deferring Booked Holidays

If your holiday with us has been cancelled, we hope you will choose to defer your holiday to a future date rather than cancel completely. If your holiday is scheduled to go ahead but you wish to defer, please note that you may incur penalties if there are no official restrictions in place. Where restrictions are in place, deferring your holiday will usually be penalty-free. We work with many suppliers, fleet owners, hotels, airlines and agencies – talk to us about your booking and we will give you the latest information on what may be possible in your case.

Flight Cancellations

If your flight is booked through us and is cancelled or changed, we will contact you. If you have booked your own flight and this is cancelled or changed, please get in touch and we will do our utmost to help and find alternative arrangements.

You Are Ill Or Self Isolating And Can’t Travel

If you can’t travel due to illness or restrictions please get in touch and we’ll look at possible amendments to your holiday. If the holiday is still scheduled to go ahead, you should be able to claim on your travel insurance if this is the case.

What Is The Situation With Refunds

Given the very large number of holidays that have already been curtailed up to July in this unprecedented crisis, we are encouraging guests to re-book for a later date, or if this cannot be decided yet, to accept a credit note which can be applied to a later booking. The credit note will still benefit from financial protection under the ATOL and ABTA schemes and does not disqualify you from claiming a refund later if you are subsequently unable to travel. This is in line with ABTA guidelines, recognising that payment of large numbers of refunds now would be unsustainable for any company.

How We Are Keeping Your Money Safe

We would like to remind you our flight inclusive package holidays are ATOL protected. More information can be found on that ATOL website:

We are also proud to be members of ABTA and we have in place financial protection for holidays and charters without flights through their scheme. We have been following ABTA guidelines during the Pandemic and you can see additional information and advice for travellers from  ABTA on this link:

How Is Seafarer Coping In These Circumstances

This is our 25th year and whilst it will certainly be a year to remember, it is indicative of our long experience and our strength and resilience, given the many international crises we have had to deal with over the years.

We have a very experienced and dedicated team who have been working hard to keep our guests up to date and change holiday arrangements where required, liaising with airlines and our various overseas suppliers and partners. This can be very difficult with long waits on the telephone often being required when calling suppliers as well as fast-changing official restrictions and advice.  We have been coping with all of this well and our guests generally find it easy to contact us either by telephone or email.

How Soon Are Holidays Expected To Return To Normal

The situation returned to normal across most of Europe since July, albeit with sensible protective measures in place, with Greece in particularly having been almost COVID free up to that point.  Most airlines are operating their full flight schedules to our main destinations of Greece, Turkey, Italy and also Croatia. It should be noted that the decision to re-start our beach clubs and all of our flotillas has depended not only on UK Government advice and the lifting of restrictions but also on those applicable in the destination countries.

What Additional Precautions Are In Place For Holidays That Do Go Ahead

With holidays operating whilst the virus is still active, guests and crew will need to complete a health questionnaire prior to travel. Additionally, we have implemented an enhanced cleaning and sanitisation regime on all vessels. This had already commenced prior to the lockdown on our training vessels. The safety of guests and crew is a top priority for us, so holidays and courses we operate apply protocols that are in line with the advice of the WHO, FCO, and the health and maritime authorities in our host countries. For a summary of these measures click here.

Should We Travel To Specific Destinations Against Foreign Office Advice

The recent introduction of quarantine requirements on return to the UK from Croatia and France plus as of last week, Mykonos, Santorini and Zakynthos, has been accompanied by a change in foreign office advice, now advising against all but essential travel to these destinations. This is however advice and is not compulsory, leaving it to the individual to decide what is essential travel for them. We have established that infection rates in our specific cruising areas in Croatia as well as those restricted islands in Greece remain very low, or have zero recorded current cases, hence our decision to stay open for those who still wish to travel.
What is the situation with Travel Insurance
With the negative foreign office advice currently applicable to Croatia and France, most travel insurance policies will not cover you if you travel. We have identified policies that will cover you to travel and also cover you if you contract the virus before you travel, whilst also offering reasonable premiums. See this link for more info: Staysure Travel Insurance

We Look Forward To Welcoming You Aboard Soon!

Bavaria 46

Late Summer Bareboat Specials



2020 Bareboat Availability

BoatAvailable Dates 2020From £From €Flotilla Supplement
Sun Odyssey 33i, 20143rd, 10th & 17th Oct£890.00€979.00£290
Bavaria 37, 201526th Sept, 3rd Oct£1,238.00€1,361.00£350
Oceanis 40, 200726th Sept, 10th & 17th Oct£1,315.00€1,446.00£350
Bavaria 41, 201526th Sept, 3rd & 10th Oct£1,558.00€1,713.00£350
Bavaria 46, 201612th Sept, 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th Oct£1,760.00€1,936.00£400
Sun Odyssey 52.2, 200112th, 19th & 26th Sept, 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th Oct£2,154.00€2,369.00£400
Bavaria 37, 20144th, 11th & 18th Oct£1,238.00€1,361.00£350
Bavaria 41, 201511th October£1,558.00€1,713.00£350
Sun Odyssey 33i, 201418th October£890.00€979.00£290
Bavaria 37, 20154th October£1,238.00€1,361.00£350
Bavaria 37, 201720th Sept, 4th, 11th & 18th Oct£1,238.00€1,361.00£350
Bavaria 41, 201527th Sept, 4th, 11th & 18th Oct£1,558.00€1,713.00£350

5% discount for two week bookings

All boats include bed linen, towels, dinghy with outboard engine, welcome pack of provisions, end cleaning and a full domestic & safety inventory.

Plus extra discount for repeat customers. To book or for more info call us on 0208 324 3118.


MAD about the Beach Club


From our lame excuse of a sailor, currently beached in Greece

As if the vicissitudes of lockdown were not enough for a sociable old salt, Captain Mad, our favourite man about the Seven Seas, ‘kneeded’ major surgery on his left leg at the back end of 2019, rendering him somewhat less than nimble about deck. To give the legendary old boy some respite and the chance to get some sun on his back, we packed him off to our beach club in the Ionian with strict instructions to make radio contact on a daily basis (before happy hour starts) and fill in his log.



Much excitement at the beach club yesterday with honours at stake for the weekly regatta. Eavesdropping on the race briefing I discovered the course markers included a floating doughnut and an inflatable swan. All contestants were required to do was circumnavigate the doughnut and fly three times around the birdie and they’d quacked it.

A mixed flotilla of six boats lined up for the start – a few more were somewhat off the pace. The wind was blowing unsteadily at around 2 knots (ish!). As the whistle sounded, they rather floundered forward, sails gasping for air. However, by the time the first dinghy rounded the swan, some sort of pecking order had been established.

Like every regatta the Nikiana version had its own ‘je ne sais quoi’ – nobody on shore knew a thing.  I wandered down to join the beach crew on the waterfront to enquire who was leading. ‘No idea,’ said Max. ‘Can’t say,’ said Hannah. ‘Does it matter?’ asked Giles. ‘Connor probably knows,’ Joe volunteered.


Just as well, thought I as Connor was sitting in the patrol boat in the middle of the water. There was a brief moment of tension when a local in a kayak and a pair on a stand-up paddleboard overtook a clutch of contestants but, in the dying breeze they soon put clear water between themselves and the field.

At pre-farewell-dinner drinks the anticipation was palpable. I mingled asking several of the contestants how they got on. ‘No idea,’ said one. ‘Can’t say,’ said a second. ‘Does it matter,’ commented a third. ‘Connor probably knows,’ Joe volunteered. It was all over when the swan sang – an appropriate end to the final event of the week.


Well obviously Conner knew – he was doing the handicap! At first when the announcement came I thought Connor said the race had been won by Batman and Robin. Made me wonder if the swan was actually The Penguin in disguise. Joking aside, it transpired that the names to be etched on the honours board were Kate and Robyn, a mother and daughter team.

Seeing as they hail from Ashbourne in Derbyshire, which must be just about as far from the sea as you can get in the UK, what’s not to like about that?

Anchors aweigh,

Captain MAD

Nikiana Sailing


The Lady of the Lagoon has landed

I’ve been keeping it under my Captain’s hat but Mrs MAD has finally made it onto the water. I have to say the waterfront crew here are simply amazing and couldn’t possibly be more helpful. None more so than Connor, who fearlessly gave the Lady of the Lagoon a quick refresher in a Laser 2000, whereby she was quickly zipping up and down across the bay on the back of a force 4 Nor’westerly. Despite being beach-bound myself it was a joy to see.

Nikiana Beach Club

If you ever wanted proof positive that once you’ve learned to sail it’s easy to get back into a buoyancy aid and relive the experience, this was it. I haven’t often had dinghy envy in my life, but sitting in the taverna viewing proceedings through my binoculars, I would happily have crewed for her.

Nikiana Beach Club

The other great thing about Seafarer’s Nikiana beach club is that even if you don’t sail there is so much to do. Whilst the good wife is now happily working her way towards taking her place in the weekly regatta, I am rehearsing my role as ‘kayak-taxi-uber-driver’ for a short trek across the bay to a rendezvous with pre-regatta lunch at a restaurant called ‘The Breath of Zorba’ on Saturday.

And what’s not to like about that? Just have to hope he hasn’t pigged out on the garlic.

Anchors aweigh,

Captain MAD


You only need a couple of squid!

Far have I travelled, and many a strange thing I have seen and eaten on the Seven Seas, but few things can compare with a char-grilled cephalopod. As every educated old salt worth his salt knows, the literal translation of Cephalopod from the classic languages is ‘head foot’ (never let it be said I didn’t listen to old Chug Summers at school!) And in the pantheon of ‘head feet’, amongst the 50,000-odd (and odd is indeed the word) members of the Phylum Mollusc, the Octopus and the Squid are leg-end-ary.


So here’s the thing – if you ever want a really killing pub quiz question, ask ‘how many legs are there on an Octopus?’ Most back-bar pundits will happily scrawl 8. Next question, ask ‘how many legs does a Squid have?’ At this stage, unless the pundits are using their mobile phones (and shame on them says MAD), they will be perplexed.

Actually, in both cases, the answer is ‘none’. Cephalopods may be called ‘head-foot’, but in fact they don’t have feet at all. Instead they have both ‘arms’ and ‘tentacles’. Then it gets even more tricky because, actually, the eight-pronged Octopus has six arms and two tentacles. Then, every single squid in the whole wide world has eight arms and two tentacles. In both cases the tentacles are shorter than the arms. Lesson over!


Anyway the point is, that last evening, Lady MAD and I enjoyed the most delicious Octopus I’ve ever eaten, just down the road from Nikiana, at a restaurant by the harbour. No idea what it had been marinated in, but the tentacle (the bit with suckers on) and a half on the plate could easily have been mistaken for lobster. Dialling-up our gastronomic lunchtime aspiration, we then lunched today a short feet-in-the-sea walk down the beach at ‘the blue and white restaurant’ on fresh squid.

Only in Nikiana with Seafarer – and what’s not to like about that?

Anchors aweigh,

Captain MAD


Captain MAD and the Argonauts

A great nation of sailors, the Greeks. Back in the day, in fact since time immemorial or even before, heroes of myth and legend set sail on adventures of derring-do. One such was Jason who, on his good ship Argo, sailed in search of a Golden Fleece – never let anybody tell you old MAD never paid attention in classic lessons with Chug Summers.

Lefkas Flotilla


Having been appraised of the knackeredness of MAD’s left knee, and concomitant lack of yachting, the beach crew at Seafarer’s beach-based sailing emporium very kindly arranged for me to have a day sailing on the 34’ Elan yacht ‘Argo’ – all boded well for a day island-hopping in the wake of Jason and his crew.


I’ve always liked to sail with a diverse ship’s company. My fellow Argonauts were Si, a brewer from Leeds (always good to have a brewer on board!), Lara, a health professional from Cardiff (ditto), and Nikiana beach club supremo Joe – who looks like Poseidon’s more handsome younger brother. Not to forget of course the Lady of the Lagoon herself, Mrs MAD, who had put on hold reinventing her dinghy career for 24 hours.



Our skipper was Lissi who started with the best safety briefing on the derring don’ts I have ever heard. It’s long been a great joy to me to see young sailors take the helm and the fact that Lissi gained her Yachtmasters five years ago at the age of 20 is a tribute to the endearing attraction of open water sailing. Actually, 4 of Seafarer’s instructors are young female Yachtmasters, a tribute to their equality policy.


In Lissi’s practised hands, all of us crewing as required, we were under canvas for a nice long beat to the neighbouring island of Meganissi. As ever the target for any seasoned salt was ‘lunch’ and we duly made land and a lazy-line mooring at a stone quayside abutting a quintessentially Greek taverna where we shared a quintessentially Greek lunch. Luckily the waiter, who looked rather like ‘Lurch’ from the Adam’s Family, spilled a glass of wine in my lap which resulted in a second carafe and watermelon ‘on the house’ – my groin may have been three sheets to the wind, but what’s not to like about that.

The good yacht Argo, complete with super-skipper Lissi, can be chartered on a day-cruise basis by any guests staying at Nikiana. The maximum crew complement is 5. 

Anchors aweigh,

Captain MAD


Slipping up on a dodgy duckboard outside my local, The Rusty Scupper (2-4-1 pink gin for senior citizens every Tuesday and Thursday), necessitated 8 days in hospital whilst the NHS drilled holes in my kneecap and reunited it with my quadricep tendon with steel hawser. Not only a bit jippy, but it rather stymied my challenge for the Cowes’ Week round the island race this summer.

Nikiana Beach Club


So recently I’ve become something of a lame excuse of a sailor. Luckily help was at hand from the good folk at Seafarer who found space for me at Nikiana, their beach club on the beautiful island of Lefkas, beach-based sailing central a-go-go. Hence, I sit here writing this whilst looking across a bay of brilliant translucent water, under azure skies and a benevolent sun, as a mild Force 3 breeze ruffles sails inshore.

Nikiana Beach Club


Much as I’d love to get back into a dinghy, the knackered knee- simply won’t bend enough to get under a boom. But there is another agenda – it’s time to get the good Lady MAD back onto the water under sail. She has long claimed a heritage of a winning career in Mirror Dinghies and Lasers back in the day, but has staunchly avoided taking the helm for the last decade or four. So, with the kind support of Giles, Hannah, Lizzie and the beach crew here I’m sending her back to sea!

Nikiana Beach Club


For me I’m going for a more straightlaced and straight-legged experience – I’m going to try one of these new-fangled ‘Stand Up Paddleboards’ which seem all the rage. They look a bit tricky to mount but I’m hoping to find my feet by the end of the week – so watch this space for daily reports.

Nikiana Beach Club


We’ve just had souvlaki and salad for lunch, washed down with a couple of ouzos – what’s not to love? This afternoon we’re swimming and chilling and tonight it’s the welcome party (suitably socially distanced in every way). Tomorrow we take to the water. It’s a whole new normal!

Anchors aweigh,

Captain MAD

For more information or availability, you are welcome to call one of our sales consultants on 0208 324 3118.

Cancellation Special Offers


Due to clients having to cancel, we have some super special discount offers on the range of yachts and destinations below:

2020 Cancellations

Departure DateBaseBoatOriginal PriceOffer PriceFlotilla SupplementNotes
19-SeptemberDubrovnikLagoon 400£3,575£2,503£350
19-SeptemberKosSun Odyssey 349 - 2019£2,258£1,581£205
26-SeptemberKosDufour 460, 2019£3,275£2,995£280
10-OctoberKosOceanis 51.1, 2019£3,421£2,395£280

All boats include bed linen, towels (not beach towels), cooking gas, full tank of water, dinghy with outboard engine, welcome pack of provisions, end cleaning and a full domestic & safety inventory.

Don’t forget there’s a 5% extra discount for repeat customers. If your interested in any of these offers please give us a call on 0208 324 3118.


Sailing Hidden Greece


Four Days exploring the Gulf of Corinth

So there I was, standing on an empty ferry quay in Aigio when suddenly a very large Seafarer Flag rounded the headland. Minutes later I stepped aboard Eugenia and was greeted by a warm welcome from the Saronic Gulf & Corinth Canal Flotilla lead crew.

I had travelled to the harbour on the North Coast of the Peloponnese in order to spend 3 days taking photos & video of Seafarer’s brand new route. In fact, due to travel restrictions, this was only the second week of running! We had 4 days to cruise back to the base taking in the atmosphere of the Gulf of Corinth.


Located on a small island just off the coast of the Greek mainland, this village boasts a large harbour on one side, and on the other is a wonderful, relaxed bay which faces the mainland and is surrounded by small restaurants and a church on the western end. I only had an hour to explore this small village but wished I had longer to while away the time around the bay, hike in the hills, swim in the crystal clear waters and really relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The harbour was huge for a place of its size, offering plenty of space for easy mooring. I was also struck by how great it would be for families with lots of fun opportunities for activities in a small, tucked away setting.


After a bit of motoring and a cracking sail we started approaching the town of Galaxidi. The town sits in a natural harbour surrounded by mountains and numerous islands making for a stunning approach with the sun just entering golden hour. We kept our sails up until the last minute before heading in to take a look at the seafront which rises towards a wonderful church at the highest point. We moored on the town quay and the lead crew had a bit of a chat with the guests. I headed out on a paddleboard to have a look around the harbour while watching an old gaff-rigged sailing dinghy crisscrossing the bay.

The dipping of the sun behind the mountain signalled that it was time for a beer. We settled down for a cold one (oor two) whilst watching the mountains of the bay turn pink with the setting sun.


After waking up early to take some shots of the town, we set off on a calm Greek morning to the port of Antikira. It is set in a natural harbour and boasts a small quay with a traditional lighthouse on the end. We moored up in the crystal clear waters and were greeted by local boys having a great time diving in and swimming in the harbour. We only spent a short time in the town but we were made very welcome wherever we went.


Alkyonides Islands

Another decent sail took us to the uninhabited Alkyonides Islands at the eastern end of the Gulf of Corinth where we anchored in a wonderful bay with our guests and two other boats. There are 3 islands in the archipelago and the largest boasts an abandoned monastery and what looks like a small fort! Depending on the wind direction there are a number of anchorages but beware as the two islands are linked by very shallow waters.

Upon anchoring, we immediately launched the dinghy and went for a bit of an explore and a snorkel. There were some amazing rock formations where the two islands joined and the waters were clear & turquoise. The setting sun reminded us to head back to the boat where we spent a happy night gently rocked to sleep at anchor.

Back to Corinth

As we were not in a rush to leave we took the opportunity to swim in the clear seas and get some diving practice before beginning the 15nm trip back to Corinth in a light wind. On our way we stopped to peek through the Corinth Union Canal to Lake Vouliagmeni. A great spot to anchor up and explore. On arrival back in Corinth it was time to back up hard drives and get ready for the final group meal in a lovely small family taverna just out of the centre of the city.

My thoughts

Having never sailed in the Corinthian Gulf before I was surprised at the range of amazing destinations to visit and how quiet it was. Hours would go by without seeing another yacht and even the busiest destination, Galixidi was quiet with lots of space on the quay. Despite having a thriving maritime history this area is so often overlooked and therefore is great for those looking to explore an area less well known but with all the usual charm found all anywhere in Greece. The sailing was mixed: most days started quite still but picked up to around 20kts later in the afternoon. One thing that was instantly noticeable was how flat the sea state was even when the wind increased. I’m not sure why this was but it made for some very comfortable sailing.

I would like to thank Callum and Louise for having me on their boat, the lovely Eugenia for three nights and I look forward to joining them in a few weeks to see the Saronic Gulf.

For more information or availability, you are welcome to call one of our sales consultants on 0208 324 3118.


Coronavirus Safety Measures 2020


Coronavirus Safety Measures

We would love you to enjoy your holiday with us, and in these unusual times, we would like to make you aware of the measures that we are taking to minimise the risks to you and your party when travelling. You will receive some additional more comprehensive information from us in your ticket pack before you travel, but here are the main steps we are taking to help keep you safe.

In-resort, all our base personnel, transfer drivers, airport representatives and other staff will be fully briefed and trained on personal protective measures and will comply, where practically possible, with all recommended and required additional local safety measures. As everyone knows, these rules and regulations change regularly, so please be aware that additional measures may be in place when you travel, and hopefully, they will decrease soon and become a thing of the past, with brighter times ahead.



  • All yachts will be sanitised and disinfected before check-in
  • Unfortunately, we won’t have snorkels and masks on yachts – feel free to bring your own
  • Anti-bacterial handwash and hand sanitising gel will be provided on all yachts
  • Masks and gloves will be available if you don’t bring your own
  • Lifejackets will be sanitised and kept ashore between each charter
  • Bed linen and towels will be delivered in sealed bags directly from the laundry.
  • Yacht briefings, check-in will be conducted in the open air on deck.

Flotilla Activities

In addition to the above:

  • All briefings will be in the open air with appropriate distancing measures in place
  • We will advise against guests visiting other yachts during the flotilla
  • For group meals, there will be individual tables outside
  • There will be take away & delivery options available at all stops
  • There will be a programme of activities such as quiz nights, kids activities and visits to points of interest with appropriate social distancing measures in place

Training Yachts & Cabin Charter

We’ll be employing all the measures detailed in the yacht section, as well as:

  • All briefings will be in the open air with appropriate distancing measures in place
  • We will advise against guests visiting other yachts during the flotilla or voyage
  • For group meals, there will be individual tables outside.
  • There will be take away & delivery options available at all stops
  • On training yachts, the saloon berth will not be available to book.
  • Disposable masks, gloves and hand santitser will be available onboard if guests don’t have their own.

Nikiana Beach Club

The total number of guests in the hotel will not exceed 75% of total capacity to aid social distancing


  • All rooms will be cleaned to the standards set by the Ministry of Tourism
  • All check-ins will be conducted outside
  • All TV and air conditioning remote controls will have special covers


  • All restaurant staff will wear the correct PPE as designated by the local authorities
  • We won’t be using buffet service but instead serving to tables
  • Tables will be further apart to allow for social distancing but the kitchen hours will be lengthened to allow for this
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at all times

Outside Area

  • We will have a booking system for sunbeds and disinfect each day
  • Sunbeds will be grouped with two metres between each group
  • The swimming pool will be limited to 10 people at one time
  • Guests will be encouraged to use the toilets in their rooms


  • ll briefings will be conducted in smaller groups with social distancing
  • When queueing for boats social distancing will be in place
  • Dinghies & other equipment will be disinfected after each use
  • Guests will get a buoyancy aid for the entirety of their stay
  • When ferrying to mooring boats just one group plus driver
  • Teaching will mainly be conducted from a powerboat
Lefkas Bus


  • All European aircraft have had their cabin air filtration systems upgraded to the equivalent of operating theatre standards whilst air is renewed every few minutes. Masks must be worn on board at all times
  • All airport transfer will adhere to government regulations on social distancing and masks must be worn
  • Private transfers are available on request
  • Quarantine requirements have been lifted in both directions of travel (UK from July 19th) in all main Mediterranean destinations.
  • Sample COVID 19 testing is implemented at some airports on arrival. If you are selected, you will be asked to stay in your accommodation for up to 24 hours to await the test results and all clear. This will be a small sample of arrivals.

We hope we can start removing some of these measures as soon as we are able, but in the meantime we will keep you updated as often as possible.

The Seafarer Team

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Seafarer Announces – Summer 2020 UK South Coast Flotilla


First UK Summer Flotillas for Seafarer

We at Seafarer are delighted to announce our inaugural English South Coast flotilla for Summer 2020.

We are planning two one week flotillas led by an experienced Seafarer lead crew on our Bavaria 36 training yacht ‘Nashira’. We’ll be sailing from Shamrock Quay Marina, Southampton. Our first week will head West to explore the coast towards Weymouth and the picturesque Isle of Wight.  For more adventurous sailors, we have a Channel Islands itinerary planned for the following week with longer distances and more challenging tides. If you’re feeling really adventurous both weeks can be combined to make an ideal two week break. Both itineraries include a rest day ashore.

There are a number of accommodation options available on these flotillas: matched Oceanis 37s, a choice of several 4 cabin yachts up to 44ft, and even the opportunity to stay onboard the lead boat. You can even join with your own yacht for a modest fee. For those not wanting to take public transport you can drive to our Southampton base where free parking is available for the duration of the flotilla.

Our Proposed Itineraries

Weymouth Route - Level 2+ Tidal (8 Days)

A great route for those who have been on a few flotillas before and are ready to further the tidal element of their yachting repertoire.   The legs themselves are not long but expect more variable weather conditions and more navigation marks than in the than the Mediterranean typically has to offer.

14th August 2020

Friday 14/08/2020 – Embarkation from 16.00 in Southampton

Saturday 15/08/2020 – Lymington (17 nm) 

Sunday 16/08/2020 – Poole (18 nm)

Monday 17/08/2020 – Weymouth (28 nm)

Tuesday 18/08/2020 – Weymouth (rest day)

Wednesday 19/08/2020  –  Studland Bay (22 nm)

Thursday 20/08/2020 – Yarmouth (16 nm) 

Friday 21/08/2020 – Southampton by 12.00 then disembarkation (18 nm)

22nd August 2020 

Friday 21/08/2020 – Option for those staying on lead yacht to embark

Saturday 22/08/2020 – Southampton to Lymington (17 nm)   (late morning departure – early embarkation possible)

Sunday 23/08/2020 – Poole (18 nm)

Monday 24/08/2020 – Weymouth (28 nm)

Tuesday 25/08/2020 – Weymouth (rest day)

Wednesday 26/08/2020  –  Studland Bay (22 nm)

Thursday 27/08/2020 – Yarmouth (16 nm) 

Friday 28/08/2020 – Southampton (18 nm)

Saturday 29/08/2020 – Disembarkation

uk flotilla

Channel Islands Route - Level 3+ Tidal (9 Days)

A very challenging flotilla for those looking for a true smugglers adventure. This is a higher level than any of our other flotillas and there will be long open water passages and big tidal ranges in the Channel Isles. For those up to the trial, the rewards are amazing with some wonderful locations to visit by yacht.

29th August 2020

Saturday 29/08/2020 – Embarkation Southampton

Sunday 30/08/2020 –  Poole (35 nm) 

Monday 31st/08/2020 – Cherbourg (65 nm)

Tuesday 01/09/2020 – Guernsey (45 nm)

Wednesday 02/2020 – Guernsey (rest day)

Thursday 03/09/2020  –  Jersey (28 nm)

Friday 04/09/2020 – Dielette (30 nm) 

Saturday 05/09/2020 – Lymington (76 nm)

Sunday 06/08/2020 – Southampton (16 nm) then disembarkation 

Chris Lorenzo, managing director of Seafarer, said:

“We are very excited to announce our first flotilla in UK waters.”

“We have specialised in yacht charter and flotilla sailing in the Med for 25 years, as well as our beach club holidays and sailing schools, but this will be our first UK flotilla venture from our training base in Southampton. We hope it will attract sailors who want to visit the beautiful south coast and Channel Islands and we recognise that many of our clients want a flotilla operating closer to home that they can easily drive to. ”

How much does it cost?

The cost is £795 per person in a shared double cabin or £2995 for chartering a whole 3-cabin Oceanis 37ft yacht for 1 week. Boat owners can join in the flotilla for a modest charge of £200 per yacht for 1 week or £300 for 2 weeks. If you are interested in booking, pop us an email or call on the number below.


Fair Winds

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Nav at Home

Do the Theory Now & Train Later


Start Training as a Skipper during lockdown

Have you ever wanted to train to skipper your own yacht but have never had a chance? Well now could be the time. With the current situation, some people have found themselves with less on their hands than normal and Seafarer has put together some amazing theory now, train later packages where you can start with an online theory course right away.

What the packages include

For those who are new to sailing or haven’t got much experience on a yacht, this package is perfect. You can start the Theory part immediately and work it at your own pace and then do the Competent course at your convenience when this is allowed again. When you’ve completed the Competent Crew and the Day Skipper Theory you’re ready to take the Day Skipper Practical and then the ocean is your oyster. This Seafarer package includes the following;

New to Sailing Package - £1245

RYA Competent Crew Practical

RYA Day Skipper Theory  (Online Course)

RYA Day Skipper Practical

For those who already have RYA Competent Crew or previous sailing experience, they might be able to go straight for the Become a Skipper Package. This includes the following;

Become a Skipper Package - £795

RYA Day Skipper Theory (Online Course)

RYA Day Skipper Practical

How the Theory Course works

The Day Skipper Theory course, run by our partners Navathome, allows you to learn at your own pace, and is ideal for those without any navigational experience. The course takes approximately 40 hours to complete, with a two part assessment at the end of the course. Course material will be delivered to your door before you start, including the RYA Day Skipper theory pack and the Day Skipper course notes.

How the Practical Courses work

The RYA Competent Crew and RYA Day Skipper Courses are both run over 5 days at Seafarer’s Solent Sailing School and can either be run over a week or a number of weekends. Each training boat will have an Instructor and up to 5 students. You will stay on the boat for the duration of the course and visit different harbours in the Solent Area. For more information on Seafarer Solent School click below.

Is this course suitable for me

The sport of sailing is accessible to everyone and Seafarer tailor their courses for anyone who wants to feel the wind in their face and go and find an adventure around the next headland. If your worried theres a reason you can’t get on the water give Seafarer a call and they’ll try to find a way.

How to book

To book one of these packages give Seafarer a call on 0208 324 3118. For more information about the RYA Training Scheme click below.

Best Sailing Films Of All Time


Seafarer's favourite sailing films

While were all stuck indoors self isolating one way to lift the spirits for upcoming sailing adventures is watch some films about adventures on the ocean sea. The situation we find ourselves in has endeavored us to write a list of some of our favourite sailing films whether its crossing oceans under sail, hunting down a French Privateer or winning the Americas Cup. This list is not exclusive and we would love to hear from you with any other ideas.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

“She’s twice our numbers and twice our guns, but surprise is on our side”. 

Based upon the novels of Patrick O’Brian Master & Commander follows the British Frigate HMS Surprise as it chases the French Privateer Acheron from the coast of Brazil to the Galapogos islands. Despite being outclassed by the French ship Captain Aubrey feels duty bound to continue the chase round Cape Horn with some dramatic sailing scenes on a Napoleonic man-o-war. “Lucky Jack” is joined by his friend and ships surgeon Stephen Maturin who makes use of their time on the islands to make important natural discoveries. The film is a sweeping epic of a time where sailing ships crossed the worlds oceans and these small worlds were held together by the personalities skils & bravery of those who sailed them.

Wind (1992)

Having lost the Americas Cup to for the first time in its history, Will Parker sets out to to work with his former girlfriend on an experimental new boat to win back the biggest prize in our sport. The film starts with some amazing onboard International 14 racing before moving into the desert for the design of the boat and ending with the cup itself in legendary 12metre yachts. The film is part adventure film and part romance set against a backdrop of breaking the rules of the sailing establishment. Look out for “The Whopper”.

Captain Ron (1992)

For a more lighthearted sea romp, Captain Ron is the perfect distraction. When a middle-class Chicago family inherit an old wooden sailing yacht from an uncle they head to the Caribean to pick it up. They’re joined by the characterful Captain Ron who gives them more of an adventure than they planned for but ultimately teaches them to love the ocean. The film is a well loved family comedy with some beautiful Caribean scenes.

Swallows & Amazons

Both the 1974 & 2016 versions of this timeless classic make for compelling watching and chart the adventures of a small band of children during a holiday in the lake district. Upon arriving at a holiday house they find a single sailed dinghy called the Swallow and set out to sail her through many scapes including coming up against the similar Amazon. The films are full of water based exploits including navigating into a rocky harbour with the use of lights as transits but its the sense of adventure that really stands out.

Kon Tiki

In 1947 Thor Heyerdahl set out to prove that the Polynesian Islands had been settled up people from South America and set out in a traditionally made raft to prove it could be done. This epic journey of 4300 miles was recorded at the time in the 1950 documentary film of the same name and the 2012 Norwegian Language historical drama. 


2012 Trailer

1950 Trailer 

1950 Full Film

Post-Apocolyptic Bonus - Waterworld

Our current situation certainly feels a little bit like the end of the world and what better way than on a homebuilt trimaran. In a future world of endless sea our hero played by Kevin Kostner battles jet skis to find the mythical land and has many adventures on the way. Although not a success at the time the film has something of a cult following and you can’t beat that Triamaran in full sail.

Hope you enjoy the list, theres more to come. Do leave a comment of any great sailing films you would like to share with us. 


25 Reasons to book Seafarer


We are celebrating our 25th birthday this year

And to mark this momentous occasion we wanted to share with you 25 valid reasons for you to book your next summer holiday afloat with Seafarer. Of course, many of you already know us well enough to not need reminding and have either already booked or will soon be doing so, but have a read anyway, you may discover something you didn’t already know about us. last but not least as our birthday present to you, there are some great offers around the ’25’ theme so read on !

We are sorry if we come across as somewhat obsessed with the number 25 at the moment (though it took less than 25 people less than 25 days to compile this list) but it is our 25th Birthday after all. If it’s your 25th birthday as well, we will sing you ‘Happy Birthday’ buy you a bottle of wine and a birthday cake whilst you are on holiday with us!

Watch this space for a number of events both in the UK and abroad to mark Seafarer’s 25th Birthday.