Vicci Wilson


Vicci is a former hospitality events manager and ski instructor.  Returning to seafarer after a successful season with her partner Karl establishing the Thailand flotilla route and adventure.
Vicci currently holds the coastal skipper qualification with a view to attain her offshore certification by the end of the year.
She is working towards her master 500 and wants to dedicate her future in the marine industry, eventually working on commercial operations. However before life gets too serious she wants to spend the next few years having fun in the sun with the seafarer family to combine her passion for customer service, hospitality & and sailing the seas.
Being an outdoor enthusiast she is looking forward to another Mediterranean season after falling in love with Greece last year. She has an uncontrollable love of exploring so if she is not on the lead boat you have a good chance of finding her on a paddle board encouraging the flotilla to join her snorkelling or taking a walk to visit historic sights and sponging up the local culture.