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Benefits of a Skippered Flotilla Holiday

A flotilla holiday is traditionally seen as a self sail holiday for those with experience and a sailing qualification, but it does’t have to be that way. Seafarer offers the option to hire a  professional skipper not only with bareboat charters but also on a flotilla holiday.
So if you lack the experience or qualifications to skipper a yacht yourself, but like the social aspect of a flotilla, often particularly the case for families, or couples who like the idea of some company, then booking a skipper for your flotilla yacht can be the answer.
Even experienced skippers sometimes appreciate another capable pair of hands on board to share the ‘burden’, particularly when chartering a larger yacht or catamaran, especially when the rest of your crew are inexperienced.
For complete beginners, sailing with a professional skipper on flotilla can be a good introduction to sailing, and this  not just from the technical point of view, since many would agree that you capture something of the friendly sociable atmosphere of being a member of a sailing club back home when  on a flotilla holiday.
More importantly perhaps for beginners, is that it can be the perfect  opportunity to learn and gain a qualification whilst on holiday.  Learning to sail in the clement waters of the Mediterranean can be so much more inviting than a windswept and rainy North Sea or English Channel.  With some preparation before departure, the ICC (International Certificate of Competence) could well be within reach. Alternatively you could go for the  RYA Competent Crew certificate, or possibly progress to RYA Day Skipper. A tuitional skipper can teach up to 5 crew members of varying ability and experience successfully. This option is available at one of our two overseas RYA training centres, in Lefkas,  Greece, linked to our Ionian flotilla, and in Zaton, Croatia, linked to our Mid Dalmatia flotilla.
So If you think that hiring a professional skipper or instructor for your flotilla holiday could suit your situation, do  give us a call (0208 324 3118 ) to discuss your requirements and get some advice.
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