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Thailand Flotilla

Spotlight on our Thailand Flotilla


The first week of our new flotilla, sailing from Phuket

It is 0430 UK time on a cold January Sunday in England, and I am wide awake, having travelled back less than 24 hours ago. My mind is full of the images, tastes and sounds of my trip to Thailand to join our new flotilla for the first week. My eagerness to write some of my thoughts down hopefully gives you an idea of the impression I have been left with after my first visit to this amazing country.

Day 1 - Phuket Yacht Haven

I arrived in Phuket airport after 2 six hour flights, via Doha in the middle east. I flew with Qatar airways, and the interconnection was hassle free, a welcome chance to stretch ones legs. Arriving in Phuket, the 35 degree heat envelopes you immediately, and reminds you of how far you have come. It’s not oppressive, just warming.

Jumping in a cab I headed for our base, Phuket Yacht Haven Marina, only 20 minutes away. Turning into the marina entrance, you pass palm and rubber tree plantations before emerging at the water’s edge, 2 minutes from the pontoons. The Deck (the marina bar and restaurant) is a typically swish marina spot overlooking the yachts, happily missing the one marina aspect we can live without, the prices – a Pad Thai and a cold beer will cost you around 250 bhat (around £6.50) – and that’s expensive for Thai standards. Once you settle in, walk 5 minutes to the north to the Living Room or Papa Mama (both rustic spots on the shore) and the prices tumble.

Day 2 - Phuket Yacht Haven to Koh Hong

After a beautiful sunrise, we strolled to the Living room restaurant for a main briefing and breakfast before setting off for the day. We are in tidal (and often shallow) waters here, so more focus on sailing and navigating than the mooring techniques. Getting out into the open water and the 10 knots of breeze means sails up and trimmed (yes, even on the lead yacht!) and away we went – down the river, leaving most of civilisation behind us. Hong is Thai for “room” and Koh Hong gives our first taste of what this means in these islands – the iconic columns of granite, with often a hollow centre. We anchor in 5 metres close to Koh Hong and its time for a punch party – with a difference. We dinghy into a cave (no engines, so as not to startle the bats) and emerge into an inland lagoon. No going ashore, so a raft with all the tenders is our venue, utterly stunning and completely to our selves now the day trip boats have gone. Its breathtaking and blows everyone away. Best punch party venue ever. Fact.

Day 3 - Koh Hong to Chong Koh Yao

After a morning swim (as you do), we head out – all together, as the channels north get shallower. First stop is Koh Phing Kan, better known as James Bond Island, the setting for “The Man with the Golden Gun” – its full of tourist boats during the day, but we get as close as we can – one to tick off the bucket list. Navigating east across the shallows, we all go our separate ways, some heading off for a sail, some to explore the smaller islands and hongs along the way. We head to another Hong – Koh Roi and venture into this one on foot, across pure white sands. Inside is a sensory overload – the sounds of the birds only drowned out by the resting chirps of the thousands of fruit bats roosting in the mangroves….its paradise. After an hour taking it all in we weigh anchor and head down to our overnight stop on the south of Koh Yao Noi. A floating village of fishermen watch as we tender ashore and, after politely declining the offer of a taxi, we stroll the 2km to the aptly named Good View restaurant. This isn’t a touristic island, and the stroll passes the locals going about their day – mending boats, doing their washing, skipping home from school, all with mangoes, bananas, limes and pineapples growing by the side of the road. As a foodie, this really starts my journey, with a chilli soft shelled crab and pineapple rice ending off a perfect day.

Day 4 - Koh Yao Noi to Rai Lei Beach

Another day, another Hong….this one is also Koh Hong, but this is the Krabi one (the larger town on the mainland to the east). This one is navigable at high(ish) tide, and once inside, this is a huge lagoon, around knee depth, bordered with mangroves and white sandy beaches. We have a cracking 20 knots of breeze for a sail, but you wouldn’t know, being completely surrounded by the sheer granite cliffs. Out we go, and off we sail, getting a healthy 8.2 knots from our trusty Bavaria 36, on a close reach down to Rai Lei, and civilisation, backpacker style. Rai Lei is busy, the longtail boats buzzing past, carrying those less fortunate than us yachties.

Ashore is lively, will loads of bars and restaurants to cater for the largely bohemian crowd. Grab an ice cold beer, relax and maybe get a bamboo tattoo whilst you chill…hey, when in Rome….

Day 5 - Rai Lei Beach to....somewhere on Koh Pu

We were recommended by our incredibly knowledgeable colleague in base to get to Koh Pu – its how Phi Phi Don was 20 years ago, she said……she was right. This is off-grid, relaxed beach life at its best. You’re not getting the co-ordinates from me…..we will tell you when you get there! (anyone remember “The Beach”?) This is a place to die for. My heart rate went down 50% when I stepped ashore. A couple of little restaurants, an amazing waiter who (with almost no convincing) had me order the freshly caught Barracuda with red curry sauce – I would happily see out my days on that dish alone. There are beach bungalows available for rent…..definitely the next holiday for my family is sorted – the image of my boys playing on the unspoilt white sand has to become reality.

Day 6 - Koh Pu to Koh Phi Phi Don

Today is the day. We all (very reluctantly) leave Koh Pu and head west, to probably the most famous islands in Thailand, Koh Phi Phi Lei, and Koh Phi Phi Don. Phi Phi Lei has been made world famous as the location for the film “The Beach” – its a shame old Leo wasn’t a yachtie, because the week has already given us more serene breathtaking places. Thankfully for the island, Maya beach is now off limits to tourists – but you can get close enough for a decent photo. It is beautiful, and the steps taken by the locals to stop the hordes has paid off – the coral reef is recovering, the sea life is back.

After some photos, and to imagine what it would be like without the longtails, day tripper boats and the speed boats, its time to head north, and into the vortex. Koh Phi Phi Don is insane…..but insane enough to make it still a worthwhile place to stop. Parties on the beach, fireworks, fire jugglers, madness everywhere…..go exploring the back streets and see just how far the rabbit hole goes…..

Day 7 - Koh Phi Phi Don to Phuket Yacht Haven

Our final day. The wind gods see fit to provide 20 knots from the east, and the 30 plus miles back to base gurgle past under sail alone, a glorious beam reach to take us back and remind us that this can’t be the last time to sail here.

We refuel back at base, a relaxed and simple affair, as everything has been. Back on the quay its time for a posh shower, to sit down, order a cold one and process the sights and sounds of this enchanting place.

Farewell to the Land of Smiles

There are many things that contribute to a perfect holiday. Thailand is, without a doubt, one of the most enchanting places I have ever visited, and one of the best places I have ever sailed. The scenery is stunning, the food is amazing, the people are the warmest, friendliest hosts and the culture is fascinating.

Thailand has a well deserved reputation as being known as the Land of Smiles. I can see why. Find the time, find the means and come sailing with us in Thailand. If you enjoy it as I did, you won’t be able to stop yourself smiling…..I know I can’t.

John Connolly
Product Manager

For more information or availability, you are welcome to call one of our sales consultants on 0208 324 3118. If you’d like to hear more about the day to day of boat life in Thailand, I am happy to talk. Your only issue will be getting me to stop….JC

Why we love the Kefalonia Flotilla


We’re about to start our 5th year of the Kefalonia Flotilla it is no accident that it keeps popping up on our brochure covers, the last 4 to be precise. Is this a coincidence or is it because this area is so incredibly picturesque with a wonderful variety of places to visit, all in one flotilla?


Many of the highlights of the area are on the island that gives the flotilla its name, Kefalonia (alias Cephalonia). The most famous stop is almost definitely Fiskardo, a beautiful village wrapped around a natural harbour marked by an ancient Venetian lighthouse. The village is noted for its pastel  Venetian buildings, winding streets and waterside tavernas and is known as the St Tropez of the Ionian with a star-studded cast. Further round to the west, under the shade of a Venetian castle, lies the small fishing village of Assos. It’s quite hard to describe just how beautiful is the colour combination of the turquoise sea, colourful houses and the dramatic wooded mountain scenery, so you’ll have to check it out yourself. Another must-see on the island is the famous Melissani Cave, with its amazing stalactites and stalagmites which you can visit from our base of Aghia Efymia.


The island of Ithaca (Ithaki) lies off the North East coast of Kefalonia and is fabled to be the home of the legendary Odysseus. In the far north of the island is the village of Frikes and it’s hard to find a sailor in the Ionian who hasn’t had a night to remember in the famous Fiorendino’s. Just round the coast, you approach in the shadow of old windmills into the village of Kioni with its laid back atmosphere and crystal clear waters it always seems to leave its mark on any Seafarer. The capital of the island Vathi, named Big Vathi locally to avoid confusion, surrounds a large natural harbour with Venetian buildings set alongside the tiny winding streets.

Zante or Zakynthos

Zante or Zakynthos is the Southern aim of our route and is famous for good reason. In the North of the island is the harbour of Aghios  Nikolaos with its clear water and amazing snorkelling. From here we organise a boat trip to swim in the blue caves and to visit the world-famous ‘Navagio’ beach or shipwreck cove,  star of many an advert for Greece. Finally, the capital of Zante (of the same name) is a lively harbour town with a huge variety of restaurants and some excellent shopping. It’s also home to St. Dionysus and you can pay your respects at the historic cathedral dedicated to him.

you will love it too

The entire route is picture-postcard perfect,  a truly stunning area to sail your own Greek Odyssey over either one or two weeks with some great sailing and wonderful places to explore. In fact, my wife and I fell in love with it (and each other whilst working as flotilla crew here), so we chose to get married here. For us, it really feels like home and we are sure you will love it too.

John Connolly – Product Manager

Kefalonia Flotilla

Moderate Sailing – Level 2
Ideal For Families
Club And Flotilla Option
Combine Flotilla With RYA Tuition

Corinth Canal

New Saronic Gulf & Corinth Canal Flotilla


Author Chris Lorenzo

We are delighted to announce our new flotilla and charter base in Greece for summer 2020 at Corinth, combining sailing in both the Saronic Gulf and the Gulf of Corinth.

Located just one hours drive south of Athens and giving a choice of two wonderful, yet very different sailing areas it is a unique base with a lot to offer. It is also next to the spectacular Corinth Canal.


With the base strategically positioned close to the west entrance of the Canal, Seafarer’s new flotilla ventures in both directions alternating between a week sailing east through the Corinth Canal to the islands of the Saronic Gulf and a week exploring the Gulf of Corinth to the west. A two week holiday combines both.  In the Saronic Gulf, islands such as Aegina, Aghistri, Poros and Hydra are all within easy reach as are some great stops on the Peloponnese coast such as Old Epidauros, Vathy and Methana.

In the Gulf of Corinth, it is quieter and the sailing winds more brisk. There are many interesting places to explore such as the little known Alkioni islands, Trizonia island and the historic Seafaring town of Galaxidi.

Epidaurus Amphitheater, Greece

Another attraction to this area are the famous ancient sites ashore, such as the ancient oracle at Delphi and the famous Lion Gate and ruins of Agamemnon’s palace at Mycenae. The most impressive of these however is arguably the 2500 year old Amphitheatre at Epidauros, still in use today.


The area has something for everyone and is well served by flights from most places into Athens.

Seafarer veterans will remember the  Saronic Gulf was where Seafarer lainched it’s very first flotillas many moons ago,  and it was a firm favourite for many years, so we are delighted to be back, all be it with the enhancement of a transit of  the Corinth Canal and another great sailing area on the other side.

We look forward to welcoming you there soon.

Focus on: Kornati & Trogir flotilla


Wait....where's the busy marina?

Perhaps the question that comes up the most when we talk about sailing in Croatia is “We’ve heard it is beautiful, but it’s all marinas, right?”

Wrong! We’ve got more than a decade of experience under our belts, and we would love the chance to prove that assumption wrong!

A picture speaks a 1000 words, so here is lovely little Smokvica (“little fig” in Croatian) to show you what a Kornati islands “marina” looks like, oh, and by the way, this was taken yesterday (16th May 2019) just for the non-believers out there!

Yep, we know – loud, full of people, expensive….if you go without the local knowledge, that is…

Our base in Zaton

Either of our flotilla routes starts from our peaceful base – which is located in the sheltered approaches to the Krka River and is ideally and centrally located to explore the best of the Dalmatian Coast. Unlike a busy marina, our base is quiet, with most yachts looking out across the river.  A 10 minute stroll along the river leads to the small village of Zaton, which has all the amenities you need for the first and last night of your trip, with a supermarket, restaurants and bars. One of our favourite restaurants is located in Zaton, and we make use of their hospitality on the last night of the flotilla with a farewell meal, showcasing the local speciality, Peka, which is cooked under the hot coals in an outdoor fire.

Once the experienced local team have finished the briefings, its time to head out sailing, and depending upon the week, heading either north to the Kornati national park, or South towards Trogir and Split. One or other of the routes may appeal particularly if you are looking for either culture and history or alternatively national parks and the unspoilt Croatia, although of course the perfect choice would be to combine both routes in a two week holiday to experience the best of both.

The Kornati Route

The Iconic Krka Waterfalls

Our route heading north focuses on the Kornati National Park, often referred to as a “nautical paradise”. The park comprises 89 islands, islets and reefs and provides some excellent sailing and some beautiful spots from which to swim, relax and enjoy the unspoilt surroundings. Weather permitting, we avoid marinas entirely on this route, with a mixture of town quays and restaurant quays – very different from the regular image of busy marinas that pepper the coast and islands. We ease into the week in Zlarin, an island without cars giving a peaceful first night away from our base. Other stops on the route include Zminjak, a beautiful bay with a single restaurant – mooring is free, and the restaurant is excellent, with the bay providing the opportunity to enjoy an evening or morning swim in pristine waters. Smokvica next (photo above). After your free sail (with dozens of choices) its “friends reunited” in Skradin, and the trip to the falls.

The Trogir Route

Trogir, a “mini Dubrovnik”

Our Southern stops showcases the cultural and historic side of this beautiful coastline. The first of our favourites is Primosten, a small town dating back to the 16th century, originally strategically situated on an island – connected to the mainland by a movable bridge that has since been replaced with an embankment, turning it into a peninsula. The walled old town is stunning, and the views from the church at the top of the hill are well worth the climb through the cobbled streets. Rogoznica is next, on the way to Trogir, perhaps the biggest draw, and this UNESCO protected world heritage site has often been described as a “mini Dubrovnik” with a maze of cobbled streets, full of bars and restaurants, enclosed within the imposing city walls.

For the sailors

The winds in the area can be challenging at times, but the protected nature of the waters means that sailing is virtually guaranteed. The temperatures are idyllic during the summer months, with August high in the mid-thirties, although the breezes tend to keep the temperature manageable. Our experienced flotilla crew and local team know the area very well and ensure that any changes to the route are measured to keep everyone safe and enjoying the best that the Adriatic has to offer.

Questions? Let's talk

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Dodecanese Flotilla Holiday

Focus on: Dodecanese Flotilla


As we approach the summer season, we’ve been trying to keep you abreast of what’s new and exciting across our flotillas.

We have previously visited the Dalmatian Islands, The Lefkas Flotilla, The Sporades & The French Riviera.

So this week, we take a virtual trip to Kos and the Dodecanese Islands.

What we've kept

The Dodecanese has been a favourite sailing area of ours for quite a few years now as it allows us to run a flotilla with a bit more “real sailing” as well as all the usual Greek favourites.

We very much see this flotilla as the one to which you graduate after cutting your teeth in The Ionian. We fly to Kos, which is a great holiday destination in itself before you even consider it as a gorgeous sailing spot.

What we've improved

We get it, family or group holidays are a bit of a compromise operation and not everyone is a sailor… So, we’ve really raised our game when it comes to on-land excursions, trips and activities that don’t involve sailing!

Without wishing to sound too Brexit-y on today of all days, but these land-based activities should help you build a consensus around your European adventure!

A proper Sail & Stay: Kefalos Beach Club

We’ve teamed up with Kefalos Beach Club to give you a proper option to extend your stay in the Dodecanese after a week on flotilla. Kefalos Beach Club offers state of the art windsurfing in idyllic conditions as well as SUP’s kayaks and a small selection of dinghies.

The Volcanic Island & Stefanos Crater

Take a trip to Stefanos Crater and the Volcanological museum in the village of Nikia on the volcanic island of Nysiros. While there hasn’t been an eruption since the 1880s. You can see the steam puffs and hear a crackle as you walk across the surface. Best leave the flip-flops on the boat!

Nysiros The Volcanic Island & Stefanos Crater

A hike to the Kali Strata

Known as the island of colours, we suggest taking the 500-step meandering walk to the top where you will get a spectacular view of the island and the harbour. We recommend heading to the chapel of The Virgin Mary of the Castle, the highest point with the best views.

Symi A hike to the Kali Strata

Castles & Scuba Diving

A visit to the Byzantine castle of Panteli will reward you with spectacular views of the Aegean.

For the divers amongst you, Leros is noted for its numerous wrecks, ships and aircraft from the 1943 battle for Leros. We can organise a wreck dive with our excellent local scuba diving partner.

Leros Castles & Scuba Diving


Diving Leros

In addition to all those options, we can point you in the right direction for your ‘free sailing’ days. In particular, we suggest you venture to the stunning island of Patmos and the monastery of St John the divine where he is reputed to have lived and written the book of revelation.

For anyone looking for an active day trip, we recommend a rock climbing trip on the island of Kalymnos which is very exciting. For those not looking to work up a sweat, why not take a trip to the local museum which looks into the island’s history of sponge divers.

The Island of Hippocrates & Ruins of Asclepieion

Our start and finish point of Kos is of course famous as the island of Hippocrates the ancient Greek father of modern medicine. The extensive ruins of the Asklepieion are fascinating for all, but especially those from the medical profession. There is also an interesting museum on the site and our lead crew will organise a visit for all those interested.

Kos The Island of Hippocrates & Ruins of Asclepieion

With great sailing winds, an excellent fleet and so much to see and do, we think we’ve got a great balance here for keen sailors as well as culture vultures.

To find out about all this and much more, just give us a ring.

See you there!

Call 0208 324 3117 To Book Now or

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Sporades Flotilla raft

Focus on: Sporades Flotilla


As we approach the summer season, we thought it would be fun to keep you posted with the changes and improvements we’ve made to our flotillas for 2019.

We have previously visited the Dalmatian Islands, The Lefkas Flotilla & The French Riviera.

It’s Sporades Time!

What we've kept

The Sporades continues to be one of our most popular sailing areas, in no small part due to the near-perfect conditions: The Fresh Breezes, The uncrowded waters and the chance to do some ‘real’ sailing. We think this is the ideal step-up for someone who has been to the Ionian a few times and wants to make more use of their sailing skills.

The area gives a great mix of buzzing bays, stunning beaches, sleepy hamlets and authentic Greek Culture.

What we've improved

Fortunately, the wonderful area won’t change, the waters will be as crystal clear as ever and the food just as delicious. But there’s more to the Sporades than Sun, Swimming and Tavernas which is why we’ve really upped our game on land. We’ve also added some new yachts to the fleet, so book early to get your first choice yacht.

A proper Sail & Stay

We know that many of you who go to the Sporades end up regretting the fact you only booked one week! We’ve now partnered up with Adrina Beach Hotel in order to offer you the chance to spend an extra few nights on land, exploring the area. The hotel has a Dive Centre, SUPs, a spa and a private beach. A touch of luxury.

Mamma Mia Church! The obligatory tourist classic

Enjoy a 110-step walk to the world famous church of Agios Ioannis Kastri on Skopelos where a lot of the wedding scenes from Mamma Mia was filmed.

Agios Ioannis Kastri on Skopelos

Mount Pelion Take the train, or take a hike!

Take a trip on the iconic train on Mount Pelion [pictured] and simply enjoy the journey and the varied, stunning views on the way up. At the end of the journey we’ll point you in the direction of our favourite food stops!

The old traditional train on Mount Pelion, Greece

Kyra Panagia Desert Island Evenings

Kyra Panagia is in the centre of a protected marine national park. We spend a night at anchor under the stars in a protected bay, with time to explore ashore.

Kyra Panagia Desert Island Evenings

In addition to these excursions, there will be opportunities to go scuba diving, or to hire a bike and do a cycling tour of some of our favourite islands. Our personal favourite, however, is snorkelling in the crystal clear waters!

To find out about all this and much more, just give us a ring.

See you in the Summer!

Sporades Flotilla Current Special Offers

june, 2020

Call 0208 324 3117 To Book Now or

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What’s New at Nikiana Beach Club


Exciting new equipment, courses, restaurant options & special weeks

We had a great year in Nikiana last season and myself and the team are raring to get back to the club, hop on our sailing boat of choice, plane around the sailing area and finish with an ice cold glass of Mythos, Fix or many other fantastic drinks options. To add to our excitement there’s quite a lot of new things to look forward to both on and off the water. If you would like any more information on anything mentioned in this article I’ll be in the Seafarer offices for the next two weeks so feel free to call 0208 324 3118 for more information.


Boats & Equipment

hobie pacific

Hobie 18 Pacific

People love the Dart 16s we currently have at the Club but there’s long been a call for something a bit faster and a bit bigger. So enter stage our Hobie Pacific, an 18ft beach catamaran with twin trapeze and spinnaker. The boat is designed for 2 or 3 people and is the perfect next stage up from a Dart 16 and we’re sure it’s going to be very popular.


Hartley Alpha

Hartley Alphas

We’ve decided to replace our Taz junior dinghies with Hartley Alphas, a small junior dinghy based on the Oppi. These stable training boats are excellent for kids aged 6 to 12 just starting on their sailing journey.



Not strictly new for 2019 (we obtained one in the middle of 2018) but we now have two RS 100s at Nikiana Beach Club. These exciting singlehanders are super light, have wings for greater righting moment and an asymmetric spinnaker to power you downwind. The boats are perfect for those who can sail a laser well and are looking for a little more of a challenge.

Laser Bahia

Symmetric Spinnaker Bahia

Again not strictly new for 2019 but we’ve fitted a symmetric spinnaker on one of our Bahias so we can teach these skills to anyone looking to sail a boat with one of these.

Futura Windsurf Boards

Updated Windsurf Boards

Were revamping all our windsurf boards for the coming season to get the right combination for our guests. On the beginner, end were getting more Red Windsurfers, an inflatable crossover board which proved so popular last year for its soft decks, stability and good handling. For intermediates were expanding our Bic Techno Range with 2 160L boards with optional daggerboards and a 133L board for more advanced sailors. Finally, for those advanced windsurfers we’ve added to our Starboard Futura range with a 120 and 130L.

Red SUP Board

SUPs & Kayaks

Nothing quite as exciting as above but were adding more Red Paddleboards and more kayaks to get everyone on the water.

Taverna & Socials


Club Board

In previous years, we’ve been simply Bed & Breakfast as we felt it didn’t “lock you in” to spending every mealtime at the Club like some places might. But due to popular demand and the fact a large percentage of guests were happy to grab a bite in the taverna for just about every meal anyway, we thought we’d let you pre-book your meals!

The price is £89 per person for adults or £69 for children 13 or under.  This includes the following;

  • Monday Evening Social Dinner
  • Wednesday Night Greek Night
  • Saturday Farewell Dinner
  • 2 x 2 Course Evening Meals from a set menu*
  • 3 x 1 Course Lunch from a set menu*

*These meals can be taken any day but Sunday and will have quite a number of options for Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and Vegan. We will always cater for dietary requirements but please let us know in advance as some products can be tricky to source in Greece. Club Board Menus are available behind the bar.

If you would rather keep it flexible, our B & B option is, of course, available and our traditional Greek taverna will have a great a la carte menu this summer.

Greek Dancing

Updated Social Nights

We’ve had similar social nights for the last couple of years at Nikiana and this year we thought we’d give it a bit of a shakeup. We’re not going to reveal all here but prepare yourself for fun socials, great food and that super friendly Nikiana Vibe everyone loves.

Courses & Training

Laser Racing

RYA Start Racing

This year were going to start running the RYA Start Racing Course, a great introduction to racing for those with RYA Level 2/3 or similar abilities. The course covers such areas such as starting, how the course works and rules along with making sure you’re making the boat go fast in a straight line and the corners.

For those who are keen were running a Race Week at Nikiana Beach Club on the 1st September with 15 hours of tuition for those of different levels with a number of races at the end of the week.

Dart 16 Daysailing

RYA Daysailing

The seas around Nikiana offer some of the most interesting sailing in the world with Islands, Bays, Fishing Villages and Beaches all accessible by dinghy from our base.  This year we will start running the RYA Daysailing course will take you out of the sailing area and teach you how to do small boat cruising including passage planning, pilotage and other skills needed in the open seas. The course will include a 1 day Day Sail and can be done in Dinghies or Multihulls.

Special Weeks

Laser 4000

Greek Easter 24th April

Due to over a thousand years of religious disagreement on the date of Easter, in 2019 it’s celebrated a week later than in Western Europe. And a real celebration it is. Nikiana Beach Club is going to be opening 11 days early so you can enjoy a traditional Greek Easter feast with a fabulous view.

7 Nights from £499 (Wednesday to Wednesday)
11 Nights from £599 (Wednesday to Sunday)

Solo Travelers Week - 16th June

No single supplement, evenings socials and boat matching.

From £599pp

Level Up Weeks - 12th May, 23rd June & 29th September

After the resounding success of this year’s Level Up weeks we’ve decided to run two more next summer. The idea is to “Level Up” your sailing skills or learn a new sport with 18 hours of free RYA Tuition in Dinghy Sailing, Windsurfing and Yachting.

12th May & 29th Sept – From £499pp

23rd June – From £599pp

Check out Nikiana Beach Club

Have a look at our club page for more details

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France – The Cote D’Azur

Focus on: France Flotilla


As we approach the summer season, we thought it would be fun to keep you posted with the changes and improvements we’ve made to our flotillas for 2019.

We have previously visited the Dalmatian Islands and The Lefkas Flotilla.

This time around, we’re taking a trip to France. So grab your internet berets and let’s go!

What we've kept

The South of France remains one of the most chic areas on the planet, so we haven’t deviated too far from last year. We liked the blend of small towns, larger towns and national parks. The Chic and the quaint.

We’re in our third season in France and we are extra confident that we can name the best spots in our sailing range, particularly in regards to restaurants.

The French Cuisine will never fail us. We’ve had a wonderful time devouring — err, researching, the best eateries in the land.

What we've improved

We’ve corrected our absolute cardinal sin! We’re ashamed to admit at Seafarer HQ that we ran a flotilla in the South of France which didn’t include Cheese or Wine.

We can only apologise for this grave error…

But this year we've fixed it!

From Bandol we are now arranging excursions to a couple of great wineries (depending on the route you choose) offering both full-day and half-day tours which include a tour, multiple tastings and a beautiful French meal…

French Riviera Flotilla

For those who don’t love wine, but do still want to explore on land, we can point you in the right direction of bike hire at the cycle-friendly towns and national parks we visit. Namely, Porquerolles, part of Îles d’Hyères. An absolutely charming place. It is more than just a national park! It is home to various organic farms, restaurants, stunning beaches as well as an array of biking and hiking routes.

For history buffs, there is a great path where you can do a tour of all the sixteenth century forts. Sainte-Agathe fort, for example, houses an exhibition tracing the history of Porquerolles and actions of the National Park of Port-Cros.
If you like a picturesque walk along the coastline, we simply have to mention Sentier du Littoral. We thinks its beauty speaks for itself.

In addition to the stunning views and sea breeze, there is also the chance to take a Scuba diving trip. If this is something that interests you, let the lead crew know and they will arrange everything for you!

À bientôt et Bon Voyage!

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Departure Dates

Club Board at Nikiana Beach Club


Club Board Upgrades Now Available

New at the Beach Club! We’ve decided to add a Club Board option at Nikiana Beach Club this summer.

In previous years, we’ve been simply Bed & Breakfast as we felt it didn’t “lock you in” to spending every mealtime at the Club like some places might. But due to popular demand and the fact a large percentage of guests were happy to grab a bite in the taverna for just about every meal anyway, we thought we’d let you pre-book your meals!

The price is £89 per person for adults or £69 for children 13 or under.  This includes the following;

  • Monday Evening Social Dinner
  • Wednesday Night Greek Night
  • Saturday Farewell Dinner
  • 2 x 2 Course Evening Meals from a set menu*
  • 3 x 1 Course Lunch from a set menu*

*These meals can be taken any day but Sunday and will have quite a number of options for Meat, Fish, Vegetarian and Vegan. We will always cater for dietary requirements but please let us know in advance as some products can be tricky to source in Greece. Club Board Menus are available behind the bar.

greek night

If you would rather keep it flexible, our B & B option is, of course, available and our traditional Greek taverna will have a great a la carte menu this summer.

Ionian - Lefkas Flotilla Holiday

Focus on: Lefkas Flotilla


As we approach the summer season, we thought it would be fun to keep you posted with the changes and improvements we’ve made to our flotillas for 2019.
Last time, we visited the Dalmatian Islands:

This time around, we’re going to talk you through the best Lefkas has to offer.

What we've kept

Given that we had a rather good 4.4/5 star rating last year on Feefo for our Lefkas Flotilla, we think we had it just about right. With 85% 4 or 5 Star ratings

But we want a perfect five!

We’ve been in the Ionian a long time and we know all the bays, tavernas, nooks, crannies, swim stops and photo stops. But as perfectionists, we keep striving!

What we've improved

Since we’re fairly confident we’ve got the sailing down to a tee, our main priority this year has been adding to the land-based activities.

We know that not every member of your group is necessarily an avid sailor, so we want to give you the opportunity to sell it to them! We all know the drill, be it round the dinner table or on the group chat with incessant notifications, the holiday negotiations can be fraught. “But you’re the only real sailor, what will we do..?”

We’re arming you with the answers. Aside from you telling them how great yacht life is, we can offer:

  • Scuba Diving options
  • Bike Hire and cycling trips around the islands
  • A dedicated kids rep with fun activities during the school hols
  • The option to join our Beach Club for Watersports (or for sunbathing and cocktails!)

We’re also going greener! We always tried to be clean and green as we are sailors and like to respect our surroundings, but this year we’ve decided to raise our game and be more eco-friendly. We’re eliminating plastic bags and plastic water bottles wherever we can. We’re using only eco-friendly soaps and washing up liquids. We’re adding catchers to fuel breather valves on our yachts to stop diesel dropping in the water during refuelling and much more!

Our yachts have also received attention with another 2-Cabin Sun Odyssey and a new Bavaria 46 joining the fleet.
We’ve also added solar panels to our fleet, which with our superior levels of instrumentation and amenities means we continue to have the best-equipped flotilla fleet in the Ionian.

What's more

We're offering up to 30% off (35% for repeat bookers)

in May and June, with more discounts all through high season and the school holidays including special family deals!

Lefkas Flotilla