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A blogster goes Greek – Day 1 Monday

Editor's Note: Every now and then we let our blogster escape his desk and let him loose live in resort (with due warnings in place with the local police, bar staff and sundry checks and balances). This week the blogster is at our Nikiana beach club on Lefkas with a brief to send daily reports. Dateline: Mythosophical Monday

We arrived well after dark with a sensible o’clock flight timing that obviated early morning trauma. As the plane came into land at Preveza we could see the lights strung along the shoreline like fireflies. Gatwick can obviously learn a lot from Greek baggage handlers and within an hour or so of landing we were rolling our cases into the grounds of Nikiana.

Let me ‘fess up right at the start. I love old school Greek islands. 5 star luxury may have its place, but in Greece I want little more than the sand between my toes, a comfy bed with a shower and loo en suite, and a bar that stays open until the last guest has had the last drink of the night.

Such delight to discover that the bar acts as a front for a taverna that was able to produce a bowl of fall-apart stewed beef for me, a plate of green beans and potatoes for the trophy wife, cold beer and a carafe of local red wine that might not win many Parker Points but which perfectly complemented the meal. This was the sort of Greece I remembered from student island hopping days when Jimi Hendrix was top of the charts and Joni Mitchell sang ‘The wind is in from Africa…’ about Crete.

Not Pictured: Blogger
Not Pictured: Blogger

Major learning points from Sunday night – the barman is called Elias, and the draught beer is called Mythos. Looking forward to a Mythosophical Monday.

Monday breakfast was an interesting combination. Thick Greek yoghurt with honey and fresh watermelon at one end of the buffet, scrambled eggs, bacon and baked beans the other. Thought it would be rude not to try both – bacon excellent.

Welcome meeting at 9.30 courtesy of Joe the manager. All very relaxed but with a wonderful focus on ‘being green’ – so try not to use too much plastic, don’t leave the tap turned on as water is a valuable resource, generally sail power is better than engine power. Lots of head nodding from the assembled company.

Then the waterfront briefing from Robbie. As he’s Scottish I wonder if it should be Rabbie. Major safety talk after a description of a myriad of sailing and water activities. Not planning to sail (may kayak and SUP (stand up paddle board) a bit but feel we’re all in very safe hands.

Lots to do but started at the shop stocking the fridge in the en suite kitchenette with water, fruit, snacks, beer and retsina. Sorted – whatever the Greek is for Rock and Roll me and the trophy wife are jumping to jive.

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