Ionian - Lefkas Flotilla Holiday

Focus on: Lefkas Flotilla

As we approach the summer season, we thought it would be fun to keep you posted with the changes and improvements we’ve made to our flotillas for 2019.
Last time, we visited the Dalmatian Islands:

This time around, we’re going to talk you through the best Lefkas has to offer.

What we've kept

Given that we had a rather good 4.4/5 star rating last year on Feefo for our Lefkas Flotilla, we think we had it just about right. With 85% 4 or 5 Star ratings

But we want a perfect five!

We’ve been in the Ionian a long time and we know all the bays, tavernas, nooks, crannies, swim stops and photo stops. But as perfectionists, we keep striving!

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What we've improved

Since we’re fairly confident we’ve got the sailing down to a tee, our main priority this year has been adding to the land-based activities.

We know that not every member of your group is necessarily an avid sailor, so we want to give you the opportunity to sell it to them! We all know the drill, be it round the dinner table or on the group chat with incessant notifications, the holiday negotiations can be fraught. “But you’re the only real sailor, what will we do..?”

We’re arming you with the answers. Aside from you telling them how great yacht life is, we can offer:

  • Scuba Diving options
  • Bike Hire and cycling trips around the islands
  • A dedicated kids rep with fun activities during the school hols
  • The option to join our Beach Club for Watersports (or for sunbathing and cocktails!)

We’re also going greener! We always tried to be clean and green as we are sailors and like to respect our surroundings, but this year we’ve decided to raise our game and be more eco-friendly. We’re eliminating plastic bags and plastic water bottles wherever we can. We’re using only eco-friendly soaps and washing up liquids. We’re adding catchers to fuel breather valves on our yachts to stop diesel dropping in the water during refuelling and much more!

Our yachts have also received attention with another 2-Cabin Sun Odyssey and a new Bavaria 46 joining the fleet.
We’ve also added solar panels to our fleet, which with our superior levels of instrumentation and amenities means we continue to have the best-equipped flotilla fleet in the Ionian.

What's more

We're offering up to 30% off (35% for repeat bookers)

in May and June, with more discounts all through high season and the school holidays including special family deals!

Lefkas Flotilla