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Where to go for your perfect family flotilla holiday?

We answer questions on some of the areas that make a great trip

Choosing the right location for your family flotilla holiday is important and each of Seafarer’s nine summer flotilla bases offers something slightly different. In this blog we are going to answer some theoretical questions about different parts of the flotilla experience to give you a greater understanding of where you would like to explore. If you want any more information on what we have talked about in this blog head to the individual flotilla pages (links in text) or get in touch with our experienced team, contact details at the bottom.

To give you an overview of where we sail in the Mediterranean here are the maps of our sailing areas, click to zoom in.

Map of flotillas in greece including the island areas
Seafarer Flotillas in Croatia
Map of flotillas in Turkey

I've just started sailing, where is a good place to build my confidence?

Taking the first plunge into skippering your own yacht is a big step but the support and information provided will make it a lot easier. That said some flotillas offer easier conditions than others and shorter distances between stops, perfect for you and your family to improve their technique. The place we often recommend is Lefkas in the Ionian Islands which generally has light winds, especially in the morning along with islands that are close together. Other great options include its Ionian neighbour, Kefalonia with similar conditions, the Saronic Gulf which offers a quieter sailing area, and our Split flotilla which gives you the classic Croatian flotilla experience.

Bay in the Ionian Islands

Vathi, Capital of Ithaca in the Ionian Islands

I'm looking to sail as much as possible?

We can never tell exactly how much wind there will be each day and when it will kick in but certain areas are known for their windier sailing conditions. The classic is the Dodecanese Flotilla which takes full advantage of the Meltemi winds which blow down from Bulgaria in the summer and generally have fresh winds all day from June to September. The Sporades Islands and the Orhaniye area also benefit from this wind and thus are also known as one of our windier sailing destinations, especially during the summer months. Further east our Dubrovnik Flotilla benefits from the Maestral winds which give you a chance to get the sails up for some classic island-to-island passages.

Aerial view of the beautiful greek island of Symi (Simi) with colourful houses and small boats. Greece, Symi island, view of the town of Symi (near Rhodes), Dodecanese.

Symi, Dodecanese

I want to sail into some truly classic destinations, wheres best for this?

The eastern Mediterranean boasts some truly spectacular places and our flotillas visit quite a few of them. In the Ionian, our Kefalonia Flotilla visits the famous Shipwreck cove on Zakynthos, often seen in advertising as the face of Greece. Further east the Corinth Flotilla visits the wonderful town of Galaxidi on its western route and majestic Poros while sailing to the east. The Dodecanese flotilla pulls into Symi on its southern route, the town where classical and colourful houses seem to rise out of the sea. Dubrovnik, home of its own flotilla has fame that doesn’t need introduction while the flotilla also sails into the mesmerising Bay of Kotor,  with emerald waters embraced by majestic mountains.

Where can I experience the wonders of the Anchient world?

The amazing cultural and archeological heritage of ancient Greek civilisation is present on many of our flotillas in Greece and Turkey and it is an amazing part of sailing in these waters. In terms of the famous classic sites, our Saronic Gulf & Corinth Canal Flotilla stands above the rest with the base itself, Corinth boasting an impressive history with both the ancient city and the breathtaking Acrocorinth fortress perched on a 550m mountain nearby. On the western route the flotilla visits Delphi, nestled on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, is an ancient Greek sanctuary renowned for its mystical aura, revered Oracle of Apollo, and breathtaking landscape. To the east is Epidaurus, with its remarkably preserved theater of exquisite acoustics, a testament to Greek architectural brilliance and a hub of healing in antiquity.

The small ampitheartre in Epidavros

The small amphitheatre in Epidauros, Saronic Gulf

This flotilla is not the only one to experience classical antiquity, the Dodecanese Flotilla’s home port of Kos was the birthplace of Hippocrates, often referred to as the “Father of Medicine,” and has many impressive ruins. Nearby the Datca peninsula, the major stop on our Orhaniye Flotilla is adorned with classical ruins including those of Knidos, unveils an ancient tapestry of temples, theaters, and settlements. Finally, you can’t forget Split, home of our flotilla of the same name where the core of the city is set inside the remains of a huge palace built by the Roman Emporer Diocletian.

Which flotillas can be combined with a stay on shore?

All our flotillas can be combined with a stay on shore, whether that be at a relaxed beach resort, a city break or something a bit more active. We have full information on this on the respective flotilla pages but it is worth mentioning the Corinth Flotilla links well with a trip to see classical Athens, the Split & Dubrovnik Flotillas fit well with exploring the cities they are based in and those on the Lefkas Flotilla can combine with a week at Nikiana Beach Club, a great place for dinghy sailing and windsurfing.

Yacht approachng castle walls

Korcula, Dalmatian Islands

Where are the best castles?

We are proud to say that our flotillas visit some truly spectacular castles of all shapes and sizes. Starting in the Adriatic the islands our two Croatian flotillas visit are packed full of stunning specimens, including one in Korcula where you can have cocktails in a medieval tower while you watch the sunset. Further south in Montenegro the Bay of Kotor has some breathtaking ruins that blend harmoniously with the true majesty of this place.

In Greece the crown must go to the Dodecanese where the bastions of Knights of St John stand as majestic sentinels, preserving the medieval legacy and architectural grandeur of the Order across islands, showcasing a blend of military might and cultural heritage.

I've sailed a lot in the Ionian, where is a good next step?

A lot of people start sailing in the Ionian islands, especially around Lefkas and it can be hard to know where to go next. As the Ionian is known for lighter winds and the islands are close together a similar option is the Saronic Gulf which combines these characteristics while being a quieter sailing area. Another option is the Dalmatian islands, sailing south from Split which visits such highlights as Hvar, Brace, and Vis. Finally, the Gulf of Fethiye on Turkey’s turquoise coast makes a good next step for those who want shorter distances and lighter winds.

Restaurant Quay in Dalaman Turkey

A restaurant quay near Dalaman, Turkey

Stunning bay in the Ionian

Kastos, Ionian

I've got young children, where can I go that won't be too much for them?

It takes a bit of time for little pirates to get their sea legs so we would suggest a flotilla with shorter distances and generally lighter wind for young children. The Ionian flotillas in Lefkas and Kefalonia are perfect for this and offer a great mix of sailing and relaxing. Other good options include the Saronic Gulf, Split, and Fethiye which all offer good conditions and will be packed with fellow pirates during holidays.

Wheres best if I want a bit more luxury in each of the harbours we visit?

While all flotillas will stop at harbours with luxuries such as shore power, water, and showers you will find that Croatia, despite being more expensive, has better facilities.

star raft in beautiful bay

Kyla Panagia, Sporades

Where can I go if I want to disappear from Civilisation?

Flotilla sailing is the perfect way to escape the trials of modern life, but some areas are better for this than others. Top of the list has to be the Sporades islands, tucked away from bustling tourist paths, inviting travelers to embrace a tranquil haven of unspoiled nature and secluded coves. The islands’ understated charm and relaxed ambiance create an off-the-beaten-track experience, perfect for those seeking quietude and a deeper connection with the untouched beauty of the Aegean.

In the Adriatic the Kornati National Park, on the western route of our Split flotilla, is a mesmerising archipelago mosaic of barren yet captivating islands, that lures adventurers with its raw, unadulterated natural beauty.

I want to spend a decent part of each day relaxing in bays?

All our flotillas have a charming mix of bays to visit and dive into perfect azure waters, your lead crew will give you information on this at the morning briefing.

Ionian Islands Yachts

Assos, Kefalonia

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