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Skiathos is ideally located for exploration of the Sporades Islands lying to the east and the gulf of Volos to the west. With outlying islands and sheltered bays, the area offers sailing to suit all levels of experience. With a transfer time of 5 minutes from the airport to the quay, your sailing adventure starts as soon as you land on this beautiful island.

Our yachts are located on the Town Quay itself, with a short stroll along the promenade offering a great selection of tavernas and bars.

Skiathos Yacht Charter Base Co-Ordinates:

39°09.80′ N  23°29.80′ E

Skiathos Yacht Charter Base Address:

37002 Skiathos, North Sporades, Greece

Skiathos Yacht Charter Base Facilities:

  • Cafes / bar with free wifi
  • Parking
  • Super-market
  • Crane
  • Power supply
  • Water supply
  • Dry berths
  • Restaurant
  • WC
  • Gasoline station
  • Shower
  • Weather forecast
  • Laundry service
  • Slipway
  • Workshop


Day 1

Fly UK to Skiathos and transfer to the harbour for embarkation.

Day 2

Paleo Trikeri – sail to this sleepy fishing harbour.

Day 3

Amaliopolis – time to explore the gulf and a leisurely swim stop before anchoring for the night.

Day 4

Pegadi – a quaint fishing harbour with authentic tavernas, explore the ruined tower of Achilles.

Day 5

Orei – sail to the north coast of Evia island and visit this lively little resort with its ancient Acropolis guarding the harbour.

Day 6

Koukounaries – we sail east towards Skiathos and Koukounaries, a fantastic beach backed by a pine forrest and a low key resort.

Day 7

Skopelos – Explore the south coast of this beautiful island.

Day 8

Disembark and transfer to Skiathos airport.


Day 1

Fly UK to Skiathos and transfer to the harbour for embarkation.

Day 2

Patitiri – Capital of Alonissos and an enchanting and timeless harbour.

Day 3

Peristeri or Pelagos – a chance to escape and explore uninhabited islands.

Day 4

Steni Vala – a pretty fishing village with a choice of good tavernas ashore.

Day 5

Skopelos – Capital of the island of the same name and a charming harbour town rising steeply from the pretty harbour.

Day 6

Agnonda Bay or Panormos Bay – great beaches, waterside tavernas and good shelter.

Day 7

Skiathos – a swimming stop and a leisurely sail back to our base. Time for drinks on board before a last night out on the town.

Day 8

Disembark and transfer to Skiathos airport.

Skiathos Island can easily be reached by plane or by ferry / hydrofoil. The airport caters to many international charter flights from the UK. Transfer from the airport takes just 10 minutes, so you are literally straight from the plane to your yacht.

Greece Yacht Charter Prices 2018

Rates in Sterling, per week (7 nights)
Bases: Athens, Lavrion, Skiathos, Corfu, Lefkas, Rhodes, Kos
Yacht TypeCab.Pass.Before 28/04 After 27/1028/04-19/05 07/10-27/1019/05-23/0623/06-28/0728/07-25/0825/08-22/0922/09-06/10Security Deposit (euros)
Catamarans Super Premier
Bali 4.3 with A/C4 + 28/10£3,927£4,164£6,000£7,545£9,455£7,000£5,1505,000
Lagoon 42 with A/C4 + 28/10£3,927£4,164£6,000£7,545£9,455£7,000£5,1505,000
Lagoon 400 s24 + 28/10£2,273£3,000£4,455£6,000£7,182£5,455£3,7274,000
Catamarans Premier
Lagoon 450 with A/C4 + 28/10£3,927£4,164£6,182£7,727£9,727£7,182£5,1505,000
Bali 4.5 with A/C4 + 28/10£3,927£4,164£6,182£7,727£9,727£7,182£5,1505,000
Bali 4.04 + 28/10£2,273£3,000£4,818£6,000£7,182£5,455£3,7274,000
Catamarans Comfort
Lagoon 4214 + 19/10£2,273£3,000£4,818£6,000£7,182£5,455£3,7274,000
Catamarans Economy
Leopard 46 with A/C4 + 28/10£3,564£3,786£5,364£6,545£8,455£6,182£4,1824,000
Lagoon 450 with A/C4 + 28/10£3,564£3,786£5,364£6,545£8,455£6,182£4,3644,000
Lagoon 450 Owner Version with A/C3 + 26/8£3,364£3,636£5,182£6,273£8,273£6,000£4,0914,000
Orana 444 + 28/10£2,273£3,000£4,818£5,891£7,305£5,600£3,7643,500
Lagoon 4004 + 28/10£2,045£2,700£4,336£5,318£6,545£5,041£3,3863,500
Lagoon 400 Owner Version3 + 26/8£1,909£2,623£4,118£4,786£5,891£4,545£3,1593,500
Lipari 414 + 28/10£2,045£2,700£4,336£5,318£6,545£5,041£3,3863,500
Monohulls Super Premier
Dufour 520510£2,209£3,318£5,182£6,045£6,727£5,318£4,3643,500
Oceanis 51.15 + 110£2,318£3,482£5,273£6,182£6,818£5,455£4,4553,500
Oceanis 48510£2,209£3,155£4,964£5,636£6,300£5,036£4,0553,500
Sun Odyssey 47948/10£1,636£2,723£3,713£4,441£5,264£4,209£3,1503,500
Dufour 46048/10£1,636£2,723£3,713£4,441£5,264£4,209£3,1503,500
Sun Odyssey 44948/10£1,545£2,364£3,273£3,818£4,636£3,791£2,8362,500
Oceanis 41.136/8£1,400£1,964£2,982£3,373£3,936£3,277£2,4362,000
Monohulls Premier
Oceanis 48510£2,182£3,127£4,727£5,364£6,000£4,800£3,8643,500
Bavaria Cruiser 4648/10£1,636£2,491£3,545£3,909£4,636£3,791£2,9003,000
Oceanis 4548/10£1,636£2,491£3,545£3,909£4,636£3,791£2,9003,000
Oceanis 41.136/8£1,332£1,868£2,836£3,205£3,723£3,114£2,3232,000
Bavaria Cruiser 3736/8£1,182£1,682£2,527£2,818£3,273£2,718£1,8822,000
Monohulls Comfort
Bavaria Cruiser 565 + 110/12£2,691£4,355£5,727£6,455£7,909£6,464£4,8734,000
Oceanis 555 + 110£2,691£4,355£5,727£6,455£7,909£6,464£4,8734,000
Bavaria Cruiser 51510£2,209£3,155£4,727£5,364£6,000£4,800£3,8643,500
Sun Odyssey 5095 + 110£2,209£3,155£4,727£5,364£6,000£4,800£3,8643,500
Oceanis 48510£2,164£3,100£4,591£5,091£5,700£4,518£3,6643,500
Sun Odyssey 46948/10£1,636£2,400£3,409£3,909£4,636£3,791£2,9003,000
Bavaria Cruiser 4648/10£1,636£2,400£3,409£3,909£4,636£3,791£2,9003,000
Dufour 450 Grand Large48/10£1,636£2,400£3,409£3,909£4,636£3,791£2,9003,000
Sun Odyssey 43948/10£1,455£2,182£2,818£3,600£4,191£3,309£2,5552,500
Oceanis 4136/8£1,264£1,777£2,582£3,045£3,500£2,877£2,0912,000
Dufour 410 Grand Large36/8£1,264£1,777£2,582£3,045£3,500£2,877£2,0912,000
Bavaria Cruiser 4136/8£1,264£1,777£2,582£3,045£3,500£2,877£2,0912,000
Dufour 382 Grand Large36/8£1,182£1,682£2,527£2,818£3,273£2,718£1,8822,000
Bavaria Cruiser 3736/8£1,136£1,600£2,400£2,677£3,273£2,582£1,7862,000
Oceanis 3436/8£818£1,045£1,591£1,914£2,309£1,864£1,2772,000
Monohulls Economy
Harmony 52510/12£1,936£2,609£3,782£4,273£4,836£4,018£3,0913,500
Bavaria 50 Cruiser510/12£1,936£2,609£3,782£4,273£4,836£4,018£3,0913,500
Harmony 4748/10£1,145£1,545£2,145£2,455£3,182£2,409£1,8182,500
Bavaria 47 Cruiser48/10£1,273£1,727£2,364£2,864£3,273£2,791£2,0732,500
Sun Odyssey 43948/10£1,409£2,127£2,909£3,491£4,082£3,164£2,3912,500
Cyclades 4348/10£1,145£1,545£2,145£2,455£3,182£2,409£1,8182,500
Oceanis 4136/8£1,227£1,732£2,586£2,923£3,414£2,605£2,0412,000
Bavaria 37 Cruiser36/8£1,118£1,559£2,327£2,595£3,191£2,427£1,7322,000
Oceanis 3124/6£773£1,000£1,500£1,827£2,109£1,773£1,2142,000

Book your flights with us to ensure full ATOL protection for your holiday.All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme
Flights & transfers prices from:  Low season £149;  Mid season £269;  High season £459

Yacht Classification

Super Premier Yachts – less than 12 months old from their first charter date

Premier Yachts – less than 3 years old from their first charter date

Comfort Yachts – between 3 and 6 years old from their first charter date

Economy Yachts – more than 6 years old since their first charter date


Yacht Security Information

A returnable yacht security deposit must be lodged locally on arrival. The amount varies according to yacht size & age and is  payable by credit card (€2000 – €4000). Alternatively you can reduce your liability to just €500 – €600, by paying the insurance premium shown.

Monohulls up to 36ft –   £126 per week or  £252 per two weeks + reduced refundable deposit €500

Monohulls 37ft – 49ft –  £189 per week or £378 per two weeks + reduced refundable deposit €500

Monohulls over 50ft & catamarans up to 41ft –  £252 per week or £504 per two weeks + reduced refundable deposit €600

Catamarans 42ft and over –  £315 per week or £630 per two weeks + reduced refundable deposit €600

Compulsory extras

Service pack (includes end cleaning, linen and towels, dinghy with outboard engine and starter pack)

Monohulls (per charter) up to 38ft – £155 , 39ft – 45ft – £180, 46ft – 49ft- £210, 50ft and over £228

Catamarans (per charter) up to 40ft – £228, 41ft – 45ft – £245, 46ft – 49ft – £260


Optional extras

SUP (Stand up paddleboard) – £145 per week, £215 per two weeks

Wi-fi (2GB) – £45 per week

Child safety netting – from £190 per charter

Skipper – £135 per day

Hostess – £125 per day



5% discount on 2 week charters

10% discount on 3 week charters

Seafarer will price match on any like-for like sailing product this summer. If you have been quoted a cheaper price than you see here for your selected date, show us the quote and (subject to verification) we will aim to match it for you.

Book your flights with us to ensure full financial protection for your holiday.

All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme Your flight inclusive holiday with us is financially secure as we are ATOL licensed, making the entire package ATOL protected.  We have been trading since 1995 so, with over 25 years under our belts, you can book with total confidence.

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