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Our Sicilian yacht base, Portorosa Marina, is located on the northern coast of the island in the Gulf of Patti. It is ideally located for exploring the Aeolian Islands; which have now been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status and recognised as an ongoing volcanic phenomena. Sicily is a truly unique sailing destination – with the backdrop of active volcano Mount Etna, black sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters, you will be constantly amazed.

Sicily yacht charter

There are 7 principal Aeolian Islands which are all unique and wondrous in their own right. Visit Lipari, the largest island with great archaeological interest, witness the green landscapes of Salina and the romantic elegance of Panarea. Spend an evening watching magma spurting dramatically from Stromboli and take a dip in the natural mud baths on Vulcano. Alicudi and Filicudi have many perfectly-situated anchorages for discovering the world-class wines and mouthwatering delicacies of Sicily in local restaurants.

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The island’s name derives from Aeolus, god of the winds and is swept with prevailing northeasterly winds of Force 4. Stronger mistral winds often blow in August, lasting 1-2 days. Summer months are hot and dry with pleasant average temperatures of 24-28ºC.

Sicily Stay Options

Stay Options


If you would like to extend your Sicilian dream, consider a stay in Catania on the East Coast. Participate in a guided tour or nature trail around the majestic Mount Etna. History buffs will enjoy a visit to Piazza Duomo to admire the baroque style buildings and 17th century fountains. Complete your holiday with a lazy afternoon spent grazing and shopping down Via Etnea.


Further south lies the captivatingly authentic Sicilian town of Modica. Built upon the dramatic landscape of Mount Iblei, visitors will enjoy the adventuring through the maze of narrow lanes, winding alleys and staircases that make up the Medieval town. The town boasts a multitude of impressive churches and viewpoints and is famed as a foodie-destination. Real chocolate-lovers will want to stock up on artisan Modica chocolate bars; produced using an ancient recipe and method invented by the Aztecs.  


Visit the beautiful, ancient, seaside town of Marsala on the western coast of Sicily. Marsala is famous for its fortified wine – discovered and exported by a Liverpudlian in the 18th century – and is famous as the landing point for Garibaldi. Its archaeological museum attracts visitors from afar.   

Day 1

 Fly from the UK to Palermo and transfer to Portorosa marina for embarkation.

Day 2

Vulcano Island, Vulcano Port (19 nm) – North to Vulcano, aptly named as it is the site of 3 volcanic centres of activity, and named by the Ancient Greeks as Thermessa (source of heat).

Day 3

 Salina (22 nm) – Famed for its fish and wine, the island is dominated by its twin peaks, both close to 1000 metres in height.

Day 4

 Ginsotra, Stromboli (25 nm) – If the weather is right, then Ginostra port is ideal spot from which to observe the still active Volcano of Stromboli.

Day 5

 Panarea (12 nm) – The second smallest of the Aeolian islands, but popular in summer with the jet-set and the fashionable Milanese. Stroll around the streets of San Pietro, blissfully free from cars.

Day 6

 Filicuidi (25 nm) – Still largely wild, this is still an isloand where you can find peace and quiet, after the excitement of Panarea.

Day 7

 Return to marina Portorosa for disembarkation in the morning.

Day 8

 Disembark and return to the airport

Portorosa Marina is an elegant and modern marina located in Sicily, on the northern coast, in the Gulf of Patti, facing the Aeolian Islands. Surrounded by the crystal waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, it has had Blue Flag recognition since 1993, ensuring that all services are considering the protection of the marine environment.

The marina can moor up to 700 boats and yachts, up to 40 metres long with a maximum draft of 5 metres. This port has a wide range of marine services suitable for all types of vessels, among which include water, electricity and wifi in moorings. Their facilities are equipped with amenities such as laundry, pharmacy, supermarket and supply stores. For those who must carry out maintenance or repair work, this marina has specialized services such as dry dock, travel lift, ramp, gas station, and all marine repair services.

Marina di Portorosa Yacht Charter Base Co-Ordinates:

38° 7′ N 15° 6′ E

Marina di Portorosa  Yacht Charter Base Address:

Compesso Portorosa, 98054 Furnari, Messina, Italy

Marina di Portorosa Yacht Charter Base Facilities:

  • Coffee-bar
  • Parking
  • Super-market
  • Crane
  • Power supply
  • Water supply
  • Restaurant
  • WC
  • Gasoline station
  • Shower
  • Weather forecast
  • Laundry service
  • Workshop

Direct flights to Palermo from London. Other regional flights available and ferry connections from the Italian mainland coast.

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