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Important changes to RYA practical courses

For those who are thinking of taking one of the RYA practical courses, 2017 has seen a major change to the RYA Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper syllabi, with the removal of the non-tidal endorsement from the certificates. This means that both the Day skipper and Coastal skipper practical syllabi will include the concepts of boat handling, navigating and pilotage in areas with streams, currents and significant tidal range. The RYA have been looking into this change for several years, and
has consulted both training centres and customers alike. With around 600 schools, only a very small minority have expressed concern over the changes, whilst the feedback from customers has indicated that the introduction of a single Practical courses - Chartscheme will avoid confusion and ensure that more successful RYA students than ever will possess basic tidal knowledge.

At Seafarer Training, both in Greece and in Croatia, our instructors will also seek to demonstrate these principals in practice, seeking out areas that are subject to some current, in order to give students an idea of the effect of current, particularly with respect to close-quarters yacht handling. As Richard Falk, the RYA’s director of training and qualifications said ‘The key message is that nothing is being removed from any syllabus. In fact, we are requiring schools in non – tidal regions to now begin to teach the theory of tides. I cannot for the life of me understand how this can be a bad thing.’

As well as tides, it is also important to remember that a tidal based course in the Solent does not easily give you practical training on one of the most important skillsPractical Courses - Stern-to mooring for blue water, and particularly Mediterranean, cruising; namely stern-to mooring. All practical courses with Seafarer Training will include this essential skill, which will of course be taught in conjunction with the full RYA syllubi.

All this means that your practical sailing course in Greece or Croatia with Seafarer Training now has even more relevance, ensuring that you are better prepared to skipper your own yacht, whether on flotilla or on bareboat, in both tidal or non-tidal waters.

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If you would prefer to learn in the beautiful waters of the Adriatic, please find more information on our Training Centre in Croatia – Seafarer Training in Dalmatia

We look forward to welcoming you on board,

John Connolly
Chief Instructor – Seafarer Training Lefkas