Best Sailing Films Of All Time

Seafarer's favourite sailing films

While were all stuck indoors self isolating one way to lift the spirits for upcoming sailing adventures is watch some films about adventures on the ocean sea. The situation we find ourselves in has endeavored us to write a list of some of our favourite sailing films whether its crossing oceans under sail, hunting down a French Privateer or winning the Americas Cup. This list is not exclusive and we would love to hear from you with any other ideas.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

“She’s twice our numbers and twice our guns, but surprise is on our side”. 

Based upon the novels of Patrick O’Brian Master & Commander follows the British Frigate HMS Surprise as it chases the French Privateer Acheron from the coast of Brazil to the Galapogos islands. Despite being outclassed by the French ship Captain Aubrey feels duty bound to continue the chase round Cape Horn with some dramatic sailing scenes on a Napoleonic man-o-war. “Lucky Jack” is joined by his friend and ships surgeon Stephen Maturin who makes use of their time on the islands to make important natural discoveries. The film is a sweeping epic of a time where sailing ships crossed the worlds oceans and these small worlds were held together by the personalities skils & bravery of those who sailed them.

Wind (1992)

Having lost the Americas Cup to for the first time in its history, Will Parker sets out to to work with his former girlfriend on an experimental new boat to win back the biggest prize in our sport. The film starts with some amazing onboard International 14 racing before moving into the desert for the design of the boat and ending with the cup itself in legendary 12metre yachts. The film is part adventure film and part romance set against a backdrop of breaking the rules of the sailing establishment. Look out for “The Whopper”.

Captain Ron (1992)

For a more lighthearted sea romp, Captain Ron is the perfect distraction. When a middle-class Chicago family inherit an old wooden sailing yacht from an uncle they head to the Caribean to pick it up. They’re joined by the characterful Captain Ron who gives them more of an adventure than they planned for but ultimately teaches them to love the ocean. The film is a well loved family comedy with some beautiful Caribean scenes.

Swallows & Amazons

Both the 1974 & 2016 versions of this timeless classic make for compelling watching and chart the adventures of a small band of children during a holiday in the lake district. Upon arriving at a holiday house they find a single sailed dinghy called the Swallow and set out to sail her through many scapes including coming up against the similar Amazon. The films are full of water based exploits including navigating into a rocky harbour with the use of lights as transits but its the sense of adventure that really stands out.

Kon Tiki

In 1947 Thor Heyerdahl set out to prove that the Polynesian Islands had been settled up people from South America and set out in a traditionally made raft to prove it could be done. This epic journey of 4300 miles was recorded at the time in the 1950 documentary film of the same name and the 2012 Norwegian Language historical drama. 


2012 Trailer

1950 Trailer 

1950 Full Film

Post-Apocolyptic Bonus - Waterworld

Our current situation certainly feels a little bit like the end of the world and what better way than on a homebuilt trimaran. In a future world of endless sea our hero played by Kevin Kostner battles jet skis to find the mythical land and has many adventures on the way. Although not a success at the time the film has something of a cult following and you can’t beat that Triamaran in full sail.

Hope you enjoy the list, theres more to come. Do leave a comment of any great sailing films you would like to share with us.